How to sculpt a block of wood into a stack of magazines

Randall Rosenthal is an American artist well known for his incredible realistic wood sculptures carved from a single block of wood. Watch how he carves this pile of wooden boards into a stack of magazines and paints it so lifelike you might want to flip some pages. Even the coffee-stains look real! Art by ra [...]

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How Animals play Soccer

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Winners of the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards

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Manhattan from a different perspective

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15 real or surreal images by Twibfy

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Unsuspected movie-goers learn a hard lesson using their phone

Movie theatre visitors in Beijing, China learn a hard lesson. The creators of this brilliant Ad send all the visitors at once a text message, what happens next is powerful. One of the coolest ways we’ve have seen to remind people NOT to text or use their cell phones while driving. Credits to VolksWagen and [...]

Mural Art by DALeast and Faith47

South African artists DALeast and Faith47 are not only sharing their marriage but also their canvas. Canvases of walls in this cas [...]

New Orleans’s Haunting Architecture At Night

  Even before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans-based photographer Frank Relle was capturing the one-of-a-kin [...]


Detailed Sliced Glass "Paintings"

Glass artist Loren Stump from California is especially known for his amazing work at Murrine. Murrine is a techique from the Midea [...]

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