The Cool Dog

We are always in search of where cool things happen and sometimes cool things happen on the internet. Like the Instagram photoshoot of Sonya Yu with her self-proclaimed Most Adorable French Bulldog on Instagram. She takes shots of her dog in all kinds of hilarious outfits and it’s going viral on the internet. Th [...]

The beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most iconic bridge in the world and it’s a major landmark for San Francisco. The beau [...]

Decelerator: a Real Life Slow Motion Helmet

This is a cool idea and concept, a real life slow motion helmet, called The Decelerator. The Decelerator Helmet is a experimental [...]

James Bond Skyfall island Hashima discovered

The island of the latest James Bond movie, where he visits the villain, really exists!  We discovered where this all was shot, i [...]

Is this an Eye or a Draining Sink?

This already viral going photograph of redditor Liammm was taken by accident. He tried to take shot of his draining sink and wound [...]

Rainbow Bridge Taiwan

Ever wondered what’s at the end of the rainbow? Its now possible to find out…The Xiying Rainbow Bridge in Penghu is a [...]

Giant Sculptures made of Flowers

Nowhere else on the planet will you find as much variety in flowers as in The Netherlands. And they get very creative with it. We stumbled upon this Giant flower sculptures on flickr. Created for the annual flower parade of Zundert. Check out these awesome artworks made of flowers.. yes flowers.. that’s right.. [...]

Bike 2.0 without Chain

Inoda+Sveje is an industrial design company who has successfully redesigned our contemporary bicycle. Bike 2.0 is a remake of our [...]

The Batman Hotel Suite

This is for the Batman fans among us. Sleep in the “Batcave” in this funky Eden Hotel in Taiwan. The Batman Suite is e [...]

New York Blacked-out Photo

The latest Cover of New York Magazine featured the stunning aerial photograph of a blacked-out Manhattan. This shot is taken by Du [...]

Art with thousand of white balloons

Thousand of white balloons, suspended in a billowing wash of sound; an air-borne landscapeof relationship, of distance, of humans [...]

Magnificent Fairy Pools in Scotland

In the south of the Isle of Skye, in Scotland, you can find these magnificent Fairy Pools. With a beautiful hiking trail especiall [...]