Wonderful Photos of Food cut in half

New York-based food photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès created these awesome series of food cut in half. They started cutting food like noodles, ice cream and a cup of coffee and saw that the world side the “bowl” was so interesting that they decided to continue with other types of f [...]

Amazing Albino Animals

Albinism is a genetic defect characterized by the absence of pigment in the skin. Although this condition can be looked upon as [...]

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This is “Into The Wild” real life. These Fascinating Portraits of Europeans Who Have Abandoned Civilization for the Wi [...]

Stunning Wild Fox Photography By Roeselien Raimond

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10 Stunning colliding Rivers around the world

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Rare sight as waterfalls cover Uluru in Australia

IT’S a stunning sight that most visitors to Uluru will never get a chance to witness, waterfalls covering Uluru also known a [...]

Hard to believe but this Two colored Face Cat is real

We had to be convinced that this cat really exists, but it is.. it’s real. So we can safely say that this is the most interesting Cat in the world. She’s called Venus a five-year old tortoiseshell that not only has two different colored eyes (known as heterochromia), but she also has two starkly different [...]

Hanging out in a Tree in this Awesome Suspended Tent

Ever want to hang out in a tree? Check out these awesome Tentsile Tree Tents that were conceived as a treehouse that you can take [...]

25 Of The Cutest Parenting Moments by Animals

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Sculptures made entirely from pencils

Normally we only use pencils for drawing or writing. But artist Jennifer Maestre uses them to create the most incredible art piece [...]

Insane Underground Trampoline 180 Feet High

Wow this is insane! A complete network of Giant trampolines that are suspended in an abandoned underground mine in Wales. So let&# [...]

Complex 3D printed Sugarcubes

Printing your own food sounds like something from a SF-movie or a fantasy novel, but it’s very real and possible today. The [...]