Control your Dreams with Remee

Ever want to have the ability to fly or be anywhere/anyone you want? Check out Remee a new device being funded on Kickstarter that could make Inception look like more than just a movie. Bitbanger Labs’ Remee is an REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask and its purpose is to give you recognition and control over your drea [...]

Permanent Marker Floor Art

German Artist Heike Weber created this awesome floor art with just Permanent Marker. He was asked by a café in Prague called “B [...]

Wakeboarding in Cranberries

What would happen if you pulled a wakeboarder through the ocean of cranberries and filmed with high speed HD film? Red Bull filmed [...]

Futuristic Subway Station in Hamburg

The hafencity university subway station in hamburg, Germany, is a cool and futuristic looking subway station. Designed by munich-b [...]

Beautiful Sky Painted Photos

A beautiful Photography serie with stunning images of painted skies. With the use of photo stacking and new way of timelapse photo [...]

Bizarre Pink Lake in Australia

A mysterious Pink Lake can be found in Western Australia, Lake Hiller. It’s startling colour remains a mystery and while sci [...]

12 stunning Aerial Landscape Photos

German Photographer Klaus Leidorf made Aerial Photography his speciality. Giving landscape whole different look than seen from the ground. We selected 12 stunning aerial landscape photos of his collection: By Klaus Leidorf   [...]

The art of Levitation

Everybody, at least once, dreamed about being able to fly. With just a little imagination, patience and allot of photoshop skil [...]

Awesome Wazuma Bike

French company Lazareth has made this awesome Batman-like bike called the Wazuma.  Custom built, V12 powered, with a horse power [...]

10 Stunning examples of Hyper-realistic HandArt

Guido Danielle is an Italian Artist who became famous of his stunning and hyper-realistic hand-artworks. We selected 10 stunning  [...]

30 Most Inspiring Nature Photographs of 2012

In a year nature photographers shoot millions of amazing photos. We’ve seen allot of photography this year so We selected t [...]

Sweet Chandelier made of 5000 Gummy Bears

Sweet! This Chandelier is made of 5000 Gummy Bears. Artist Kevin Champeny came up with this crazy idea and created it for Jellio. [...]