Polar Vortex 2014: Photos of a Chicago Deep Freeze

Yes we know it’s cold outside! But despite the life threatening temperatures, it’s also been strangely beautiful. Here’s a quick collection of some of the best photo’s of Chicago this winter. Pilot Hank Cain courtesy Shawn Reynolds Brian Clay Brian Clay Aaron Firestein   Tommy Moore Kevin R [...]

Cool Timelapse of New Year's Eve in New York

New York City is at the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s eve celebrations around the country. Nothing beats the m [...]

Photographer gets trusted by wild animals

Cool Things Happen often in Nature, but to witness that you have to be unseen or be trusted. Dutch Photographer Edwin Kats achieve [...]

The last photo - San Francisco

Ivan Cash is a artist and filmmaker and he went around San Francisco asking people to share the last photo on their phone, followe [...]

Foam Clouds Tower Over Visitors to the 2013 Aichi Triennale

Artis Kohei Nawa had a great exposition at the Aichi Triennale an Arts Convention in Japan. He created an immsersive cloud-like in [...]

Family Takes The Same Photo Every Year For 22 Years

Photographer Zed Nelson started his project “The Family” in 1991, the wife of his friend was nine months pregnant, and he had [...]

Move objects in Mid-Air with Sound

A team of three Japanese engineers from The University of Tokyo and the Nagoya Institute of Technology recently unveiled an ambitious device that uses sound waves to move objects through three dimensional space. It uses four arrays of speakers to make soundwaves that intersect at a focal point that can be moved up, dow [...]

21 Stunning Winter pictures that makes you smile

Every season has it’s own beauty and because it’s Winter season we’ve selected 21 pictures that put a smile on your face, wh [...]

2014 Harbin Ice & Light festival

The Harbin Ice and Light festival is massive and this year it’s again an immersive wonderland filled with mammoth snow sculp [...]

This Is What Happens When You Blow Soap Bubbles at -9°C

Ever wondered what would happen if you blow soap bubbles at -9°C? Well you should try it because it’s stunning. Intricate [...]

Mountain Landscape Carved into Encyclopedia Britannica

Signature work of book sculptor Guy Laramee, beautiful landscapes carved into books. This one is really massive taking up a 24-vol [...]

Follow me Around the World - part 2

Photographer Murad Osmann has found an original take on Travel Photography. In his photo series “Follow Me To”, he is taking [...]