Super Fun Slip & Fly launch ramp

This looks like fun! Simply gliding down the slippery slope,  rocketing off the epic slip ‘n slide and into a giant pool. [...]

Amazing Street art by Gijs van Hee

Gijs van Hee an Graphic Artist from Mechelen Belgium created these awesome street paintings that he calls “Mutants”. O [...]

Cool Hostel on an indoor Campground

You want to travel in style but on a budget? Choosing between a campground or a hostel or just combine it, that’s probably w [...]

Amazing Black and White Architecture Photography

German artist Kai Ziehl approaches architecture photography with a certain style that results in visually powerful, contemplative [...]

Abandoned School Gym turns art with Permanent Marker

Real artist don’t need much, give them a canvas and a tool and they create something beautiful. Brazilian artist Oscar Oiwa [...]

Giant Humanlike Electricity Pylons

Choi+Shine is a nationally and internationally awarded architecture and design firm specializing in beautiful, optimistic and thou [...]

Huge Solar-powered Lighting Pavilion

This cool looking Sol Dome is made out of thousands individual circles, it extends through space with its hollow lightweight constructing. The ‘SOL dome’ is illuminated by solar powered LEDs. The cool thing about it is that it interacts to its environment. Via Designboom All images © loop pH [...]

10 Amazing Animal Gatherings

Did you know animals many animals have annual meetings or gatherings? Well we’ve put together a list of 10 amazing animal ga [...]

Cool Coffee Shop in Cape Town: TRUTH

A destination that offers first-class coffee, Truth is an cool coffee shop in Cape Town, probably the coolest you can find in So [...]

10 Square-meter Student Unit

Swedish firm Tengbom has designed a ten square-metre wooden house for students of the Lund University in Sweden, aimed to create a [...]

Bizarre and Deadly Lake in Tanzania Turns Birds Into Stone

We couldn’t believe this was real but it is. In Tanzania there is a lake that turns animals that roam the area into stone. T [...]

Submarine Crashes Through Streets of Milan

Pedestrians in Milan got shocked seeing this submarine in the streets of Milan. The ‘ accident’ is actually a really c [...]