The couple that got married around the world

The acrobat couple Cheetah Platt and Rhian Woodyard got married. And again. And again! And… got married 38 times in total, each time to each other and each time in a different location. When these two love birds planned a world trip they tried to see how many times they could get married in these 83 days. This re [...]

Fascinating Photos of Reindeer People Living in Mongolia

In Northern Mongolia, there exists a strong alliance between people and reindeer and that’s why they are called the Reindeer [...]

13 Optical Illusions with everyday Objects

Tel Aviv based Creative Director Udi Ben Simon, diverts objects and elements of everyday to give them another use, playing on our [...]

Staying healthy at work by "Surfing" at your desk

The Level, a cool Indiegogo project, by Fluidstance, is a tool to help people bring more movement while working at their desks. It [...]

The beauty of Bacteria

For Cosmos, photographer Marcus DeSieno  from Florida collects various strains of bacteria and breeds them on the surface of posi [...]

Rescued Magpie and the inseparable friendship with a young boy

The Bloom family in NSW rescued this magpie bird who they call Penguin. When they rescued him they didn’t know he would beco [...]

Wearable Prototype Turns Dads Into Jungle Gyms

This Prototype turns Dads or Strong Moms into walking Jungle Gyms. In a radical redesign of children’s play equipment, Atsushi Shiraishi, a graduating senior at Tama Art University, has created a wearable jungle gym. Physical fitness is an obvious benefit but it’s also an integral part of developing intelligence a [...]

Superhero baby Performs Hilarious Stunts

The magnificent Seattle based photographer Brandon Hill turned ( with a little help of photoshop ) his son Maddex into an awesome [...]

Eagle's breathtaking dive from highest building in Dubai

Strap a GoPro to an Eagle, release it from the highest point in Dubai and you get a marvelous point of view video of this city. Bu [...]

Kinetic Lights That Bloom like Flowers at Rijksmuseum

Inspired by the way certain flowers open and close for reasons of defense or energy conservation Lonneke Gordijn, Ralph Nauta and [...]

Incredible bike ride high up through the Ecuadorian rainforest

Rainforest ena Biking, not exactly two things you usually combine. Mashpi Lodge in Quito, Ecuador, thought otherwise and made just [...]

Robert Downey Jr. Surprises a 7-Year-Old With a Bionic 'Iron Man' Arm

The legendary Robert Downey Jr. or better known as Iron man himself, used a little of his fame to work with Limbitless, a company [...]