Giant Humanlike Electricity Pylons

Choi+Shine is a nationally and internationally awarded architecture and design firm specializing in beautiful, optimistic and thoughtful designs. They designed these electricity pylons called Land of Giants like human figures to march across the Icelandic landscape. more on: choishine [...]

Huge Solar-powered Lighting Pavilion

This cool looking Sol Dome is made out of thousands individual circles, it extends through space with its hollow lightweight const [...]

10 Amazing Animal Gatherings

Did you know animals many animals have annual meetings or gatherings? Well we’ve put together a list of 10 amazing animal ga [...]

Cool Coffee Shop in Cape Town: TRUTH

A destination that offers first-class coffee, Truth is an cool coffee shop in Cape Town, probably the coolest you can find in So [...]

10 Square-meter Student Unit

Swedish firm Tengbom has designed a ten square-metre wooden house for students of the Lund University in Sweden, aimed to create a [...]

Bizarre and Deadly Lake in Tanzania Turns Birds Into Stone

We couldn’t believe this was real but it is. In Tanzania there is a lake that turns animals that roam the area into stone. T [...]

Submarine Crashes Through Streets of Milan

Pedestrians in Milan got shocked seeing this submarine in the streets of Milan. The ‘ accident’ is actually a really clever public promotion, orchestrated by ad agency M&C Saatchi for their Protect Your Life ad campaign. Pretty awesome viral. [...]

Beautiful Colorful Nature at Hitachi Seaside Park

Beautiful and colorful nature is found at the Hitachi Seaside Park. Covering an area of 190 hectares, the park features blooming [...]

Mesmerizing bioluminescent Waitomo Cave

It is in New Zealand where you can find this amazing Waitomo cave, with some special light effect by mother nature. The biolumine [...]

World's first large-scale inflatable Concert Hall

Ark Nova is the name and it’s the first large-scale inflatable concert hall ever constructed. Designed through a unique coll [...]

Large new Mural for the folk of Poland

Street artist Natalia Rak recently stopped by the city of Bialystok where she worked several days on this new piece for the Folk O [...]

Amazingly Detailed Fragmented Sculptures

Every now and then our minds just gets creatively blown away by all the amazing things people share with us. You know you have fou [...]