Bob Evans Breakfast Hours: Savor the Early Delights!

Bob Evans serves breakfast from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM every day. These hours may vary by location, so check your local restaurant for specific times.

Bob Evans, a renowned chain known for its hearty breakfasts and American comfort food, caters to early birds and late risers alike with its extensive breakfast hours. With a wide array of breakfast options ranging from savory to sweet, Bob Evans accommodates the cravings of diners from dawn till dusk.

Guests can indulge in classic dishes such as sausage gravy and biscuits, hotcakes, omelets, and much more, ensuring a satisfying start to the day. The family-friendly atmosphere and consistent quality make Bob Evans a popular destination for breakfast enthusiasts across the country. Whether you’re planning a business meeting over breakfast or enjoying a lazy weekend morning, Bob Evans’ generous breakfast hours fit into any schedule.

Day Opening Time Breakfast Availability
Monday 6:00 AM All Day
Tuesday 6:00 AM All Day
Wednesday 6:00 AM All Day
Thursday 6:00 AM All Day
Friday 6:00 AM All Day
Saturday 6:00 AM All Day
Sunday 7:00 AM All Day

The Allure Of Bob Evans Morning Fare

Bob Evans Breakfast Hours shine with a promise of home-style comfort. Many see these hours as more than just a time to eat; it’s a chance to relive cherished memories and savor the start of a new day. Traditional tastes blend with warm hospitality, making mornings at Bob Evans special.

Why Breakfast Fans Flock To Bob Evans

Guests flock to Bob Evans for more than food; they come for an experience. Here’s why:

  • Variety: A broad menu catering to all tastes
  • Freshness: Ingredients sourced with care for quality
  • Convenience: Early birds and late risers, all find their spot
  • Tradition: Classic dishes promise nostalgia with every bite
  • Value: Generous portions at friendly price points

The Signature Dishes That Await Early Risers

Signature dishes at Bob Evans hold a coveted status among breakfast enthusiasts.

Dish Name Features
The Classic Breakfast Eggs, bacon, and golden-brown home fries
The Farmer’s Choice Sausage, pancakes, and eggs just the way you like
Cinnamon Supreme Hotcakes Sweet cinnamon chips & creamy whipped topping
Biscuit Bowl Fluffy biscuits, homestyle gravy, and all the fixin’s

Navigating Bob Evans Breakfast Hours

Welcome to the ultimate guide on Bob Evans breakfast times. You love their home-style meals. We help you get them hot and fresh. Whether an early bird or a late riser, planning is simple. See below for the key times.

When The Doors Open For Breakfast

Bob Evans greets morning guests bright and early. Most locations welcome diners starting at 6:00 AM. Yet, times may vary slightly by location.

Before you go, check your local restaurant. Use their website or give a quick call. Confirm the exact opening time. This ensures your visit starts smoothly.

Last Call For Morning Delights

The end of breakfast service draws near as morning turns to afternoon. Yet, you have plenty of time. At most Bob Evans restaurants, breakfast items are available until 11:00 AM on weekdays. On weekends, enjoy breakfast until 2:00 PM.

It’s often busy. Here’s a tip: visit after the rush, around 10:00 AM. Enjoy a more relaxed meal. Always double-check your local spot for exact times.

Quick Reference Table

Day Opening Time Last Order
Monday – Friday 6:00 AM 11:00 AM
Saturday – Sunday 6:00 AM 2:00 PM

Note: Times can change. Always check for up-to-date info.

The Menu At Dawn

The Menu at Dawn at Bob Evans ushers in the morning with a hearty welcome. Eager taste buds anticipate a comforting start to the day. Featuring time-honored favorites alongside inventive new dishes, the breakfast menu promises to satisfy every morning craving.

Classics To Start The Day

Bob Evans knows that some mornings call for the comforting embrace of the classics. Guests can enjoy:

  • Hearty Farmer’s Choice Breakfast: Eggs, home fries, and savory sausage links or thick bacon.
  • Signature Homestyle Hash: Crispy potatoes, onions, and choice of breakfast meat, topped with eggs.
  • Buttermilk Hotcakes: Fluffy pancakes made from scratch, served with warm syrup and butter.
  • Country Biscuit Breakfast: Freshly baked biscuits smothered in rich gravy and served with eggs and breakfast meat.

Modern Twists On Traditional Breakfast

For those seeking something a little different, Bob Evans offers a modern spin on breakfast favorites.

Dish Description
Cinnamon Supreme Hotcakes Hotcakes infused with cinnamon chips, topped with cream cheese icing and whipped topping.
Southwest Avocado Omelet A fluffy omelet filled with avocado, cheeses, onions, tomatoes, and finished with a dollop of sour cream.
Banana Berry Oatmeal Steel-cut oatmeal mixed with fresh bananas and berries for a sweet and nutritious start.
Brioche French Toast Rich, buttery brioche bread dipped in egg batter, grilled golden and dusted with powdered sugar.

Weekend Brunch Bliss

Weekends call for a special start, and nothing says special like a delicious brunch at Bob Evans. Enjoy your Saturdays and Sundays savoring mouth-watering dishes that turn your ordinary mornings into a celebration of flavors. With extended hours and a variety of exclusive menu items, Bob Evans turns every weekend into brunch bliss.

Extended Hours For Lazy Mornings

Sleep in and still catch brunch— Bob Evans understands the weekend vibe. No rush, just pleasure and extended hours to suit your laid-back morning plans:

Day Brunch Start Time Brunch End Time
Saturday 8 AM 2 PM
Sunday 8 AM 2 PM

Special Menu Items For The Weekend

Bob Evans weekend menu features dishes you won’t find during the week. Your taste buds are in for a treat:

  • Cinnamon Supreme Hotcakes – Topped with cream cheese icing, cinnamon chips, and whipped topping.
  • Brunch Bowls – Overflowing with eggs, cheese, potatoes, and your choice of breakfast meats.
  • Stuffed French Toast – Filled with a sweet cream cheese and topped with fruit or delectable sauces.

Grab your friends and family and head over to Bob Evans for an unforgettable weekend brunch experience that’s both relaxing and indulgent.

Health-conscious Options

Craving a delicious breakfast that won’t derail your diet? Bob Evans strikes the perfect balance. You’ll find a wide array of choices catering to your health goals. Fresh ingredients and nutrient-rich options await you with the sunrise.

Light and Nutritious Choices

Light And Nutritious Choices

Bob Evans offers meals that are light on calories but heavy on flavor. Start your day energized with these guilt-free options:

  • Fresh Fruit Plate – A variety of seasonal fruits.
  • Oatmeal – Rich in fiber, topped with nuts or banana slices.
  • Yogurt Parfait – Layered with fruit and granola.

Balancing Taste and Well-Being

Balancing Taste And Well-being

Enjoy comfort food with a healthy twist at Bob Evans. Reach for these balanced dishes:

Meal Ingredients Benefits
Turkey Sausage Breakfast Lean turkey sausage, eggs, fresh tomatoes High protein, lower fat
Fit Breakfast Plate Egg whites, spinach, English muffin Low calorie, high fiber
Grilled Chicken Bowl Chicken, veggies, brown rice Whole grains, lean protein

The Kids’ Breakfast Menu

Bob Evans understands mornings are crucial for kids. The Kids’ Breakfast Menu is designed to offer yumminess and nutrition. Parents find options to fuel their children’s day. Delicious choices keep the young ones excited!

Energizing The Little Ones

Every energetizing breakfast kick-starts a child’s busy day. Bob Evans’ breakfast powers up the smallest diners with tasty, nourishing options. Here’s what’s cooking for the kiddos:

  • Scrambled Egg Littles – Fresh eggs, scrambled to fluffy perfection.
  • Tiny Pancakes – A stack of mini pancakes, just right for little hands.
  • Little Piggy Bites – Fun-sized bacon or sausage links packed with protein.

Fun And Wholesome Kid-friendly Meals

Exciting meals await! Taste and nutrition unite in dishes every child will love. We ensure a balance of flavors and health. Here’s the lineup:

Meal Description Side Options
Griddle Smile A happy pancake face served with a hash brown Fruit cup or yogurt
French Toast Sticks Golden-brown sticks, perfect for dipping Fruit cup or yogurt
Lil’ Farmer Breakfast Eggs, meat, and potatoes for a hearty start Fruit cup or yogurt

Seasonal And Holiday Specials

Welcome to the tastiest season at Bob Evans! When the holidays roll around, Bob Evans becomes a hub of festive cheer, with special breakfast hours designed to accommodate your celebrations. From Halloween through New Year’s, indulge in the joy of the season with exclusive menu items. Satisfy your cravings with our Seasonal and Holiday Specials that blend traditional flavors with a merry twist!

Limited-time Offerings To Celebrate

Bob Evans takes pride in spreading holiday cheer with limited-time offerings that will leave you wanting more. Each holiday season, we craft special dishes available for a short period. These holiday-themed options are a must-try during your breakfast visit. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

  • Pumpkin Spice Pancakes: A fall favorite that pairs perfectly with a steaming cup of coffee.
  • Gingerbread Hot Chocolate: A warm delight, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Festive Flavors To Spice Up Your Morning

Start your mornings with a dash of holiday spirit at Bob Evans. Our festive flavors are sure to be a highlight of your day. Imagine savoring the taste of winter while cozied up in a Bob Evans booth! These seasonal delights include:

  • Cranberry Pecan Waffles: Fluffy waffles mixed with tangy cranberries and crunchy pecans.
  • Savory Sage Sausage Biscuits: A savory treat that encapsulates the essence of the holidays.

All these special dishes are crafted to capture the essence of the season. So, treat yourself to a hearty, holiday-infused breakfast and make your days merry and bright!

Coffee And Beverage Selections

Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee at Bob Evans during their breakfast hours. Sip on a steaming cup of your favorite beverage as you dive into a hearty breakfast. From a classic morning coffee to a sweet, chilled juice, the selection caters to all tastes.

Pairs Perfectly With Your Meal

Choosing the right drink to accompany your breakfast can elevate the entire meal. At Bob Evans, each coffee and beverage is handpicked to complement the flavors of your breakfast.

From Classic Roasts To Seasonal Brews

Bob Evans takes pride in its coffee selection. With a range of options from bold dark roasts to light seasonal flavors, there’s something for everyone.

Add more rows as needed

Classic Roasts Seasonal Brews
Original Blend Pumpkin Spice
Decaf Roast Winter Wonderland
Dark Roast Spring Blend

From the signature original blend that wakes up your senses to the seasonal Pumpkin Spice to keep you cozy, coffee at Bob Evans is more than just a drink. It’s an experience tailored to the season and your taste buds.

Bob Evans Breakfast Catering

Bob Evans Breakfast Catering services provide an ideal solution for those moments when a home-style breakfast is a must-have for gatherings. No need to worry about preparation or cleanup. Bob Evans brings the warmth of their kitchen to your event, ensuring that every guest receives a plate piled high with their breakfast favorites.

Bringing The Breakfast Feast To You

Imagine a table laden with steamy, fluffy pancakes, eggs cooked to perfection, sizzling sausages, and golden-brown home fries. Bob Evans doesn’t just serve breakfast; they bring a feast fit for any appetite right to your doorstep. Their catering team ensures that your breakfast or brunch will be memorable, offering the same beloved flavors found in their restaurants.

Options For Every Group Size

Whether you’re planning a small family gathering or a large corporate meeting, the menu at Bob Evans is designed to satisfy. Choose from a variety of breakfast bundles, platters, and a la carte options, all crafted to accommodate your group’s unique needs.

Bundle Serves Includes
Classic Breakfast Up to 10 Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage
Farmer’s Choice Up to 20 Fresh Fruit, Biscuits, Gravy, Home Fries, Bacon, Sausage
  • Build your breakfast: Mix and match to create the perfect spread.
  • Convenient and quick: Save time with prepared meals.
  • Delivery or pickup: Get your breakfast how and when you need it.
Bob Evans Breakfast Hours: Savor the Early Delights!Bob Evans Breakfast Hours: Savor the Early Delights!


Locations And Ambiance

Bob Evans restaurants dot landscapes with warm, inviting spaces. Guests enjoy breakfast in surroundings that feel like home. Each location boasts a unique charm, celebrating the local community. The appeal of a hearty breakfast in such a cozy setting is unmistakable. Walk into any Bob Evans, and a mix of delicious scents and homestyle decor welcomes you, setting the stage for a memorable meal.

Finding Your Nearest Bob Evans

Start your day with a visit to Bob Evans for a sumptuous breakfast. Use the online store locator to find the one closest to you. Simply enter your zip code or city, and a list of nearby Bob Evans restaurants will appear. Select your preferred location and get ready to indulge in a classic breakfast experience.

The Dining Experience

The dining experience at Bob Evans is special. Guests can expect friendly service the moment they step in. Bright smiles and a clean environment assure a delightful visit. Bob Evans is known for its cheerful atmosphere and comfortable seating. Whether you’re alone or with family, your breakfast experience will be a pleasure from start to finish.

At Bob Evans, the tableware adds to the homey feel. Each meal is served with care. The staff ensures your coffee cup stays full and your needs are met with efficiency. Enjoy your favorite breakfast dishes in a setting that feels just right.

Frequent Diners’ Rewards And Deals

Treat yourself to a morning feast at Bob Evans and reap rewards while you’re at it. Bob Evans is not just about serving you a hearty breakfast; it’s about appreciating your loyalty as a frequent diner. Exciting rewards and exceptional deals await you as you savor your favorite morning dishes. Dive into the world of Bob Evans breakfast and let the perks roll in!

Signing Up For Bob Evans Clubs

Become part of the Bob Evans community with just a few clicks. All it takes is your name and email, and you’re on your way to exclusive treats.

  • Step 1: Visit the official Bob Evans website.
  • Step 2: Click the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • Step 3: Enter your details.
  • Step 4: Enjoy instant perks from your next visit.

Exclusive Offers For Breakfast Lovers

Bite into Bob Evans breakfast and unlock exclusive offers. A club member’s morning is always a bit brighter. Savory savings on your favorite breakfast foods are just the start.

Member Benefit Description
Birthday Treats Get a special surprise on your birthday.
Weekday Specials Exclusive discounts on weekday mornings.
Members-Only Menu Access to unique dishes reserved for members.
Bob Evans Breakfast Hours: Savor the Early Delights!Bob Evans Breakfast Hours: Savor the Early Delights!


Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Discover what keeps the morning crowd buzzing about Bob Evans and their breakfast offerings through real reviews and testimonials. Patrons enjoy sharing about their visits, and these stories often highlight the experiences that make mornings special at Bob Evans. Let’s dive into glowing accounts from the morning regulars and authentic anecdotes from the guests.

Rave Reviews From The Morning Crowd

Guests consistently praise the breakfast hours at Bob Evans. Early birds and families alike have voiced their approval. Specifics like warm, homestyle meals and fresh coffee frequently standout in their testimonials. Here’s a glimpse of the exuberance:

  • “Hotcakes at 7:00 AM? Yes, please!” – Jenny M.
  • “The omelettes are huge and stuffed with goodies.” – Carl K.
  • “Sunrise breakfast gives my day the perfect start!” – Anita G.

These snippets reflect the joy the morning menu brings to guests.

Real Experiences Shared By Patrons

True stories from loyal customers give us the best look at what Bob Evans breakfast is like. From the friendly staff to the cozy ambiance, patrons are not shy about their feelings.

Customer Experience
Alex P. “Service was quick, and the Biscuit Bowl – an adventure in every bite!”
Rachel D. “Their coffee complements the breakfast perfectly. So good!”
Mike L. “The staff remembered my name after just a few visits. Feels like home.”

Every review points to a cherished dining experience that keeps the guests returning for more.

Bob Evans Breakfast Hours: Savor the Early Delights!Bob Evans Breakfast Hours: Savor the Early Delights!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Bob Evans Breakfast Hours

What Are Bob Evans Breakfast Hours?

Bob Evans typically serves breakfast from opening until 11 AM on weekdays and until 2 PM on weekends.

Does Bob Evans Serve Breakfast All Day?

No, Bob Evans does not serve breakfast all day. Breakfast availability ends in the early afternoon.

Can I Get Bob Evans Breakfast On Weekdays?

Yes, breakfast is available at Bob Evans during weekday mornings until 11 AM.

Are Weekend Breakfast Hours Different At Bob Evans?

Yes, on weekends, Bob Evans extends breakfast hours until 2 PM.

Is There A Breakfast Menu For Bob Evans Online?

The Bob Evans breakfast menu is available on their official website for customer convenience.

Do Bob Evans Breakfast Hours Vary By Location?

Some Bob Evans locations may have slight variations in breakfast hours; checking the local restaurant is advised.

Can I Order Bob Evans Breakfast For Delivery?

Yes, many Bob Evans locations offer breakfast delivery services through third-party apps.

What Are The Most Popular Bob Evans Breakfast Items?

Popular items include the Farmer’s Choice Breakfast, sausage gravy & biscuits, and the candied bacon.

Does Bob Evans Have A Breakfast Buffet?

Bob Evans does not typically offer a breakfast buffet; they serve menu-based breakfast items.

Are Holiday Breakfast Hours At Bob Evans Different?

Holiday hours at Bob Evans may vary, so it’s best to check with your local restaurant for specific times.


Knowing Bob Evans’ breakfast hours can elevate your morning experience with their comforting, farm-fresh offerings. From hotcakes to home fries, they serve up joy from dawn till mid-morning. Remember to check local listings for any variations. Rise early, beat the rush, and savor every bite of your breakfast adventure at Bob Evans.

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