Funny Underwater Dogs

Seth Casteel made underwater dog photography his speciality and we must say it delivers some pretty funny results. He lets dogs fetch something in the water while Seth stays underwater with his camera to shoot the prefect shot. More info or buy the book at [...]

20 More Perfectly timed Photos

We’ve found 20 more perfectly timed photographs. Sometimes taken with super precision and sometimes just lucky shots. Enjoy! [...]

Models Wearing Paint Splashes

Ian Crawford created this awesome high speed photography.. Where models are dressed with paint splashes. It’s perfect timing [...]

Insane Speed Flying Ski Adventure

With a completely dangerous combination of parasailing, backcountry skiing and speed riding, 2 guys went on this insane speed flyi [...]

Endless Summer

Winter season is coming up, but to keep you a little bit in the summer vibe.. be sure to watch this great video of the endless sum [...]

New York: Night and Day

“New York: Night and Day” is an intriguing experimental video, where the day and night shots are combined. This he piece expl [...]

Black marker art

Charlotte Mann creates interesting art. She draws various objects on white walls with a black marker on a scale of 1:1. Her work has been exhibited in museums around the world.   [...]

Amazing Jellyfish Photographs

Wow never seen Jellyfish in such beauty before. All shot by Alexander Semenov, a marine biologist and a professional underwater p [...]

The Cocoon Tree Luxury Tent

We love treehouses, in the middle of a deep jungle or forest, makes you feel a part of nature. But now we’ve discovered a ne [...]

Draw your own Music

This is a very cool gadget, the Dyskograf, translate a your drawing into music. DYSKOGRAF is a graphic disk reader.  Each disc is [...]

Huashan insane plank walk

Wow, this could only be in China.. the Huashan plank path high up the Hua Shan mountain just outside the city Xi’an. Safety [...]

The Rain Room

The Rain Room is an Art installation at the Barbican Centre’s Curve gallery, in London. What makes it so cool is when people st [...]