Beautiful Colored Mountains in China

China is a country with great diversity in People, Culture, Food and Landscapes above all. Take a look at these amazing colored mountains in Danxia, Gansu province. Spectacular red cliffs colored by weathering and erosion, landscape with natural pilars, valleys and waterfalls.. Photo Credit: Melinda on Flickr [...]

Walk over Europe's Highest Suspension Bridge

Take a walk over the highest suspension bridge in Europe. The Titlis Cliff Walk in the Swiss Alps took five months to build, at a [...]

Most Stunning Fireworks of 2013

Check out the most stunning fireworks of 2013 from around the world. From Moscow to San Francisco. If you have some awesome sho [...]

Balloon Dresses

A dress entirely made with balloons. Japanese artist Rie Hosokai of daisy balloon builds dresses from the inflated material to cre [...]

Amazing Frozen Bubble Lake

It’s an amazing natural sight at Abraham Lake the Frozen bubbles under the ice. The explanation of the rare phenomenon is: & [...]

Super Funny Driving Dogs

Wow, when we saw this at first we thought this was fake, but it’s for real: Dogs driving an actual car. ”Driving Dogs” i [...]

Fresh Snow Art in France

Simon Beck is the artist behind these Fresh Snow Artworks in Les Arcs Ski Resort, France. Most part of the artwork is ‘footmade’, distinctly geometric patterns, footprint by footprint. Some pieces take days to finish and unfortunate last no longer than a view days. By Simon Beck [...]

10 Strangest Trees on earth

Nature is full of surprises, like Trees for example. There are allot of amazing and strange trees around the world. Check out 10 o [...]

Record Breaking Moments of 2012

Guinness World Records posted a compilation of the record breaking moments of 2012. From Highest jump, fastest backwards skiing to [...]

Around the Globe a Snow Globe Timelapse

Check out this cool timelapse trough a snow globe. “Around the Globe” was shot over two weeks in six different cities. [...]

Beautiful Glacier Colors

It always fascinates us, arctic landscapes, glacier etc, to understand why, take a look at this beautiful photography serie by Jan [...]

Touch Fire Art Installation

Touch sensitive art installation, where a stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people [...]