Park turns into Lake in the summer

This is cool, a park in Austria turns into a lake in the summer. The hiking trails, benches, signs and trees all get flooded. The cool part is you can go snorkelin or diving through the lake/park, it really gives you a whole different perspective on a walk in the park. It’s called Grüner See and is located in ne [...]

Largest indoor Beach in the world

The Largest indoor beach in the world just opend it doors in Krausnick just south of Berlin, Germany. The so-called Tropical Islan [...]

Aerial Photography of Colourful people

Katrin Korfmann is showing her cool aerial photography of colourful people in the Berlin Kai Hilgemann Gallery. The collection is [...]

Up Balloon House in Real Life

You rember the Walt Disney Pixar movie “UP”? Jonathan Trappe, a professional hot-air balloon driver, got some inspirat [...]

Submerged Rollercoaster

At first this looks like a surreal artwork, but this actually a photograph of a submerged Rollercoaster after the storm Sandy. Sho [...]

22 Stunning Optical illusion Photographs

Some perfectly timed photographs, or artworks are misleading optical illusions. They make you think one thing but in reality it [...]

10 Coolest Light Art Festivals around the world

We love Light Art installations, they have something magical when they lightening up the sky’s, often in spectacular settings, whether it it’s the urban city or wide landscapes. Because we love to share where cool things happen.. .. here is the TOP 10 of our favourite and Coolest Light Art Festivals around [...]

Bizarre Highway built around house

This is bizarre, in China they build the highway around a house, because the citizens refuse to leave for the small compensation t [...]

Ultimate vacation for Plane Spotters

This must be the ultimate plane spotters dream: Lying down on the white beaches of Sint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles) while the a [...]

Baby Napping Art

Adele Emersen is one cool momma! Turning her baby’s napping positions into art.. By just using her Iphone and a pencil she m [...]

Close ups from a Sun Eruption

On August 31, 2012 a long filament of solar material that had been hovering in the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, erupted out [...]