Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu: Savor the Delights!

Carl’s Jr. Serves lunch starting at 10:30 AM until closing, with a menu featuring charbroiled burgers and chicken sandwiches.

The lunch menu includes options like the Famous Star and Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Carl’s Jr. Is a go-to destination for those craving hearty American food, especially when hunger strikes around lunchtime. As the clock ticks to 10:30 AM, the grills fire up to serve a variety of mouthwatering dishes.

Their lunch menu caters to a wide array of tastes, presenting an assortment of signature charbroiled burgers, hand-breaded chicken tenders, and healthy green salads. Diners can customize their meals with an array of sides from crispy fries to onion rings. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick solo meal or gathering with friends, Carl’s Jr. Promises a satisfying lunch experience with flavors that are bold and ingredients that are fresh.

Day Lunch Hours Start Lunch Hours End
Monday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM
Wednesday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM
Thursday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM
Friday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM
Saturday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM
Sunday 10:30 AM 2:30 PM

A Bite Of History

Carl’s Jr. now fills stomachs far and wide with its iconic burgers and fries. But this burger giant began as a humble hot dog stand. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore Carl’s Jr.’s past.

The Origins Of Carl’s Jr.

In 1941, Carl Karcher and his wife Margaret took a brave leap. They started with a hot dog cart in Los Angeles. Their dedication and tasty food quickly won hearts. Soon, they opened the first Carl’s Jr. restaurant.

Carl’s Drive-In Barbecue opened its doors in 1945. It was a place where simplicity and flavor married. It featured barbecued meats, hamburgers, and quickly became a local favorite.

Expanding Palates: Growth And Reach

As the years passed, Carl’s Jr. expanded with the times. It introduced new flavors and choices to keep up with hungry customers. More restaurants popped up, taking Carl’s Jr. beyond California.

Their menu evolved from a simple hot dog stand to an expansive selection. Hand-breaded chicken tenders and 100% angus beef burgers join the star-studded lineup. Now, Carl’s Jr. operates in several countries, sharing its love for hearty meals with a global audience.

Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu: Savor the Delights!Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu: Savor the Delights!


Delectable Timings

Delectable Timings at Carl’s Jr. make every lunch hour an anticipated event. With a menu bursting with flavor-packed burgers, crispy fries, and refreshing beverages, the timing of your meal can elevate the dining experience. Whether you’re planning an early lunch or eyeing a late afternoon treat, knowing when to visit can make all the difference. Let’s dive into the details of the Carl’s Jr. lunch hours, so you never miss out on a satisfying midday meal.

When Does The Feast Begin?

The lunchtime indulgence at Carl’s Jr. kicks off early. As the clock strikes 10:30 AM, the grills fire up to serve a tantalizing array of lunch items. Perfect for those who prefer an early lunch or simply can’t wait to dig into their favorite meals. The varied lunch menu caters to early birds with an appetite for hearty, freshly prepared specials.

Last Call For Lunch

For late lunchers, Carl’s Jr. offers flexibility. You have until 5:00 PM to satisfy your cravings with their delectable lunch menu. This generous time frame ensures no one misses out on their lunch fix. Whether you’re wrapping up a late project or running errands, Carl’s Jr. waits to serve you until the late afternoon.

Below is the quick view of Carl’s Jr. Lunch Hours:

Day Start Time End Time
Monday – Sunday 10:30 AM 5:00 PM

Be sure to arrive within these hours to enjoy items like:

  • Charbroiled Burgers – A trademark delight
  • Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders – Always a crowd-pleaser
  • Crisscut Fries – A flavorful twist on a classic
  • Super Star Sandwiches – Loaded with toppings

Remember, these Carl’s Jr. lunch hours keep satisfaction just an order away!

Menu Magic

Welcome to the world of Menu Magic at Carl’s Jr. Here, the lunch hour shines with an array of succulent flavors. Delight your taste buds with the freshest ingredients crafted into mouth-watering options. As the clock strikes the lunch hour, Carl’s Jr presents a feast that caters to all your cravings. From iconic burgers to diverse offerings, the menu at Carl’s Jr is a treasure trove of delectable eats.

Burgers That Rule

Carl’s Jr stands tall in the kingdom of burgers. Every patty tells a story of quality and taste. The star of the menu is the charbroiled deliciousness that patrons love. Let’s unwrap some of the crowd favorites:

  • The Famous Star® with Cheese: A classic never fades, and this burger proves why.
  • Super Star® with Cheese: Double the patties, double the joy.
  • Western Bacon Cheeseburger®: A smoky, savoury sensation that never disappoints.

Each burger comes with options to satisfy every appetite, from single to double patties, and a variety of cheeses and toppings.

Beyond The Burger: Other Offerings

Carl’s Jr’s menu extends beyond the realm of burgers. A plethora of choices awaits the adventurous eater. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders™: Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.
  • Charbroiled Chicken Club™: Satisfying every desire for something grilled yet lean.
  • Fried Zucchini: Golden bites that are a vegetarians’ delight.
Sides & Salads Drinks & Desserts
Onion Rings Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shakes
CrissCut® Fries Soft Drinks
Garden Side Salad Chocolate Cake

Whether you fancy a classic or wish to explore beyond, Carl’s Jr crafts each dish with the utmost care. Sink your teeth into their expansive menu and experience the lunchtime magic!

Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu: Savor the Delights!Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu: Savor the Delights!


Specials And Combos

Carl’s Jr. knows the way to your heart and stomach with its irresistible lunch specials and combos. Perfect for any appetite, these deals offer a variety of flavors at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-timer, these specials and combos are sure to satisfy.

Lunch Deals to Look Out For

Lunch Deals To Look Out For

Keep your wallets full and bellies satisfied with Carl’s Jr. lunch deals. Amazing value meets delicious taste in these offers:

  • Big Burger Deal: Get a classic burger at a fraction of the cost.
  • Chicken Tender Special: Bite into juicy tenders with a side and drink to boot.
  • Salad and Soft Drink Combo: Go green with a fresh salad and stay refreshed with a soft drink.

Mix and Match: Creating Your Combo

Mix And Match: Creating Your Combo

Customize your meal with the mix and match combo options. Select from a variety of top-tier menu items to create your perfect pairing:

Main Items Side Options Drink Choices
Charbroiled Burgers French Fries Soft Drinks
Hand-Breaded Chicken Onion Rings Iced Tea
Plant-Based Options Fried Zucchini Hand-Scooped Shakes

Explore and enjoy your way through the menu with these personalized combos for a lunch that hits the spot every time.

Healthy Alternatives

Craving something light during lunch? Carl’s Jr. offers a variety of options. Healthy eaters have choices too. Don’t let the idea of a fast-food chain fool you. Their lunch menu is rich with greens and lean proteins. Let’s explore the green side of Carl’s Jr. lunch hours. Delight in a meal that leaves you satisfied and energized.

Green Delights: Salads And Wraps

Diving into the Green Delights, Carl’s Jr. presents a mix of salads and wraps. Each crafted for taste and health. Fresh ingredients with a crunch.

  • Charbroiled Chicken Salad: Juicy chicken on a bed of lettuce.
  • Garden Side Salad: A perfect leafy accompaniment.
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap: Tender chicken in a hearty wrap.

Choose your dressing wisely to maintain the health quotient.

Calorie Conscious Choices

Tracking calories? Carl’s Jr. makes it easier. Their menu features calorie-conscious selections. Opt for items like:

Menu Item Calories
BBQ Chicken Sandwich 390
Turkey Burger 490
Trim It® Beef Patty 220

Pick items marked with Trim It® for lower calorie options. Remember to go easy on sauces and toppings.

Kids’ Corner

Carls Jr understands that the little ones need their own special menu. The Kids’ Corner at Carls Jr isn’t just about smaller portions. It’s about bringing a smile to children’s faces. With meals perfectly sized for little tummies and fun surprises, kids not only enjoy their food, but also have a blast!

Junior Meals For Little Tummies

Finding the right meal for kids is now a piece of cake. The Junior Meals are designed to fit smaller appetites and come with choices kids love. Peek at the menu:

  • Chicken Stars – Crisp and yummy.
  • Kid’s Burger – A smaller burger with big taste.
  • Kid’s Cheeseburger – Just enough cheese and fun.

Each meal is paired with a side of fries and a drink. It’s the perfect size!

Fun Additions: Toys And Treats

No kid’s meal is complete without a dash of fun. Carls Jr adds that extra magic with:

  • Toys – Cool collectibles that are a must-have.
  • Treats – Delicious cookies to end the meal on a sweet note.

These little surprises keep kids excited and looking forward to lunch every time!

Secret Menu Unveiled

Welcome to the inside scoop on Carl’s Jr’s most tantalizing secrets: the Secret Menu Unveiled. Burger enthusiasts and fans of the chain are in for a delicious surprise. Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at the items that aren’t listed on the regular menu but have been making waves among those in the know.

Hidden Gems

Carl’s Jr harbors hidden culinary treasures that turn an ordinary lunch into an extraordinary culinary journey. Imagine biting into a burger masterpiece that combines unexpected flavors and ingredients to blow your taste buds away. Here are a few of these secret selections:

  • The All-American – A burger that packs a punch with every ingredient known to the fast-food aficionado.
  • Spicy Avo Chicken Sandwich – A perfect blend of heat and cool, thanks to the creamy avocado.
  • Loaded Breakfast Burrito – Not just for mornings, indulge in breakfast flavors any time.

How To Order Off The Secret Menu

To join the ranks of the Carl’s Jr insiders, follow these simple steps:

  1. Speak Up: Ask your server about the secret items directly.
  2. Be Specific: Mention the secret item by name or describe the custom concoctions you’re craving.
  3. Enjoy the Experience: Relish in the fact that you’re about to have a meal that’s off the beaten path.

Remember, the secret menu items might not be widely advertised, so a little insider knowledge goes a long way. Your taste adventure awaits!

Seasonal Surprises

Excitement buzzes around Carl’s Jr. as the seasons shift, bringing with them a parade of Seasonal Surprises. The ever-evolving lunch hours menu blossoms with new flavors, catering to the craving for freshness and warmth that each season beckons. Let’s dive into the delectable specialties Carl’s Jr. serves up when the weather turns.

Summer Specialties

When the sun blazes in the sky, Carl’s Jr. cools you down with tantalizing Summer Specialties. Think crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, and waves of refreshing sauces. Beach-goers and sun-lovers rejoice as these treats hit the menu:

  • BBQ Chicken Salad: A bowl full of garden greens and protein.
  • Strawberry Lemonade: Sweet, tangy, and ice-cold.
  • Grilled Peach Burger: A juicy patty with a sweet spin.

Winter Warmers

As temperatures drop, Carl’s Jr. heats up the scene with Winter Warmers. Comforting bites infused with spices make lunch hours extra cozy. Warm your soul with:

Beverage Main Course Dessert
Hot Chocolate Double Cheeseburger Apple Crisp
Spiced Latte Philly Cheesesteak Burger Pumpkin Pie

Bite into these hearty meals and feel the warmth spread from head to toe.

Desserts And Shakes

After enjoying a hearty meal at Carl’s Jr., it’s time to dive into the sweet world of their desserts and shakes. Carl’s Jr. offers a delightful end to every meal with a variety of treats. From creamy hand-scooped shakes to refreshing soft serves, the desserts and shakes menu has options to satisfy all your sweet-tooth cravings.

End On A Sweet Note

No meal is complete without a touch of sweetness. Carl’s Jr. understands this and brings a selection of tempting desserts to the table:

  • Chocolate Cake – A rich, moist cake drizzled with a luscious chocolate sauce.
  • Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake – Creamy cheesecake topped with a sweet strawberry puree.
  • Cookie Sandwich – Two soft cookies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle.

Thick Shakes And Soft Serves

A visit to Carl’s Jr. wouldn’t be complete without savoring their famous shakes and soft serves. These treats are the perfect follow-up to a satisfying meal:

Shake Flavor Description
Vanilla Classic and smooth, made with real ice cream.
Chocolate Decadent and rich, a chocolate lover’s dream.
Strawberry Sweet and fruity, blended with real strawberries.
Oreo® Crunchy and creamy, with real Oreo® cookie pieces.

For those who prefer something lighter, soft serve ice cream is also available. Smooth and creamy, it’s an irresistible classic treat on its own or as an accompaniment to any dessert.

Vegetarian And Vegan Options

Carl’s Jr. understands that variety is the spice of life. With changing dietary preferences and a growing demand for plant-based meals, Carl’s Jr. has expanded its menu to welcome vegetarians and vegans. Let’s explore the tasty meat-free options available during lunch hours that promise to delight your taste buds without any compromise on flavor!

Meat-free Delights

Carl’s Jr. offers a range of vegetarian items that are sure to satisfy. The Meat-Free Delights enhance lunchtime with fresh flavors. These items cater to those who favor veggies over meat.

  • Fried Zucchini – Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.
  • Side Salad – A fresh mix of greens to accompany your meal.
  • Meatless Breakfast Burrito – Bursting with eggs, cheese, and potato.

Plant-based Innovations

Carl’s Jr. steps into the future with thrilling Plant-Based Innovations. These options mimic traditional favorites while being completely veggie-based. Explore a world where plants take center stage!

Item Description
Beyond Famous Star A burger featuring a 100% plant-based Beyond Meat patty.
Beyond Sausage Burrito Delicious Beyond Sausage wrapped in a warm tortilla with all the fixings.

Insider Tips

Discover ‘Insider Tips’ for Carls Jr Lunch Hours and Menu. These expert secrets will help you make the best of your visit. Guaranteeing a delightful mealtime experience.

Best Time To Visit

Avoid the rush and enjoy a calmer dining experience. Here are the optimal times:

  • Mid-week visits – Especially Tuesday to Thursday.
  • Before noon – Lunch offerings start as early as 10:30 AM.
  • After lunch peak – Post 2 PM for late lunches.

Hacks For The Ultimate Meal

Master every Carl’s Jr outing with these clever mealtime hacks:

  1. Customize your burger – Ask for off-menu tweaks.
  2. Combo it up – Balance price with your favorites.
  3. App deals – Check for exclusive in-app promotions.

Remember: Hacks enhance your dining joy. Use them smartly!

Making The Most Of Your Visit

Visiting Carl’s Jr. for lunch is a treat many look forward to. Enjoying delicious burgers, crispy fries, and hand-scooped shakes can turn any ordinary day into a special one. To make the most out of your visit, let’s explore some smart tips.

Utilizing Deals And Discounts

Carl’s Jr. offers exciting deals and discounts that you shouldn’t miss. Here’s how to take advantage of them:

  • Download the App: Get exclusive app-only deals.
  • Sign Up for Newsletters: Receive coupons right in your inbox.
  • Use a Coupon: Look for current offers before ordering.

Tip: Always check the expiry date on coupons to ensure they’re valid.

Memorable Experiences At Carl’s Jr.

Create lasting memories with these simple tips:

  1. Try a new item from the menu.
  2. Enjoy your meal at a clean and comfortable table.
  3. Share a dessert with friends or family.

Bold flavors and good company make for unforgettable moments at Carl’s Jr.

Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu: Savor the Delights!Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu: Savor the Delights!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Carls Jr Lunch Hours And Menu

What Are Carls Jr Lunch Hours?

Carls Jr typically starts serving lunch at 10:30 AM until closing, which can vary by location.

Does Carls Jr Offer A Lunch Menu?

Yes, Carls Jr has a specific lunch menu featuring burgers, sandwiches, and more, available during lunch hours.

Can I Get Breakfast During Carls Jr Lunch Hours?

No, breakfast items are usually only available in the morning, ending as lunch hours begin at 10:30 AM.

Are There Any Lunch Specials At Carls Jr?

Yes, Carls Jr often has lunch specials such as discounted combos and limited-time offers during their lunch hours.

How Late Is Carls Jr Open?

Carls Jr’s closing times vary, but many locations remain open until 11:00 PM or later.

Is Carls Jr Lunch Menu Available On Weekends?

The lunch menu at Carls Jr is available on weekends, starting at the same time as weekdays, 10:30 AM.

Are There Healthy Options On Carls Jr Lunch Menu?

Carls Jr offers a range of options, including healthier choices like salads and lettuce-wrapped burgers on their lunch menu.

Does Carls Jr Serve Vegetarian Lunch Options?

Yes, Carls Jr includes vegetarian options like the Beyond Burger on their lunch menu.

Can I Customize My Lunch Order At Carls Jr?

Carls Jr allows customization of lunch orders, giving customers the option to choose ingredients to their liking.

Is There A Kids’ Menu Available During Lunch At Carls Jr?

Carls Jr provides a kids’ menu with smaller portions and kid-friendly options during lunch hours.


Exploring the lunchtime delights at Carl’s Jr can be a flavorful journey. With their varied menu, there’s a treat for every taste bud during their generous lunch hours. Before you plan your next visit, remember these tidbits we’ve shared. Enjoy a hearty meal that promises satisfaction and a memorable fast-food experience.

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