10 Stunning examples of Hyper-realistic HandArt

Guido Danielle is an Italian Artist who became famous of his stunning and hyper-realistic hand-artworks. We selected 10 stunning examples of his work, so called  “Handimals”‘.. enjoy More on guidodaniele.com [...]

30 Most Inspiring Nature Photographs of 2012

In a year nature photographers shoot millions of amazing photos. We’ve seen allot of photography this year so We selected t [...]

Sweet Chandelier made of 5000 Gummy Bears

Sweet! This Chandelier is made of 5000 Gummy Bears. Artist Kevin Champeny came up with this crazy idea and created it for Jellio. [...]

Crystal Dome by Swarovski

Swarovski created this cool Crystal Dome, made with mirrors to give you the feeling you just stepped in to a crystal. The Crystal [...]

Tokyo in 2 minutes

Check out the cool metropol Tokyo in 2 minutes in this awesome shortfilm. An intense, lightning fast experience of Tokyo – c [...]

Incredible Slow-Motion Shots Created Using Only Still Photos

WOW! It’s hard to believe but this video with awesome Slow-Motion shots of WWF is created using only a still photograph. The [...]

Snowboard Film: White Noise

Winter season is here, time for some snowboarding inspiration! This time we feature a full length movie (20 minutes) called White Noise, by TimeLine Films and cooperation with The North Face and Swatch. Xavier de Le Rue, considered by his peers as the best big mountain rider, reveals himself intimately and exposes his [...]

Fly underwater with SubWing

This really is a cool new underwater gadget: Subwing! A new watersport that gives you the sensation of underwater flight with virt [...]

The Art of Ultimate Clean Up

Some just like things messy and some just like to make everything neat and tidy and there are some who take it to the next level: [...]

Awe-Inspiring Portrait made of Dice

Wow this is really a awe-inspiring portrait, completely made with Dice. Created by Frederick McSwain as a tribute to Tobias Wong: [...]

Awesome Edge Walk on Toronto Tower

If you thought that Chicago’s The Ledge is scary, that check out The Edge Walk in Toronto, Canada. Toronto’s newest and t [...]

Super Long Trampoline

In Russia they have a new and Cool transportation trough the forest, a super long Trampoline of 51 meters. Called Fast Track, it r [...]