Three Dimensional Animals Painted in Layers of Resin

WOW, these are all 3Dimensional paintings, build up from layers of acrylic paint and resin. Singapore-based artist Keng Lye creates near life-like sculptures of animals, he slowly fills bowls, buckets, and boxes with alternating layers of acrylic paint and resin, creating aquatic animal life that looks so real it could [...]

27 Awesome Shots of Red Bull Illume Photo Contest

Red Bull Illume is a international photography competition dedicated to the world of action and adventure sports. Its purpose is t [...]

Funny Domestic Cats into the Wild

Normal domestic cats released into the wild chasing wildlife, sounds unreal? It is.. Scottish photographer George Logan and ret [...]

Playing with Food

Most kids were never allowed to play with their food. So when Malaysian artist/architect Hong Yi became an adult she started to ta [...]

Amazing Portrait made of Paper

Wow.. this stunning portrait is made with paper only..! An intricate portrait of an older woman smoking a pipe using a colorfully [...]

Cool Colorful Kinetic Art

Vibrant and colorful are these cool kinetic sculptures, invented by British artist Paul Friedlander. The idea behind this concept [...]

Extreme Volcano River Kayaking

When extreme is not extreme enough you go volcano river kayaking like professional kayaker Pedro Oliva and his team. Where? Around the active volcano on the southeast slope of Mauna Loa in south-central Hawaii. The group kayaked through molten lava streaming down from the volcano. With 90 degrees Celsius water temper [...]

Cool Treehouses in Japan

These cool threehouses are built by Kashi kobayashi a self-taught designer that has brought treehouse vernacular to the japanese l [...]

Bizarre Human Tower Competition

People like competitions and if possible bizarre competitions. This one is definetly spectacular to witness: Human Tower Competiti [...]

20 most unusual McDonald locations in the world

We have to admit that we are not really a big fan of McDonald or any fast-food restaurant for that matter. But when traveling the [...]

New York City's Central Park from Above

Russian photographer Sergey Semenov shows you the NYC Central Park the way you’ve never seen it before. The amazing picture th [...]

This is Palau

Wow.. This is Palau: beautiful rock islands, crystal clear waters, great variety of marine life, a stunning piece of nature. [...]