Bizarre Mountaintop Villa on a Chinese Penthouse

When you are picturing  a rock mountain villa you probably didn’t think off this crazy structure in Beijing, China. Zhang Biqing, a doctor of traditional medicine and owner of a successful chain of acupuncture clinics, has spent the past six years building this mountaintop villa.. on top of a 26 level Bejing hi [...]

Our Changing Earth in Amazing Google Earth GIF's

Google has published 7 Timelapse GIF’s showing Google Earth images over a period of time. it is both fascinating and distur [...]

Landscapes made of People

Strange title, but we can explain. Carl Warner is a fantastic photographer that likes to create awesome unexpected landscape photo [...]

National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest Winners 2013

It was the 25th annual photo contest, National Geographic Traveler magazine received more than 15,500 entries from skilled photo [...]

Awe-inspiring Landscapes made of food: Foodscapes

This is simple awe-inspiring photography and art by Carl Warner a London-based photographer who makes foodscapes: landscapes made [...]

Diver nearly got swallowed by a whale shark

Amazing photographs of what could be the biggest nightmare for a diver.. to be swallowed by a shark. This perfectly timed photogra [...]

Beautiful Beaubourg Art installation in Russia

The Russian artist Nikolay Polissky latest creation is: Beaubourg, a 22-meters-highed tower made ​​of woven-birched tubes. It overlooks a field and a forest, destined to become a cultural space dedicated to artistic performances. This all is a tribute to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. By Nikolay Polissky [...]

You are Never alone with a good book

You are never alone with a good book is a clever advertisement campaign by advertising agency Grey of Tel Aviv. It is a campaig [...]

18 Amazing Outerspace Photographs by Andre Kuipers

Andre Kuipers is a Dutch Astronaut (actually ‘ the Dutch astronaut’ ) and has been living in outer space for quite a w [...]

Cool Graffiti Birds on the streets of Brazil

Urban painter & streetartist L7m created an impressive collection of Graffiti Birds on the streets of Brazil. Adding extra col [...]

Incredible Photographs from the NASA Apollo missions

Cool Photography and Space is something that’s easily combined in one sentence. And we are sure you will like this incredibl [...]

Bizarre Hidden Underwater River in Mexico

Wow the world keeps amazing us. Take this bizarre hidden underwater river that flows in Mexico for example. Yes that’s right [...]