Permanent Marker Floor Art

German Artist Heike Weber created this awesome floor art with just Permanent Marker. He was asked by a café in Prague called “Bodenlos” to decorate the boring white floor. By Heike Weber [...]

Wakeboarding in Cranberries

What would happen if you pulled a wakeboarder through the ocean of cranberries and filmed with high speed HD film? Red Bull filmed [...]

Futuristic Subway Station in Hamburg

The hafencity university subway station in hamburg, Germany, is a cool and futuristic looking subway station. Designed by munich-b [...]

Beautiful Sky Painted Photos

A beautiful Photography serie with stunning images of painted skies. With the use of photo stacking and new way of timelapse photo [...]

Bizarre Pink Lake in Australia

A mysterious Pink Lake can be found in Western Australia, Lake Hiller. It’s startling colour remains a mystery and while sci [...]

12 stunning Aerial Landscape Photos

German Photographer Klaus Leidorf made Aerial Photography his speciality. Giving landscape whole different look than seen from the [...]

The art of Levitation

Everybody, at least once, dreamed about being able to fly. With just a little imagination, patience and allot of photoshop skills, these artist made some awesome levitation photo’s. Artists: Hayashi Natsumi, Li Wei ,Franck Bohbot , Somewhere Lovely, David Nemcsik [...]

Awesome Wazuma Bike

French company Lazareth has made this awesome Batman-like bike called the Wazuma.  Custom built, V12 powered, with a horse power [...]

10 Stunning examples of Hyper-realistic HandArt

Guido Danielle is an Italian Artist who became famous of his stunning and hyper-realistic hand-artworks. We selected 10 stunning  [...]

30 Most Inspiring Nature Photographs of 2012

In a year nature photographers shoot millions of amazing photos. We’ve seen allot of photography this year so We selected t [...]

Sweet Chandelier made of 5000 Gummy Bears

Sweet! This Chandelier is made of 5000 Gummy Bears. Artist Kevin Champeny came up with this crazy idea and created it for Jellio. [...]

Crystal Dome by Swarovski

Swarovski created this cool Crystal Dome, made with mirrors to give you the feeling you just stepped in to a crystal. The Crystal [...]