Lagoons in the Brazil Desert

The Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is located in Maranhão state, in northeastern Brazil. And it’s just stunning with lagoons spread out the ‘desert’ of white sand dunes.  Lying just outside the Amazon basin, the region is subject to a regular rain season during the beginning of the year. The ra [...]

World's most beautiful libraries

Looking for an inspiring and cool place to read a book? Check out this photography collection by Rafael Neff, he captured some of [...]

Adorable Photos of Wild Bear Cubs

We stumbled upon a adorable collection of photographs of wild life bear cubs in Russia. All shot by Russian wildlife photographer [...]

The Greetings Project

GREETINGS is a short film which tells a poem, and shown through a series of postcards. Awesome video art It is meant to be taken l [...]

Fresh Namaste Skyscraper in Mumbai

W Hotels is building this fresh new Namaste skyscraper in Mumbai. The traditional Indian greeting of ‘Namaste’, where the han [...]

Painting Art with Mirrors

Artist and Photographer Daniel Kukla created this cool art project called The Edge. What looks like a realistic landscape painting [...]

Beautiful Volcanic rivers in Iceland

You would think the following images are great oil paintings, but instead these are beautiful aerial photographs of volcanic rivers flowing in the ash in Iceland. It is an inexpressible combination of colors, lines, and patterns. A stunning piece of nature and photo capture. All shot by Andre Ermoleav via 500px [...]

You eat What you Touch Campaign

A great campaign about the importance of washing your hands! Photographer Jeremy WongLife in collaboration with Buoy Hand wash di [...]

Stunning long exposure Firework Photographs

Completely different than usual firework photographs, David Johnson created firework photographs that look like flowers with littl [...]

The Deep Sea Mystery Circle

Diver and photographer Yoji Ookata, discovered deep sea Mystery Circle’s off the coast of Japan. On the seabed a geometric, [...]

Aeroflex Hovercraft bike

In a galaxy far far away.. Well someone watched Star Wars to often and created this Aeroflex hovercraft bike. It’s still a p [...]

10 Strangest Buildings in the World

The world is a strange place with strange buildings, that’s probably what you think after seeing our first collection of 10 [...]

Surfing in Kieren Perrow. Pat Stacey

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