Photographer Captures the weirdest thing: Frog Riding A Beetle

Hendy Mp, a talented wildlife photographer based in Indonesia, has captured what is probably one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen in nature– a tree frog going for a wild ride on the back of a giant horned wood-boring beetle. The tree frog is a Reinwardt’s Flying Frog, a threatened species that can glide do [...]

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5 Year Time-lapse of the Sun by NASA

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of their Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) yesterday,NASA released this comprehensive time-lapse [...]

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The beauty of Myanmar captured on Stunning photographs

Myanmar is a wonderful place to visit, the landscapes and the people are so interesting that people are keen of taking pictures of it. Photographer David Lazar made a stunning compilation that just needs to be seen. [...]

Natural art in a French forest

Artist Spencer Byles spent a whole year in a French forest making his unique sculptures. The only materials he uses are the things [...]

Japanese Village taken over by foxes

They call it Fox Village, a village in Japan that has been taken over by foxes. This wonderful sanctuary is located in the mountai [...]

25 Mind-Bending Optical Illusion Paintings By Rob Gonsalves

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Cool Hütte Hut Trailer

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Sew Wanderlust: Travel Snapshots by Embroidering with Needle and Thread

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