19 Cool Photos of Animals ready for Winter

We’ve written earlier about the winter season changing landscapes around us but also the animal kingdom is changing and adapting to winter season. So why to post 19 cool photographs of animals ready for winter.. [...]

Portraits of People Who Are 100 Years old and happy

If we’re lucky we will turn 100, but most people don’t make it to that respected age. Our life expectancy varies on se [...]

Great Anamorphic Murals

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14 Cool Ferris Wheels around the world

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Cool animation made with 1.400 figures of real cheese

Say Cheeseee! Everybody knows that cheese is exactly where the Dutch are known for. Advertising agency The Dutch Pay off and their [...]

Incredible Award-Winning Aquatic Designs Inspired By Nature

Sometimes you stumble upon something you’ve never heard of.. like an annual & International Aquatic Plants Layout Contes [...]

Breathtaking Aerial Photographs of Botswana wildlife

Breathtaking are these aerial photographs of Botswana wildlife shot by photographer Zack Seckler. He transforms southern Africa into living landscapes pulsing with color and wonder in his series Botswana. Using an ultra-light aircraft, Seckler photographed the entire series less than 500 feet above ground. Seckler bala [...]

Lion made from 4000 pieces of metal scraps

This Aslan (Turkish for Lion) is created by Selçuk Yılmaz and consists out of nearly 4,000 pieces of metal scraps. It took him o [...]

Incredible Drivable Truck made of Ice

Wow this is a incredible piece of ice cold engineering, a completely driveable truck made out of 11.000 pounds of Ice. Constructed [...]

This Is How Sand Looks under a Microscope

Even the simple things in life are beautiful, take sand for example we never knew it is so beautiful when you look at it under a m [...]

Ocean of Stars created by Bioluminescent Phytoplankton

It looks like something from the movie “Avatar”: ocean waters that light up like neon sticks, an ocean of stars. Altho [...]

Awe-inspiring Skies captured by a storm chaser

These are definitely awe-inspiring skies! It’s just a small collection of stunning photographs captured by extreme storm cha [...]