Downtown Mexico an Awesome Hostel

As Backpackers we know how great it is to find awesome design Hostels. It’s often a travel oases full inspiration, design, a great location and affordable above all.. Downtown beds Mexico is definitely an awesome Hostel that fits that description.. Located in the heart of the ‘old city’ of Mexico near ‘El Z [...]

life-size LEGO of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

Someone with allot of time on their hands build this incredible life-size LEGO model of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter that is built [...]

Next Level 3D Coffee Latte Art

There are many latte artists around the world, and we’ve seen a bunch of them.. but this is some next level latte art. 3D ca [...]

Couple Travels the World in their Wheel House

Travelling the world in this crazy Wheel House, that the mission of artistic couple Jeni Barnard and Barney White. It actually is [...]

Coolest Pictures of the Day – Volume2

Instead of posting a ‘Picture of the Day’ every day, we decided to post 20 of our favourite photographs we came across [...]

Rescued Lion thanks woman

This is an amazing true story: A woman in Colombia found an injured lion in the forest ready to die. She took the lion with her an [...]

A look atop the One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center in New York has become the world’s third-tallest building after topping out at a height of 541 metres. And for us to take a look they lifted a GoPro camera to the final spire section as it was hoisted up and installed. With its fisheye lens pointed straight down, the camera managed to captu [...]

102-year-old ship becomes a floating forest

The SS Ayrfield is one of many decommissioned ships in the Homebush Bay of Sydney, but definitely the most bizarre one. The ship w [...]

Inspiring Adventure Quotes

Thinking of an adventure? Maybe these inspiring quotes can help you out a little.. Be adventurous and discover where cool things h [...]

abandoned Star Wars film sets in the tunisian desert

Photographer Rä di Martino spend a month traveling around Chott el Djerid in Tunisia, to find and photograph three Star Wars set [...]

Stunning Stop-motion through Peru & Bolivia

We’ve made this trip a few years ago and explored the beautiful and interesting countries of Peru and Bolivia. So we are del [...]

Cool Wooden Pinhole Camera

Forget your camera phone, filters, and “likes”, go oldskool with these cool wooden pinhole cameras. A project currently funded [...]