"Electric Vacuum Cleaner" that solves smog

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create gigantic holes of clean air in a smog filled city like Beijing? A young design firm based in the Netherlands and Shanghai, has been working on intricate designs like a sustainable dance floor which generates electricity when you dance, and smart highways which produce the [...]

Expressive Animal Portraits by Wolf Ademeit

German photographer Wolf Ademeit captures expressive portraits of zoo animals. A somewhat underrated photography subject. He says, [...]

Anamorphic Photography By Ella&Pitr

Ella & Pitr a photographers duo from France photographed abandoned places with a little bit of extra style. They love to use p [...]

Cool Ecofriendly Compact Portable Home

This cool ecofriendly and compact portable home is created by ÁBATON. They developed the ÁPH80 series as a dwelling ideal for 2 [...]

Mom creates the amazing Lunch art for her kids

Remember your mom making plain sandwiches for your average school day? Although some parents really go culinary on their kids lun [...]

18 Stunning Autumn Pictures that makes you smile

Every season has it’s own beauty and because it’s Fall season we’ve selected 18 pictures that put a smile on you [...]

13 Stunning landscapes of Earth Captured from space

Our Earth is has stunning landscapes that can be enjoyed from up close. But sometimes it’s even more stunning when seen from space. Since we do not all have the privilege to check this out ourselfs we collected 13 stunning images from ESA to explore the beautiful landscapes captured from space. Mississippi River [...]

Blending the Past and Present of Anne Frank's Amsterdam

Amsterdam is famous for many things and one of them is the world famous Anne Frank. She lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, durin [...]

Super Fun Slip & Fly launch ramp

This looks like fun! Simply gliding down the slippery slope,  rocketing off the epic slip ‘n slide and into a giant pool. [...]

Amazing Street art by Gijs van Hee

Gijs van Hee an Graphic Artist from Mechelen Belgium created these awesome street paintings that he calls “Mutants”. O [...]

Cool Hostel on an indoor Campground

You want to travel in style but on a budget? Choosing between a campground or a hostel or just combine it, that’s probably w [...]

Amazing Black and White Architecture Photography

German artist Kai Ziehl approaches architecture photography with a certain style that results in visually powerful, contemplative [...]