National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest 2013

This is definitely one of our favourite photography contests, the annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. The contest is now accepting submissions for people that want share their stunning travel experiences from around the globe. To give you a sneak peek, here are our favourites so far.. M [...]

Beautiful Canola Flower Fields in China

In early spring t you can witness an amazing “Golden Sea” of canola flowers. The canola flower fields in China are one [...]

a Caravan that can Sail

It’s called the Sealander, a ridicules but cool way of camping. This swimming caravan can be used like a traditional caravan [...]

Journey to the center of the Earth

Two adventurous photographers went on a journey to the center of the earth. As you can imagine that will deliver stunning breath [...]

23 beautifully bizarre abandoned places

We definitely love our latest list, 23 beautifully bizarre abandoned places where nature takes over the places. These places got a [...]

Apartment in Paris found after 75 years

Amazing.. This apartment in Paris left untouched for over 70 years and was discovered in the quartier of Pigalle a few summers ag [...]

One Boat and 145 Water-Skiers

We’ve seen allot of bizarre world records, and we couldn’t keep this one to ourself: One boat with 145 water-skiers.. [...]

Darkened City Sky we don't see anymore

French Photographer Thierry Cohen has a new spectacular photography series called “Darkened Cities. It is photography with a [...]

Coolest Pictures of the Day - Volume1

Instead of posting a ‘Picture of the Day’ every day, we decided to post 20 of our favourite photographs we came across [...]

The beauty of Tenerife

Tenerife is a cool place with rugged landscapes and stunning views from mount Teide, be sure to check out the awesome timelapse at [...]

Cute Puppies with adorable Baby

Well.. this was just to cute not to share with you. This already viral going photo series is shot by Cindy Clark, a Pennsylvania- [...]

Amazing Coca-Cola contest Animation

In order to promote the Eveka Contest 2010, KORB a Vilnius (Lithuania) based studio this amazing looking unofficial Coca Cola anim [...]