World Falls in Love with Quokka, Australia's Most Adorable Animal

The most Adorable animal in the world, the happiest animal in the World.. the Internet is completely hyping Australia’s most popular animal The Quokka.  Let’s start with some Wikipedia facts: The quokka is the only member of the genus Setonix, is a small macropod about the size of a domestic cat. Like o [...]

Beautiful Landscapes and Mountains of Transylvania

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Edible Growth: 3D-Printed Living Food That Grows before You Eat It

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Amazing Desert Escape Hotel

It’s hard to think of a less predictable setting than southern Utah for their latest outpost, Amangiri, but the otherworldly lan [...]

Stunning 3D Murals by German Street Artist 1010

German street artist with codename 1010, creates mind bending street art that you just gotta love. 1010 brings surprising layers [...]

Couple takes a Tiny House on a Giant Journey

This couple, Jenna & Guillaume, quit their jobs, build a Tiny House on wheels and went on a giant journey. They are now traveling around North America to pursue their dream careers in travel journalism. That’s the plan, at least. You can follow their adventure on [...]

Tiny reptile caught on camera seemingly playing Leaf Guitar

Wow you won’t believe it when you first see this rare photograph of a Dragon Lizard that seemingly is playing a “leaf [...]

The World's First Plantable Coffee Cup

We love new creative ideas that are designed to be eco-friendly. One California-based company has a solution to cut back on coffee [...]

22 Reasons to get on a Plane to Indonesia

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Ocean waves in Nantucket are so cold, they're rolling in as slush

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rediscovered abandoned architecture and forgotten heritage

Photographer Matt Emmett has been taking pictures of hidden locations across northern europe for the last three years. His fasci [...]