Hong Kong Apartments shot from above

While Hong Kong is rated for one of the most liveable cities in the world, there are a lot of residents living in really cramped apartments. In an attempt to draw attention to the issue, human rights organization Society for Community Organization recently commissioned a series of photographs According to the SoCO, o [...]

Beautiful mixed portraits

We know Italian artist Alberto Seveso from his stunning ink in water photography, and this time he created a even more stunning ph [...]

AudioWood: Turntable

Definitely a cool gadget this turntable made with glass and wood. Audiowood turntable Barky is a precision turntable that feature [...]

Picture of the Day: The eye of the Moon

Well a stunning picture of the day: This perfectly timed photograph looks like an eye. You can see the moon through the North Wind [...]

VW XL1: The Most efficient car ever

No this is not yet another Photoshopped concept car, this Volkswagen (VW) XL1 is allready in production. And it is the most effici [...]

Large Colorful StreetArt by Kobra

We know streetartist Eduardo Kobra for his colorful style of streetart and we love it. This time he created a 170 feet tall street [...]

Giant Heart of Storm debris on Time Square

After storm Sandy hit New York City there was a lot of debris to clean up. Brooklyn-based design firm Situ Studio came up with a great idea to create a Art installation of the storm debris. So they created Heartwalk, a heart-shaped enclosure in the middle of Times Square in NYC. Situ Studio took inspiration from the co [...]

18 Beautifully Bizarre Places you should see

Our Planet is fantastic with stunning, beautifully and even bizarre places to visit and travel to. Here are 18 places that should [...]

The World's First 3D Printing Pen

Yes that’s right, the world’s first 3D printing pen is about to be developed and funded on kickstarter. It’s a p [...]

Google Glass features unveiled in preview video

Not to long ago Google announced to release a cool new gadget the Google Glass. This cool video shows the Google Glass in action, [...]

Giant head wire sculpture

Artist Jaume Plensa recently unveiled a giant new sculpture called Wonderland at the base of Calgary’s tallest tower, The Bo [...]

Eco Lodge in Colombia

Tayrona National Park, where the jungle meets the Caribbean coast. Here you can find so called ecohabs (bungalows) in the lush gre [...]