Cave with Amazing UV-Illuminated Thread Drawings

With only the use of cotton threads coated in ultraviolet paint, French artist Julien Salaud creates some amazing art pieces inside caves. Stellar Cave IV, One of his largest installations was recently on view at the Hezliya Museum of Contemporary Art. By nailing the cottons treads to the wall he creates polygonal fig [...]

Street art so small that you won't even see it

Artist Slinkachu loves working in a public space where his art can interact with the public in their everyday lives. But Slinkac [...]

Drone flies over beautiful flowerfields near Keukenhof

The Netherlands…known for cheese, windmills and flowers! The weather is getting better and the sun is beginning to shine. So [...]

The World’s Largest Swimming Pool Is Seriously Magnificent

San Alfonso del Mar, a amazing private resort in Algarrobo Chile, is located just about 62 miles (100 kilometers) west of country [...]

Giethoorn, the Dutch Venice

In a small town in the Netherlands cool things happen! Cars and other fast driving vehicles are not welcome here, because the whol [...]

Real-life Kermit the Frog Discovered in Costa Rica

Scientists recently discovered a new species of Glass frogs in the Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica. Hyalinobatrachium as they ca [...]

Mankind's impact on nature in 17 photos

Many people don’t like to look at the facts, but there is no denying: Man has an impact on the planet, and it’s not always good. Even though many people do their best to keep the surroundings clean, in the big picture it is pretty bad. The “Global Population Speak Out” origination published a p [...]

10 Pictures of Men with their Adorable Cats

Brooklyn based photographer David Williams wanted to break the stereotype, so he decided to start a project called “Men & C [...]

29 square meter House looks amazing inside

In the past we have covered a lot of small houses, from Paris to Sweden . But this one from Japan is a rather special one. Created [...]

Living inside an active volcano

What would your ideal living spot be? The inside of an active volcano might not be in the top 10, but that doesn’t stop the [...]

Wild Adventures Of A Man And His Dog traveling The USA

Traveler/photographer John Stortz traveled around in the USA and took his dog ‘Wolf’ everywhere. He put ‘Wolf&# [...]

6 Adorable Animals who all live on Hokkaido island

After the Quokka Hype it’s time to pick your new favourite animal. All you have to do is look around at Hokkaido island in [...]