Bizarre Abandoned Amusement Parks

We definitely not walking into one of these bizarre abandoned amusement parks in the middle of the night. Check out an interesting photography serie what happens to a fun, happy and entertaining for a amusement park after it’s completely abandoned for a couple of years.. just scary.. Image credits: [...]

Live knitting in awesome Nike Billboard Advertisement

We love cool advertisement and not because it makes us want to buy stuff, but sometimes it evolves in a work of art. The new Nike [...]

Boring railroad underpass Colors with vibrant LED's

This somewhat boring Art Deco railroad underpass in Birmingham, Alabama went from boring to cool. In recent years the dark tunnel [...]

Incredible Zundert Flower Parade 2013

Zundert is a small town in The Netherlands and is famous for it’s annual Flower Parade. And the 2013 edition was again strik [...]

Cool LG Ad Makes Job Applicants Think the World Is Ending

This awesome advertisement of LG really puts a smile on our face. Imagine you have a job interview like the persons in this video, [...]

Drastic Changing landscapes between Ebb and Flood

Since 2003 Michael Marten has traveled to different parts of the British coast to photograph identical views at high and low tide, [...]

The First Panda Hotel in the world

Kinda weird, but we don’t judge.. The world’s first Panda Hotel ‘finally’ opened and where else than in China. Located at the foot of Emei Mountain in southwest China’s Sichuan province, the quirky hotel has rooms decorated with panda pictures, cuddly panda soft toys perched on beds, tables an [...]

Mind-boggling Secret Paintings revealed on Fore-edge of books

Wow we love these secret and hidden treasures that are right before you but you don’t see them.. These early 19th century bo [...]

Cool Dad takes funny photographs of daughters

Jason Lee is the photographer and is already going viral a couple of years on the internet. He takes super funny photographs of hi [...]

14 Otherworldly Places you can visit on Earth

You have to believe our word for it. These 14 otherworldly places could easily be on a different planet in our Galaxy, but they [...]

26 Super Realistic Artworks that aren't Photographs

It’s hard to believe, we know, but these stunning artworks are super realistic they look like a great photograph but are in [...]

A Pirate-themed CT Scanner in New York Children Hospital

Hospitals are not the place ‘Where Cool Things Happen’. But the New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hosp [...]