New Glass Labyrinth is harder than you think

This new Glass Labyrinth installation, at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s sculpture park in Kansas City, is harder than it might appear. The fully transparant installation is the work of internationally renowned artist Robert Morris and It’s 62-foot by 62-foot by 62-foot, 7-foot tall and weighs almost 1 [...]

16 of the most awesome Water Slides You have to try

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet make you wanna.. uhm go explore the most awesome water slides in the world. So if your such [...]

The Magical World of Colorful Tropical Frogs

Dutch photographer Wil Mijer created a beautiful photo series that takes us into the magical miniature world of colourful tropical [...]

20 Clever Street Artworks that interact with their surroundings

Streetart turns the streets into an awesome open air free museum. Some make you laugh, and some have a deeper meaning, like the ba [...]

Glass hermit crab homes shaped like iconic architecture

Tokyo-based artist Aki Inomata created awesome shaped new shelters for Hermit Crabs, shaped in iconic Architecture, for her serie [...]

Sharp Lines in Mexico’s Wealth Disparity revealed

This Photography series reveals the sharp lines in Mexico’s Wealth disparity, literately! Houses on one side are beautifully [...]

10 Cool Paper Artworks

Paper has been a great tool to make cool art pieces on. But these artists show you that paper can also be used as an art piece it self. Folding, cutting and refining it, just to create these amazing art pieces. Eiko Ojala Fideli Sundqvist Bovey Lee Peter Callesen Sipho Mabona Carly Fischer Kumi Yamashita Rogan [...]

8 of The Coolest Bus Shelters ever

If you hate public transportation you will hate it a little less when you are waiting for the bus in one of these 10 cool bus stop [...]

Somewhere in Vietnam

2 minute wanderlust Travel video called “somewhere in Vietnam”. Created by French director Gabriel Menassier  showi [...]

Hidden Portraits In the Trees

Austrian/French artists Jana and Js have been painting the circles left by cut tree limbs, at first you might freak-out seeing peo [...]

Small paper cutouts interact with the real world

How awesome would it be if historic moments could be relived in the modern world? Instagrammer @yorch_miranda creates playful phot [...]

Awesome Dad makes awesome shaped pancakes

This awesome dad makes some seriously awesome pancakes, shaped in all kinds of fictional characters, animals and more. He called [...]