Social Experiment: Would you buy a 2 Euro T-shirt?

Fashion for a bargain – that‘s what everyone wants. A t-shirt for 2€ or jeans for less than 10€ isn‘t inconceivable nowadays. Unfortunately, people don‘t often consider who is paying the real price. With this social experiment Fashion Revolution creates awarenes for the untold story behind the 2€ barg [...]

20 Most Beautiful Minerals And Stones in the World

The world is beautiful certainly with its many ‘hidden’ treasures, like gems, stones and minerals. Uhh Minerals? Yes [...]

Half the bike twice the fun

Halfbike, a cool Kickstarter project by Kolelinia is taking biking to a whole new level. It doesn’t have a seat so you trave [...]

17 Crazy Photographers Doing Anything to Get the Perfect Shot

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Troop of baby foxes found in Princeton backyard

Father Philip and daughter Alice just found a troop of baby foxes in their 7-acre Princeton backyard. “I see red foxes a few [...]

This Married Couple Takes Breathtaking Travel Pictures

Meet Samuel and Hildegunn Taipale a scandinavian couple that got married and started to travel to the most beautiful places in [...]

This Dog can Skate on his own

Mike Bolaris teaches his dog how to skate and filmed it while his dog Bamboo was skating the Seaside Reef Parking Lot. The video goes viral and you’ll understand why..   Via Reddit [...]

Scrap Metal Sculptures Of Famous Movie Characters

In a small workshop some where hidden in Thailand, the Artist at Ban Hun Lek work day and night to recreate some of the most iconi [...]

Nat Geo's Traveler Photo Contest Top 10

On April 7th 2015 the 27th annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest opened and photographers from around the globe alread [...]

Photos of School Playgrounds From Across the World

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Cave with Amazing UV-Illuminated Thread Drawings

With only the use of cotton threads coated in ultraviolet paint, French artist Julien Salaud creates some amazing art pieces insi [...]

Street art so small that you won't even see it

Artist Slinkachu loves working in a public space where his art can interact with the public in their everyday lives. But Slinkac [...]