Where Cool Things Happen for Kids

We are always on a search where cool things happen. And for these kids the cool things are happing in their room. Photographer Gabriele Galimberti made an very interesting photography series of Kids from around the world show off their Toys. Everyone remembers their childhood toys. This nostalgia, was the inspiration [...]

22 unforgettable roads in the world

You either like it or you don’t, but road trips are often the best way to explore a country. We are not talking about plain [...]

Mindblowing Photography: 'delirium'

Talented photographer Kevin Rauzy contacted us and introduced us to his mindblowing “Delirium” photography series. He [...]

Great Train Journey through Australia: The Ghan

We love train travel, because it takes you right through the heart of several places, scene’s and landscape. Travelling by t [...]

House balancing in the middle of a river

A solitary house on the Drina River in Serbia has been attracting curious travelers from across the globe, after an image of the h [...]

Glass Wing Butterfly

Never seen or heard of this amazing glass wing butterfly. This is no photoshopping, it really exists! Found primarily in Central [...]

Spectacular Shots of Sakurajima Volcano Eruption

German photographer Martin Rietze captured a series of spectacular shots of the erupting Sakurajima volcano in Japan. Completed with flying lava and electrifying lightning in black smoke. By Martin Rietze [...]

20 beautiful shots of Smithsonian Photo Contest

As you might know we love photo contests, because it’s a way to discover great photo’s and to see more of the world th [...]

Instagram Camera Socialmatic by Polaroid

A while back we showed you an awesome concept camera by ADR Studio: Socialmatic The First Instagram camera with instant print fun [...]

Creative Ice Cream by STOYN

As a part of a promo for their newly created studio STOYN created these awesome hyper realistic ice-cream Sculptures. Not only do [...]

Funny Animal Google Streetview findings

After all of the Bizarre things we have found on Google streetview, time for some funny Animal Streeview findings. See Googl [...]

Turn yourself in to a Pool Master!

This installation right here can turn any Bar-hanging-bad-boy into an all time Pool professional. Although this is just a beta ver [...]