Perfectly Balanced Rock Sculptures

WOW!! This is one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen! These amazing rock formations are perfectly balanced and stick together with just gravity, there is nog glue or anything else involved. Michael Grab is the Artist behind this beautiful but very difficult art. He explains: ” Every rock is covered in a [...]

19 perfectly camouflaged Animal Photos

Wilfdlife Photographer Art Wolfe takes many photographs op wildlife animals, but sometimes they are hard to find because of camouf [...]

There's no place like...a Tricyle House

The Tricycle House was designed to address the theme of the 2012 Get It Louder Exhibition. Through this design, single family home [...]

Breathtaking Australian Star Trails

Long exposure photography can deliver some stunning shots. But these star trails by Lincoln Harrison are truly breathtaking. Beaut [...]

Paris: The City of Light

“Paris, City of Light doesn’t mean “the city with a lot of beautiful lights” but, rather, “the city [...]

Take a walk through the clouds

In this cool art installation in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, you can walk through the clouds. Five light boxes that measured about 17 [...]

Visual Traveling through Myanmar

Myanmar is still a off the beaten track destination for many travelers. To give you some undeniable travel inspiration, you should check out the following short-film by Patrick Wallner.. By [...]

Behind a completely Frozen Waterfall

Wow it’s must freeze really hard in Minnesota, USA. It often gets so cold waterfalls become completly frozen. This gives a s [...]

2012 Winners of the National Geographic Photo Contest

The National Geographic Photo Contest is one of the largest community photo contest, with 22,000 entries from over 150 countries  [...]

Cool Streetart by Johnny Robles

Johnny Robles creates cool streetart in the streets of Miami. With a mixture of cartoon and pop style drawings and graffiti tech [...]

Beautiful Colored Mountains in China

China is a country with great diversity in People, Culture, Food and Landscapes above all. Take a look at these amazing colored [...]

Walk over Europe's Highest Suspension Bridge

Take a walk over the highest suspension bridge in Europe. The Titlis Cliff Walk in the Swiss Alps took five months to build, at a [...]