Modern products in 70's advertising style

How would Facebook’s and Twitter’s advertising look like in the 70’s? Check out these amazing retro advertising posters with modern products. Via Walltowatch [...]

Carpet made of 20.000 DIN A4 papers

WE MAKE CARPETS, a Dutch Trio that creates extraordinary carpets. Not only are they exceptional in style, WeMakeCarpets also likes [...]

Amazing photo manipulation by Caras Ionut

Caras Ionut a great photographer and a whole lot more than that. His dreamy style of photo manipulation keeps on inspiring us . an [...]

Cool Stay in a Nature Extension CasasNaAreia in Portugal

CasasNaAreia is a gorgeous holiday retreat based on the transformation of old masonry buildings into new, contemporary structures. [...]

Photos of Living Conditions in Zoo gives Reality check

It gives you a reality check to see these photographs of the living conditions of animals in an average Zoo. It’s the photog [...]

The last surviving tribes on earth

The published book ‘Before They Pass Away’ is full of captivating epic portraits of some ¬†of the last surviving tribe [...]

Imaginative Photography by Eric Johansson

Eric Johansson is a swedish photographer and high-end retoucher, he is using photography as a way of collecting material to realize the ideas he has in his mind. Imaginative Photography, so yes Photoshopped.. but cool photography nonetheless.. By Eric Johansson [...]

Most Dangerous pool in the world: Devil's Pool Zambia

The Victoria Falls in the Zambia is home to the most Dangerous pool in the world. The naturally formed Devil’s Pool, near th [...]

Transform your car into a Ferrari

Do you ever wanted to own and drive a Ferrari? Well if you follow the example of french artist Benedetto Bufalino you can do so wi [...]

The World's largest Ball Pit

The world’s largest ball pit can be found in, where else, China. In the Kerry Hotel in Pudong/Shanghai to be precise. They c [...]

Awesome New Style Flight Safety Video by Virgin America

When you fly allot you know the boring flight safety instruction videos from the inside out. So won’t pay attention to it an [...]

10 Most Scariest but Cool Bridges in the world

Yes it can be both, scary and cool. To prove it we’ve put together an awesome selection of cool bridges that are definitely [...]