Australian Landscape filled with Millions of Spider Webs

Reuters photographer Daniel Munoz captured these images of massive areas with millions of spiders in their webs when hewas near the town of Wagga Wagga in Australia. Apparently the spiders were trying to get away from the rising waters, leaving behind enormous amounts of silk in their paths.   via: enpun [...]

Awesome Timelapse: Into The Atmosphere

“Into The Atmosphere,” is an awesome time-lapse tribute to the state of California and the beautiful deserts, mountains and co [...]

How It Would Look If All Humans Were Bodybuilders

Belgian photographer Kurt Stallaert has created this photo series, entitled Bodybuilder’s World, in which he digitally altered p [...]

Awesome biological shoes that we will wear in the Future

Shamees Aden has a vision for the future of footwear a awesome biological shoe that respond to every step you make and is able to [...]

Touching "If Only For A Second" project

20 cancer patients participated in a unique makeover experience. They were invited to a studio, their hair and makeup were complet [...]

Are You Right-Brained Or Left-Brained?

Cool test if You are Right-Brained or Left-Brained. So grab a pen and some paper, do the test and find out.. [...]

EnergyPod for taking a powernap in style

Based on years of research and thousands of design hours, the MetroNaps EnergyPod is the perfect place to quickly and effectively enhance your energy. Designed to be installed almost anywhere, the EnergyPod is a self-contained productivity device.     More info on: Metronaps [...]

Real life portrait of Mona lisa

For a very long time we have been intrigued by the way Tadao Cern has transformed old paintings into real life “photographs& [...]

Shocking before and after photos show the effects of climate change

Natural disasters, a warming climate, and human activities are rapidly altering the face of our planet. NASA’s Images of Change [...]

Powerful Artwork of Nelson Mandela

It’s the south african artist marco cianfanelli that constructed this powerful artwork of Nelson Mandela.  A monument to [...]

17 Rare Historic Photographs from the Past you must see

We all take photographs on our smartphones, DSLR’s, compact digital camera’s like it’s nothing. How different wa [...]

120 meters deep Salt mines turned in history museum

Once it was ‘just’ a salt mine but now they turned the 120 meter deep Salina Salt mine into a subterranean History Mus [...]