Bizarre and Rare Albino Humpback Whale

This bizarre and rare Albino humback whale is called Migaloo. It is the only documented white humpack whale in the world, is drawing a lot of attention to the Queensland, Australia coastline. The reason for it’s completely white skin is unknown. It is a real challenge to spot this one example in the whole world, [...]

Phonebloks The smartphone of the Future

This is a really cool concept and could be the smartphone of the future. Designer Dave Hakkens figured out a way how to make a pho [...]

18 National Flags made from food

18 national flags made from food, but not just random food to match the colors of the flag but with food that’s commonly ass [...]

Mind-blowing timelapse from Child to Granny

This is really mind-blowing. Filmmaker Antony Cerniello created a timelapse like we’ve never seen before. It shows a gradual [...]

11 Cool Tips for visiting NYC in GIF

New York City is probably on everyone’s bucketlist, but if you never been in the ‘city that never sleeps’ check [...]

Bizarre Abandoned Amusement Parks

We definitely not walking into one of these bizarre abandoned amusement parks in the middle of the night. Check out an interesting [...]

Live knitting in awesome Nike Billboard Advertisement

We love cool advertisement and not because it makes us want to buy stuff, but sometimes it evolves in a work of art. The new Nike Flykit advertisement in Shanghai is one of those advertisements. To promote Nike’s new ‘free flyknit’, the campaign has a real-time billboard get fully knitted by a team, t [...]

Boring railroad underpass Colors with vibrant LED's

This somewhat boring Art Deco railroad underpass in Birmingham, Alabama went from boring to cool. In recent years the dark tunnel [...]

Incredible Zundert Flower Parade 2013

Zundert is a small town in The Netherlands and is famous for it’s annual Flower Parade. And the 2013 edition was again strik [...]

Cool LG Ad Makes Job Applicants Think the World Is Ending

This awesome advertisement of LG really puts a smile on our face. Imagine you have a job interview like the persons in this video, [...]

Drastic Changing landscapes between Ebb and Flood

Since 2003 Michael Marten has traveled to different parts of the British coast to photograph identical views at high and low tide, [...]

The First Panda Hotel in the world

Kinda weird, but we don’t judge.. The world’s first Panda Hotel ‘finally’ opened and where else than in Ch [...]