Aeroflex Hovercraft bike

In a galaxy far far away.. Well someone watched Star Wars to often and created this Aeroflex hovercraft bike. It’s still a prototype but it works, is this going to be the future? More on [...]

10 Strangest Buildings in the World

The world is a strange place with strange buildings, that’s probably what you think after seeing our first collection of 10 [...]

Green Pedestrian Crossing

A giant canvas of 12.6 meters long by 7 meters wide on the ground, covering the pedestrian crossing with a large leafless tree.   [...]

City Silhouettes

Photographer Jasper James, created this beautiful reflection photographs where he combines the city panorama with the silhouettes. [...]

Interactive Sculpture Made from 6000 Light Bulbs

CLOUD is a large-scale interactive installation by Caitlind r.c. Brown for Nuit Blanche Calgary. Created from steel, metal pull-st [...]

Amazing Macro Photos of Morning Dew on Insects

Never thought that insects could look this beautiful, until we saw the amazing macro photos of morning dew on insects. French phot [...]

The Tallest mural in Asia

In Busan, South Korea, you’ll find the tallest mural in Asia. German artist ECB created this monochromatic image of a local fisherman in his 60′s on a building stretching over 70 meters (230 ft.) in height. The artwork becomes a symbol for the rapid development of Korea. By Hendrik Beikirch [...]

Loopita Design Chair

This fine piece of furniture is made from a single piece of red oak, the Loopita is covered in high density foam for comfortable s [...]

Leap of Faith Shark Waterslide

You could really call this a leap of faith, sliding right into a pool filled with sharks. The Leap of Faith slide offers the dari [...]

Our Planet in Pictures - Part 3

This is part 3 of our planet in pictures. In Part 3 of Our Planet in Pictures series we show you breathtaking photographs from ar [...]

Riding the cool Bus

Riding the bus has never been cooler than in this new Midttrafik commercial. With Panorama views, Free handles, designer stop butt [...]

The iPhone Polaroid Printer

We all take allot of pictures with our iPhones, because it’s the device you always have with you. But most of these pictures [...]

Surfing in Kieren Perrow. Pat Stacey

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