Nine Polaroids

Nine Polaroids is a cool photography project created by Maison Gray. Inspired by architecture, art installations, the natural environment as well as the Rule of Thirds, he shoots 9 distinct images of various locations around the world. He then uses a camera and a mirror to transfer the images onto expired Polaroid film [...]

Airpod: Air-powered car

Tata motors is developing this air powered car the Airpod. With a futuristic look and new way of placing the seats.. Via Designb [...]

Stunning paintings with real Humans

This is a stunning piece of Art created by Alexa Meade, a 25 year-old artist who has developed an approach to portraiture that in [...]

It's stunning beneath the waves

A haze of smashed blues and whites, the bright sting of sunlight. The wave rolls onwards, lurching forwards with a power that seem [...]

15 HQ Photos of the Perseid Meteor Shower

This is the most famous meteor showers of all: The Perseid. It never fails, always providing an impressive display, due to its su [...]

San Francisco downhill biking

Check out these really speedy downhill of 3 guys in San Francisco. This short video gives a little bit of their adrenaline shot.. [...]

Cool Aerial Beach Photos Around the World

Shooting from doorless helicopters, this series has been photographed around the world from the U.S. to Brazil to Australia. From above, a simple beach or pool becomes a blank canvas that allows you to start seeing the world as art.. Copyright: Gray Malin [...]

Thailand from a iPhone Point of View

We love Thailand, we love the iPhone, we love Cinematography. So that’s why we love this short film entirely shot on the iP [...]

The Deepest Pool in the World

Welcome to the Deepest pool in the World. In Bruxelles, Belgium, you’ll find this 33 meters deep pool. It’s filled wit [...] 2.0 is live

After months of hard work and dedication we are pleased to say that our 2.0 is finally online. With this new layout staying update [...]


The evolution of New York City

From simple town to one the biggest metropolis in the world. In one picture the evolution of New York City, from 1982 till 2013. V [...]

Electric design scooter

Scoot is an electric scooter that deserves to be labeled ‘designed’. Unfortunately it’s not in production, it [...]

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