Record Breaking Moments of 2012

Guinness World Records posted a compilation of the record breaking moments of 2012. From Highest jump, fastest backwards skiing to biggest front wheel bicycle in the world. Check it out.. [...]

Around the Globe a Snow Globe Timelapse

Check out this cool timelapse trough a snow globe. “Around the Globe” was shot over two weeks in six different cities. [...]

Beautiful Glacier Colors

It always fascinates us, arctic landscapes, glacier etc, to understand why, take a look at this beautiful photography serie by Jan [...]

Touch Fire Art Installation

Touch sensitive art installation, where a stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people [...]

Awesome tunnels created by Nature

Nature creates some pretty awesome tunnels. We loved it when we discover such a natural beauty, so here are some examples of aweso [...]

5000 Picks form Jimmy Hendrix Portrait

This Jimi Hendrix mosaic was created by artist Ed Chapman. Last month, it was auctioned (sold for £23,000) at the Cancer Research [...]

15 mind-blowing spiral staircases

Complex and yet very simple. Spiral staircases intrigue us everywhere we find them. The mere beauty of ancient round spiral staircases or modern square spiral staircases are a true eyecatcher. Because of this we selected 15 mind-blowing spiral staircases.. enjoy And WhereCoolThingsHappen wouldn’t be Where Cool [...]

Control your Dreams with Remee

Ever want to have the ability to fly or be anywhere/anyone you want? Check out Remee a new device being funded on Kickstarter that [...]

Permanent Marker Floor Art

German Artist Heike Weber created this awesome floor art with just Permanent Marker. He was asked by a café in Prague called “B [...]

Wakeboarding in Cranberries

What would happen if you pulled a wakeboarder through the ocean of cranberries and filmed with high speed HD film? Red Bull filmed [...]

Futuristic Subway Station in Hamburg

The hafencity university subway station in hamburg, Germany, is a cool and futuristic looking subway station. Designed by munich-b [...]

Beautiful Sky Painted Photos

A beautiful Photography serie with stunning images of painted skies. With the use of photo stacking and new way of timelapse photo [...]