New Culinary Trend in Japan: The Dam Curry

Influenced by all the food artist of today, people in Japan are also looking for new ways to present traditional dishes. This new culinary trend really stood out: The Dam Curry. The dish is featuring a dam made of rice holding back a delicous ‘lake’ of hot curry. It’s especially popular near places wh [...]

Most Adorable Newborn shoot with a Jack Russell terrier

Sometimes boredom will make you rethink the usual and come up with some awesome new ideas. Photographer Jamie Clauss and her neigh [...]

18 Mysterious Forests You won't mind To Get Lost In

Forests draw many forms of life, from plants to insects and all kinds of other animals and humans too. Many photographers love to [...]

Stunning 2015 entries of National Geographic Traveler

Our favourite photo contest is back again this year! The National Geographic Traveler photo contest, the 2015 edition. Photographe [...]

This man transformed a Boeing 727 into his own home

Former Electrical Engineer Bruce Campbell, bought an old rusty Boeing 727 aircraft which is placed in a suburban area outside Port [...]

Photographer follows Girlfriend around the world - Part 3

By now you have heard of Murad Osmann, the photographer who went multiple viral with his #followme travel photography on Instagram [...]

First 21 Days of a Bee’s Life in 60 Seconds

Honeybees are superorganisms, but are endangered. In a super interesting timelapse photographer Arnand Varma show the first 21 days of a Bee in just 60 seconds. It also reveals the biggest threat the bee is facing, a mite that preys on the baby bee’s. Varma’s timelapse is part of a recent TED Talk, and a pr [...]

Pictures of Paris from 1944 merged with present day pictures

Julien Knez from France celebrates the 71th anniversary of Paris’ liberation in a very special way. He spent 2 months using hist [...]

The amazing umbrella wielding squirrel

Max Ellis is very good at photographing little animals, squirrels are his speciality. But the little friends do not like the rain [...]

Abandoned highway repurposed into the Seoul Skygarden

We just love it when architects come up with clever idea’s to repurpose something that others would like to destroy because [...]

This happens when you give florists 48 hours in an Abandoned House

Florist are often not seen as artists, but many of them are. The art project called ‘Flower House’ shows what could ha [...]

Incredible Glass Jellyfish Sculptures that look so real

Rick Satava is an artist who creates this incredible lifelike glass jellyfish sculptures, that look so real it makes you think it& [...]