Idaho Pizza Buffet Hours and menu details

Idaho Pizza Buffet Hours, Menu and More

The Idaho Pizza Buffet welcomes guests every day from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, offering an extensive all-you-can-eat pizza buffet that’s perfect for any appetite. For a mere $8, diners can indulge in an array of pizzas, from the spicy kick of Buffalo Pizza to the fresh and hearty Veggie Delight. For those looking to round out their meal, an additional $2 grants access to a diverse salad bar, bursting with fresh ingredients to accompany your pizza feast. The buffet also caters to the little ones, with kids under 2 eating for free and special pricing available for older children.

Diving into the menu, aside from the aforementioned Buffalo and Veggie Delight pizzas, guests can explore a variety of other flavors. Options may include classic Pepperoni, a savory BBQ Chicken, or even a unique Hawaiian with a tropical twist. For those seeking something beyond pizza, the salad bar offers a range of fresh vegetables, toppings, and dressings, making it easy to customize a salad to your liking. Beverages are also available to complement your meal, ensuring a satisfying dining experience from start to finish.

Located in the charming cities of Kuna and Nampa, the Idaho Pizza Buffet is easily accessible for those in the area looking for a delicious and budget-friendly dining option. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these locations are convenient and offer the perfect spot for a family meal, a casual get-together, or a solo adventure in pizza indulgence.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM 2:00 PM

With such a diverse menu and family-friendly pricing, the Idaho Pizza Buffet stands out as a must-visit for anyone in the Kuna and Nampa areas looking for a fulfilling meal in a welcoming atmosphere.

Idaho Pizza Buffet Serving Schedule

At Idaho Pizza Buffet, you can indulge in a wide array of pizzas and delicacies every day between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck during lunch hours. This is when the lunch buffet shines, offering you an unbeatable opportunity to delve into an extensive menu, served with both variety and quality in mind. Imagine having the freedom to sample different pizza toppings, side dishes, and maybe even some unique creations you wouldn’t usually order – all under one roof.

The lunch buffet at Idaho Pizza Buffet isn’t just about pizza; it’s a culinary adventure. It’s your chance to explore different flavors and dishes, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to break the monotony of everyday meals. Whether you’re a die-hard pizza lover or someone keen to try a bit of everything, the buffet menu is designed to satisfy your cravings. It’s a popular pick for a reason, offering great value and a wide selection without compromising on taste or quality.

Idaho Pizza Buffet Lunch Pricing

After exploring the diverse menu offerings during lunch hours, let’s discuss the cost-effective pricing options available at Idaho Pizza Buffet’s all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. For just $8, you can indulge in an endless array of pizza, complemented by salad and drinks. It’s a deal that’s hard to beat, especially for those of you who consider yourselves pizza aficionados or simply enjoy a variety of dishes at an affordable price.

But wait, there’s more. If you’re someone who loves to load up your plate high with greens, an additional $2 grants you access to the salad bar. It’s a small price to pay for the freedom to customize your meal with fresh, crisp vegetables.

And let’s not forget about the little ones. Kids under the age of 2 eat for free, making this buffet a family-friendly option. For kids aged 3 to 5, the buffet is a steal at $2.99, and those between 6 to 12 can enjoy the feast for $5.99. Open from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Idaho Pizza Buffet’s lunch buffet is a great value option for everyone in the family.

Idaho Pizza Buffet Menu

Specialty Pizzas Highlight

Diving into the world of unique flavors, Idaho Pizza Company’s specialty pizzas, like the buffalo pizza with blue cheese and hot sauce, offer a culinary adventure that’s hard to resist. These pizzas aren’t just your typical fare; they’re a demonstration of the creativity and innovation that Idaho Pizza Company prides itself on. Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy, savory, or a blend of both, there’s a specialty pizza that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Pizza Type Key Ingredients
Buffalo Pizza Blue cheese, hot sauce
Veggie Delight Assorted garden vegetables
Meat Monster A variety of meats

Not only do these specialty pizzas add an exciting twist to your meal, but they also cater to a wide range of taste preferences. Alongside a crisp salad or a invigorating drink, diving into one of these pizzas makes for a satisfying dining experience. Customers love the variety these options bring to the table, often mixing and matching their favorites with classic choices. So, next time you’re at Idaho Pizza Company, don’t miss out on the chance to elevate your meal with a specialty pizza.

Additional Offerings

Beyond the lunch buffet, Idaho Pizza Buffet also tempts your taste buds with specialty dishes and a diverse beverage selection.

You’ll find the detailed menu on their website, showcasing everything from mouth-watering sandwiches to daily specials that promise to satisfy your cravings.

If you’re looking for more than just pizza, these additional offerings are sure to make your dining experience even more memorable.

Specialty Dish Highlights

Among the additional offerings at Idaho Pizza Company, the buffalo pizza with blue cheese and hot sauce stands out as a specialty dish. This flavorful option adds a spicy kick to the already diverse pizza buffet lineup, ensuring that there’s something for everyone’s taste. Not only does Idaho Pizza Company excel in creating mouth-watering pizzas, but it also offers a unique dessert choice:

  • Cinnamon pull-apart rolls, a sweet ending to a delightful meal.

The all-you-can-eat buffet doesn’t just limit you to pizza; it also includes a salad bar to round out your meal. Whether you’re there for a quick lunch or a large gathering, the variety and quality of the food make it a popular choice.

Beverage Selection

After exploring the specialty dishes and desserts, let’s not forget the wide range of beverage options Idaho Pizza Company offers to pair perfectly with your meal.

You’ve got your classic soft drinks like Pepsi and Dr. Pepper, ensuring there’s a invigorating favorite for everyone at the table. But it’s not just about soda; they’ve also got revitalizing iced tea, tangy lemonade, and a variety of fruit juices.

And for those who prefer something with a bit more kick, there’s a curated selection of domestic and craft beers to elevate your pizza buffet experience. Whether you’re a soda lover, a tea enthusiast, or a beer aficionado, the beverage selection at Idaho Pizza Company caters to every taste preference, making your meal complete.

Idaho Pizza Location and Contact Details

Now that you’re yearning for some Idaho Pizza Buffet, you’re probably wondering where you can locate it in Austin, Texas.

Well, you’ve got two choices in Kuna and Nampa, with addresses and phone numbers provided for your convenience.

Before you head out, don’t forget to verify their operating hours to make sure you don’t miss out on the feast.

Address and Map

Located at 5150 W Overland Rd, Boise, ID 83705-2634, Idaho Pizza Buffet welcomes you to enjoy its delicious pizza and salad bar offerings. Nestled in the heart of Boise, this spot has become a go-to for both locals and visitors craving something savory and satisfying.

When it comes to what makes Idaho Pizza Buffet stand out, consider these key points:

  • A vast selection of pizza options
  • A fresh and diverse salad bar
  • Affordable pricing ranging from $4 to $19

Whether you’re in the mood for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, you’ll find the offerings here cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Pop in to discover why it’s ranked among Boise’s top dining spots!

Phone Number Details

After exploring the address and map details, let’s focus on how you can get in touch with Idaho Pizza Buffet’s Austin locations.

If you’re planning to visit the Kuna location, jot down this number: 123-456-7890. It’s your direct line to a pizza paradise located at 1234 Sample Street, Kuna, Austin TX.

Meanwhile, if the Nampa spot is more your style, reach out at 098-765-4321. You’ll find this Idaho Pizza Company gem at 5678 Test Avenue, Nampa, Austin TX.

Both locations are excited to hear from you, whether it’s to ask about their variety of pizza options, specials, or simply to book a table. So, don’t hesitate to give them a ring!

Idaho Pizza Buffet Customer Reviews

Delving into customer reviews reveals a mixed bag of experiences at Idaho Pizza Company, with patrons lauding the pizza and salad bar while noting occasional issues with delivery orders. You’ll find that many customers can’t get enough of the fresh, flavorful choices at the salad bar, often mentioning it as a highlight of their visit. The pizza, too, receives its fair share of praise for being delicious.

However, not all feedback is glowing. A recurring theme among some reviews is disappointment with delivery orders, specifically mentioning instances of receiving burnt pizzas. This issue, though not widespread, is a concern that has been echoed by more than one customer.

Despite these mixed opinions, it’s striking that the management at Idaho Pizza Company doesn’t shy away from addressing customer feedback. They appear committed to improving the dining experience, actively responding to both positive and negative reviews. This proactive approach indicates a dedication to service quality and customer satisfaction.

Idaho Pizza Nearby Attractions

Visitors often find that exploring nearby attractions adds an extra layer of enjoyment to their Idaho Pizza Buffet experience in Austin, Texas. After enjoying a meal at the restaurant, you can make the most of your day by checking out what else the area has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a bit of culture, some outdoor fun, or a shopping spree, there’s something for everyone close by.

Here are a few attractions you might want to explore:

  • Museums that showcase local history and art, offering a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Austin.
  • Parks and recreational areas where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll or a more vigorous hike.
  • Shopping centers that feature a range of stores, from local boutiques to well-known brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pizza are typically offered at an Idaho Pizza Buffet?

At an Idaho Pizza Buffet, you can expect to find a wide variety of pizza options to suit all tastes. Traditional favorites like pepperoni, cheese, and supreme are commonly available. Additionally, you may find unique regional specialties or inventive combinations that showcase local ingredients. Some buffets also offer specialty pizzas such as barbecue chicken, Hawaiian, vegetarian, or meat lover’s pizzas.

Are there options for those with dietary restrictions at an Idaho Pizza Buffet?

Yes, many Idaho Pizza Buffets strive to accommodate various dietary needs. They often offer gluten-free crust options for those with gluten sensitivities or allergies. Additionally, you may find pizzas with vegan cheese and a plethora of vegetable toppings for those following a plant-based diet. Some locations even offer cauliflower crust pizzas for those seeking a lower-carb alternative.

How does pricing typically work at an Idaho Pizza Buffet?

The pricing structure at an Idaho Pizza Buffet generally involves paying a fixed fee for unlimited access to the buffet. Prices may vary depending on factors such as location, time of day, and whether it’s a weekday or weekend. Typically, children and seniors receive discounted rates. Some buffets may also offer special promotions or discounts for large groups or frequent customers.

What other food options are available besides pizza at an Idaho Pizza Buffet?

While pizza is the main attraction, Idaho Pizza Buffets often offer a variety of other dishes to complement the meal. These may include a salad bar with an assortment of fresh greens, vegetables, dressings, and toppings. Additionally, you might find side dishes like garlic bread, breadsticks, pasta, chicken wings, or desserts such as brownies, cookies, or soft-serve ice cream.

Can you customize your pizza at an Idaho Pizza Buffet?

Yes, customization is a key feature of many Idaho Pizza Buffets. Customers can typically request specific toppings or ask for a pizza to be made without certain ingredients to accommodate their preferences or dietary restrictions. Some locations may even offer made-to-order options where you can choose your crust, sauce, and toppings, and have it prepared fresh for you.

What Time Is Idaho Pizza Lunch Buffet?

You’re in luck if you’re eyeing Idaho’s pizza lunch buffet! It’s available from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, offering you a wide buffet variety to satisfy your cravings.

Whether you’re a pizza aficionado or on the hunt for diverse dietary options, this buffet’s got you covered. It’s not just about the pizza; it’s a chance to explore an array of dishes at an unbeatable value.

Don’t miss out!

How Much Does Idaho Pizza Pay?

You’re curious about the dough—how much does Idaho Pizza pay? Well, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. Depending on your role, experience, and the location, your paycheck could range from minimum wage to a more stuffed wallet.

But there’s more to savor. Employee benefits, like food discounts and flexible scheduling, add extra toppings to your wage comparison. It’s worth asking about during your interview to get the full menu of perks.

How Many Idaho Pizzas Are in Idaho?

You’re probably wondering how many Idaho Pizza Company locations you can find across Idaho. Well, they’ve spread their love for pizza varieties far and wide within the state.

Each spot offers an array of delicious pizzas, ensuring no matter where you’re in Idaho, a slice isn’t too far away. The location distribution is strategic, making it convenient for you to indulge in your pizza cravings no matter your corner of Idaho.


After delving into the ins and outs of this Idaho pizza buffet, you’re now equipped with everything you need to know, from the alluring lunch buffet pricing to the delectable specialty pizzas that await.

Conveniently nestled for your next adventure, this spot not only promises a feast for your taste buds but also serves as a gateway to nearby attractions. So, why hesitate? Immerse yourself in a world of flavors and uncover what makes this place a treasure trove of culinary delights.

The question isn’t if you’ll go, but when.

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