A Boeing Airplane transformed into a luxurious Living Space

Boeing has been using their creative magic wands on their 787s and replaced the space with entertainment and leisure facilities for billionaires from countries such as Russia, China, and the Middle East. The focus on its private jet branch has seen the company deliver 195 jets from a total of 217 orders, with one jet c [...]

22 Towns in Italy that are almost TOO perfect looking

Italy might be the world’s most celebrated tourist destination and these 22 picture perfect towns in Italy proof just that. [...]

Liquid sculptures shot in Midair

Clourant is a new beautiful photo series by Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto of Floto+Warner Studio. Shooting at 1/3,500th of a s [...]

Human-like Wild Animals

Christoph Meyer a German graphic designer created these great photo manipulations of wild animals in human urban settings. “ [...]

World's first real Hoverboard

It may remind you of those awesome scenes from Back to the future where Marty Mcfly is hovering trough the streets on his hoverboa [...]

11 of the World's most creative trafficlights

Waiting in line until the light turns green isn’t really you’re favorite thing to do when you are in a hurry but with [...]

Blending the Past and Present - Part 2

Imagine yourself walking through the streets of Moscow,Berlin,Prague and Paris and being able to time travel back into time to see how this looked in the past. Sergey Larenkov did just that ( digitally of course), he took some iconic photos from Worldwar II and merged them with photos of the same spot in the present d [...]

Fascinating Food Paintings - Part 2

A while ago we did a post on the Amazing Food paintings Anna Keville Joyce. Now Lauren Purnell‘s culinairy Canvases are making [...]

The Invisible Painted Man

Liu Bolin is a Chinese  artist who has a rather unusual way of making his performance art… by painting himself to merge wit [...]

Minuscule detailed paintings on food

Turkish artist Hasan Kale really has a great eye for detail. He paints miniscule paintings on everyday snacks. Kale keeps challeng [...]

10 of the most colourful buildings around the world

Colours move us so many different ways. It can affect the way we feel or experience something. These architects make a excellent u [...]

Psychedelic Colourful salt mine discovered in Abandoned Russian tunnels

Hundreds of feet below a Russian city is an abandoned salt mine with the most psychedelic and colourful patterns you have ever la [...]