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25 Incredible Places to see before you die

The traveler sees what he sees. The tourist sees what he has come to see. Either way you’re going to […]


Stunning paintings with real Humans

This is a stunning piece of Art created by Alexa Meade, a 25 year-old artist who has developed an approach to […]


70 years long Traffic Jam discovered in Belgian Forest

Wow this is probably the longest traffic jam ever! In a Belgian forest this “traffic jam” was abandoned by US […]


16 of the most bizarre beaches in the world

There are an infinite number of beaches around the world, everyone wants to find out what the best beaches are. […]


22 photos that will give you high anxiety

Many of us have it: fear of heights. Some people don’t seem to have any problems with it however, thus […]


23 Photographs prove that Romania is beautiful

Romania, a country rich in culture, landscapes and almost untouched nature, not yet found by the masses and definitely a […]


27 Reasons why you must visit Norway in 2015

Wondering why you should visit Norway? Norway is a once in a lifetime destination and probably one of the most […]


20 Most Beautiful Minerals And Stones in the World

The world is beautiful certainly with its many ‘hidden’ treasures, like gems, stones and minerals. Uhh Minerals? Yes minerals.. According to […]


Lost Egyptian City found After 1,200 Years

Amazing discovery of an Ancient Egyptian City Heracleion, who for centuries it was thought to be a legend, a city […]


Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

lena Shumilova a mom and owner of a farm in Russia has taking us trough a journey of a beautiful […]


The 30 Happiest Animals In The World

Try not to smile when viewing these pictures. Animals can be such a source of joy especially when they’re smiling […]


30 Incredible Views you’d see if you were a bird

30 Incredible Views you’d see if you were a bird.. or from a airplane, Heli, Airglider etc.. but hey it […]


15 Famous Landmarks from a different point of view

We all know the famous landmarks around the world, and everyone is trying to get the same shot like they’ve […]


17 Rare Historic Photographs from the Past you must see

We all take photographs on our smartphones, DSLR’s, compact digital camera’s like it’s nothing. How different was it back in […]


This Is How Sand Looks under a Microscope

Even the simple things in life are beautiful, take sand for example we never knew it is so beautiful when […]


26 Super Realistic Artworks that aren’t Photographs

It’s hard to believe, we know, but these stunning artworks are super realistic they look like a great photograph but […]


Amazing Jacob’s Well in Texas

Jacob’s Well in Texas is an amazing crystal clear hole. It’s open to jump and dive in but this doesn’t […]


17-year-old photographer Shoots Creative Portraits of Her Dogs

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve got to check out the photography of 17-year-old photographer Jessica Trinh.


Abandoned house taken over by Animals

This fits perfectly in our beautifully abandoned series. There were some charming cottages in Finland. The people moved away. And the […]


Next Level 3D Coffee Latte Art

There are many latte artists around the world, and we’ve seen a bunch of them.. but this is some next […]