Westin Breakfast Hours

The Westin Houston, Memorial City’s 024 Grille welcomes early birds and late risers alike, serving breakfast from 6:30 AM on weekdays. As you step into a world of culinary delights, prepare to explore an array of dishes that cater to every taste. From indulgent Texas favorites to nourishing options for the health-conscious, there’s something for everyone. Imagine starting your day with a fluffy stack of pancakes, drizzled with maple syrup, or if you prefer something lighter, a vibrant fruit salad topped with a dollop of yogurt.

The breakfast menu at 024 Grille is designed to satisfy your morning cravings, offering both buffet spreads and à la carte options. Dive into the rich flavors of classic breakfast items, or venture into new territories with innovative, chef-inspired creations. Not only does the 024 Grille provide a feast for the taste buds, but it also offers a serene and welcoming atmosphere, making it the perfect spot to start your day on a high note.

Breakfast Service Hours

Day Breakfast Hours Start Breakfast Hours End
Monday 6:30 AM 11:00 AM
Tuesday 6:30 AM 11:00 AM
Wednesday 6:30 AM 11:00 AM
Thursday 6:30 AM 11:00 AM
Friday 6:30 AM 11:00 AM
Saturday 7:00 AM 11:30 AM
Sunday 7:00 AM 11:30 AM

The Westin Houston, Memorial City, kicks off breakfast service at 6:30 AM on weekdays and 7:00 AM on weekends, ensuring you start your day right with a variety of dining options. Whether you’re an early riser ready to seize the day or someone who likes to ease into the morning, the hotel’s breakfast timings are designed to accommodate your schedule. You’ve got the flexibility to plan your morning how you see fit, without missing out on the most important meal of the day.

If you’re the type who prefers not to venture out for your first meal, the hotel’s room service has got you covered. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the comfort of your room, making for a truly relaxed start to your day. This convenience means you can take your time getting ready for the day’s activities or simply enjoy a slow morning before heading out to explore Houston’s nearby attractions.

With these thoughtful breakfast service hours, The Westin Houston, Memorial City ensures that no matter your morning routine, you’ll have access to a satisfying meal to kickstart your day.

Types of Breakfast Offerings

Diving into the variety of breakfast offerings, Westin hotels cater to your morning cravings with options ranging from a complimentary continental breakfast to luxurious in-room dining. You’ll start your day right with the Rise and Shine continental breakfast, which includes freshly baked pastries, breads, cereals, fruits, yogurt, and hot beverages—all without added cost. It’s a perfect, light way to fuel your morning adventures or business meetings.

But if you’re looking for something more substantial, Westin doesn’t disappoint. Their full premium breakfast buffets are a feast for the senses, offering a wide array of hot and cold dishes. You can indulge in classics like eggs, bacon, sausages, and pancakes, ensuring everyone in your party finds something to satisfy their tastes and dietary needs.

For a more personalized dining experience, Westin’s à la carte breakfast menu features favorites like eggs Benedict, omelettes, avocado toast, and smoothie bowls. It’s ideal for those mornings when you crave something made just for you.

And for ultimate convenience, in-room dining at Westin lets you enjoy breakfast without leaving the comfort of your room. It’s the perfect option for a leisurely start to your day or a private morning in bed.

Westin Breakfast Buffet Details

After exploring various breakfast options at Westin, let’s focus on the details of their breakfast buffet, which typically costs between $15-$25 per person. This range ensures that you’re getting a high-quality breakfast experience that’s both convenient and satisfying. Served in the primary hotel restaurant, the buffet is available during set hours daily, making it an easy choice for guests looking to start their day off right.

The buffet itself is a feast for the senses, offering a wide array of options to suit every taste:

  • Hot items like freshly prepared eggs, savory meats, and fluffy waffles provide the comforting warmth and hearty satisfaction that only a cooked breakfast can offer.
  • A variety of beverages ensures that whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a juice enthusiast, your thirst is quenched and your meal is perfectly complemented.
  • An assortment of fruits and cereals for those seeking a lighter or healthier start to their day, adding a refreshing touch to the morning meal.

Together, these elements combine to create a breakfast buffet at Westin that’s not just a meal, but an experience, setting the tone for the day ahead.

À La Carte Menu Options

When you’re exploring the à la carte menu options at Westin, you’ll find a wealth of diverse dietary options to suit your needs, from gluten-free to vegan.

They also spotlight signature dishes that are a must-try, often incorporating seasonal ingredients to ensure freshness and flavor.

This approach allows you to tailor your breakfast experience with precision, ensuring every morning starts with a meal you’ll love.

Diverse Dietary Options

At The Westin, you’ll find an extensive À La Carte breakfast menu catering to a variety of dietary preferences, from classic eggs Benedict to trendy smoothie bowls. Whether you’re craving a hearty meal to start your day or a light, nutritious option, there’s something for everyone. You can enjoy these delights in the hotel restaurant or the comfort of your room, thanks to the flexible room service options. The À La Carte menu, while typically pricier than the buffet, offers the luxury of personalized dining experiences tailored to your exact tastes and dietary needs.

  • Avocado toast with a side of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • Customizable omelets filled with your choice of fresh veggies and cheeses
  • Greek yogurt topped with a selection of fruits and granola

Signature Dishes Highlight

Diving into the À La Carte menu at The Westin Houston, Memorial City, you’ll discover a range of signature dishes designed to kickstart your day with flavor and nutrition.

Signature Dish Description Why You’ll Love It
Eggs Benedict A classic breakfast favorite Perfect blend of savory and creamy
Fluffy Omelettes Made to order Tailored to your taste
Avocado Toast Trendy and healthy Packed with good fats and nutrients
Smoothie Bowls Fresh fruits and nutritious ingredients A refreshing and energizing option
Breakfast Sandwiches From classic bacon and egg to gourmet creations Satisfying and convenient morning meal

Each choice reflects The Westin’s commitment to a personalized dining experience, letting you indulge in well-crafted flavors that energize your mornings.

Seasonal Ingredients Update

Building on the signature dishes highlighted earlier, the Westin’s À La Carte menu now features seasonal ingredients to elevate your dining experience further. You’ll find the menu regularly updated with the best seasonal flavors and ingredients, ensuring each dish reflects the freshest tastes available.

  • Freshly-picked herbs add a burst of flavor to your morning omelet or avocado toast.
  • Seasonal fruits like berries or peaches top off your yogurt or oatmeal, adding natural sweetness and vibrant colors.
  • Locally sourced vegetables transform salads, entrees, and sides into a celebration of the current season’s bounty.

Enjoy a variety of dishes made with these seasonal ingredients for a truly delightful and flavorful breakfast at Westin.

In-Room Breakfast Availability

You’ll find that Westin hotels offer in-room breakfast from 6-11 am, perfectly suiting early birds and those who prefer a leisurely start. This service caters to your preference for a relaxed dining experience without leaving the comfort of your room. Whether you’re gearing up for a day of meetings or planning a more relaxed itinerary, having breakfast delivered right to your door is a convenience you’ll appreciate.

There’s usually a fee for the delivery service on top of your meal’s cost, but the convenience it offers can be well worth it. For those with specific dietary preferences or early morning plans, pre-ordering your breakfast the night before ensures that you won’t miss the most important meal of the day.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect with in-room breakfast at Westin:

Feature Details Benefit
Availability 6-11 am Suits various schedules
Delivery Fee Yes, additional to food cost Convenience at a cost
Pre-ordering Option Available Ensures timely delivery
Menu Variety Wide range of breakfast dishes Meets diverse preferences

In-room breakfast at Westin hotels offers flexibility and convenience, making it an attractive option for guests looking for a personalized dining experience.

Tips for Enjoying Breakfast

After exploring the convenience of in-room breakfast at Westin hotels, let’s focus on how you can make the most of your breakfast experience with a few practical tips. Whether you’re a morning person ready to jump-start your day or someone who relishes a leisurely start, there’s something for everyone at Westin’s breakfast.

  • Arrive Early: Beat the morning rush by arriving early at the breakfast buffet. You’ll enjoy the freshest selections, from sizzling hot bacon to perfectly fluffy pancakes. The serene morning atmosphere adds a delightful start to your day, ensuring a moment of peace before your adventures or meetings.
  • Explore À La Carte Options: For a more personalized dining experience, delve into the à la carte menu. Picture yourself savoring freshly made eggs Benedict or a vibrant smoothie bowl, each bite tailored to your morning cravings.
  • Pre-Order In-Room Dining: Take advantage of the night before to pre-order your breakfast. Imagine waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee and warm pastries without lifting a finger. This tip not only offers the utmost convenience but also ensures you won’t miss breakfast due to early commitments.

Special Dietary Requests

At The Westin Houston, Memorial City, accommodating special dietary requests is a priority during breakfast hours, ensuring every guest enjoys a meal tailored to their needs. You’ve got specific dietary restrictions or preferences? No problem. You’re encouraged to inform the staff in advance about your dietary needs, whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, or have other specific dietary considerations.

The breakfast menu is designed with everyone in mind, offering choices that cater to various dietary requirements. This means you can dive into a breakfast that not only tastes great but also aligns perfectly with your dietary needs. The hotel’s aim is to create a customized dining experience for you, making sure that your meal isn’t just a necessity but a highlight of your morning.

Breakfast Package Rates

While ensuring your breakfast meets your dietary needs, it’s also worth exploring the breakfast package rates Westin hotels offer to enhance your stay. It’s a common misconception that adding breakfast to your room rate can be pricey. However, at Westin hotels, you’ll often find that opting for a breakfast-inclusive room rate can actually save you money. This is particularly true if you’re planning on indulging in the first meal of the day at the hotel anyway. The rates vary depending on the location and the type of room you book, but here’s a gist of what you might expect:

  • Savings galore: Booking a room that includes breakfast often costs less than paying for the room and breakfast separately.
  • Diverse options: Breakfast package rates may cover everything from lavish buffet spreads to à la carte choices, catering to all palates.
  • Convenience at its best: For those mornings when you just want to lounge, some packages include in-room dining options.

Children’s Breakfast Options

Understanding that children have unique dietary needs, Westin hotels cater to their youngest guests with a selection of kid-friendly breakfast options, including pancakes, waffles, and fresh fruits.

When you’re planning your morning at a Westin hotel, you don’t have to worry about your kids’ breakfast options. They’re available during the same hours as the regular breakfast service, making it easy for you to organize your family’s day. Your little ones can dig into a variety of delicious and nutritious choices tailored to their preferences. Whether they’re craving something sweet like pancakes or prefer a healthier option like fresh fruits, there’s something for every young guest.

Some Westin locations go the extra mile by offering special breakfast menus designed just for children. These menus often feature smaller portions and are presented in a way that’s appealing to kids, ensuring they enjoy their meal as much as you do. The aim is to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable dining experience for all guests, regardless of age.

Seasonal Breakfast Specials

As you explore the Westin’s breakfast hours, don’t miss the chance to experience the Seasonal Breakfast Specials.

These offerings bring new flavors and menu highlights that are only available for a limited time each year.

You’ll find dishes that celebrate the season, giving you a unique breakfast experience that’s always refreshing and exciting.

Seasonal Menu Highlights

Dive into the seasonal breakfast specials at The Westin Houston, Memorial City, where unique, limited-time dishes featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients await your palate. These specials not only showcase the culinary team’s creativity and innovation but also provide a delightful variety of flavors and options to cater to different preferences. You’ll savor the flavors of the season during your breakfast experience, making each visit uniquely memorable.

  • A vibrant berry compote atop fluffy, warm pancakes, capturing the essence of summer fruits.
  • Savory autumn-inspired squash frittata, a perfect blend of seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs.
  • Winter’s delight: a cinnamon-spiced French toast, drizzled with maple syrup and a side of crisp, applewood-smoked bacon.

Enjoy these delectable offerings and let the seasonal menu highlights elevate your morning.

New Flavors Debut

At The Westin Houston, Memorial City, you’ll discover the allure of new flavors with the debut of our seasonal breakfast specials, designed to captivate your taste buds with fresh, innovative creations. These specials highlight the freshest seasonal ingredients, offering you a unique breakfast experience that changes with the seasons. You’ll get the chance to dive into something different and delicious, adding a creative twist to your morning routine.

Season Special Ingredients
Spring Spring Frittata Asparagus, leek, goat cheese
Summer Berry Bliss Pancakes Mixed berries, whipped cream
Fall Pumpkin Spice Waffles Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg
Winter Winter Squash Hash Butternut squash, kale, pecans

Enjoy these exciting flavors, each designed to provide you with a diverse and enjoyable breakfast option throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Is Check Out at the Westin Houston?

At The Westin Houston, you’ve got to check out by 12:00 PM on your departure day.

If you’re planning to leave later, you might be able to request a late check-out, but it’s not guaranteed.

Is Westin With Marriott?

Yes, Westin is with Marriott, like stars twined in the hotel industry’s sky, shining brightly together.

You’re stepping into a world where luxury meets loyalty, as Westin’s partnership with Marriott envelops you in a blanket of premium services and Bonvoy rewards.

As you wander through this constellation of high standards and worldwide destinations, remember, your stay at Westin isn’t just a visit; it’s an experience crafted by a hospitality titan.


So, you’re wrapping up your morning feast adventure at the Westin Houston, Memorial City, and let’s be real, it’s been nothing short of a culinary odyssey. From the mountainous breakfast buffet to the à la carte delights that could rival grandma’s kitchen, you’ve ventured through a breakfast wonderland from the crack of dawn till the stars peek out.

Whether you’re cozying up in your room with breakfast in bed or making special requests that made the chef’s eyebrows raise, every bite was a revelation. And let’s not forget the little ones, who’d their taste buds taken on a joyride with options crafted just for them.

Seasonal specials kept you guessing, and the rates? Well, they were just the cherry on top. Truly, breakfast at the Westin is less of a meal and more of a marathon—a delicious, belt-busting marathon that champions start but only legends finish.

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