Mind-Boggling new Anamorphic Drawings

We featured the awesome 3D drawings of Ramon Bruin earlier, this time it’s a another artist that created mind-boggling anamporhic drawings that leap right of the page. It is the Italian artist Alessandro Diddi, who only needs a pencil and something to draw on, and he creates something really magical. Enjoy.. [...]

Giant Chrome T-Rex in Paris

Constructed of 350 bones made ​​of chrome and a height of 6 meters, the lifesize tyrannosaurus-rex of the French artist Phili [...]

Street Festival Art installation in Porto

‘s. joao structure’ is a cool street festival art installation with a reinterpretation of flying balloons and firework [...]

Creative Pizza's with Celebrity Portraits

Italian Pizza chef Domenico Crolla made some really creative pizza’s with celebrity portraits on it. He started out with B [...]

Amazing Beatbox Brilliance that will make your Jaw drop

Where Cool Things Happen? Sometimes on a TEDx event: Tom Thum is a master beatboxer that really made our jaw drop to the ground. I [...]

27 Seriously Cool Animals

We came across some seriously cool animals lately and that inspired us to create this funny post of 26 Seriously Cool Animals.. en [...]

The Awesome Scrooser

Fat tires & fun with Scrooser: an urban mobility solution for the environmentally conscious individual. Kickstarter project Scrooser just amazed us with this awesome way of transport. Based on the classic scooter design, they developed a modern lifestyle city scooter. The impulse drive electric motor augments th [...]

Coolest Pictures of the Day – Volume3

Instead of posting a ‘Picture of the Day’ every day, we decided to post 15 of our favourite photographs we came across [...]

Beautiful Streetart at the Mural Festival Montreal

MURAL festival had over 35 local and international artists over 2 km of open-air market on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, cl [...]

Stunning Timelapse of San Francisco fog clouds

Check out this gorgeous timelapse of the San Francisco fog. “Adrift” is a love letter to the fog of the San Francisco [...]

Weird Advertisement: Speak Like a Native

This Speak Like a Native ad campaign by Hakuhodo Indonesia advertising agency is pretty weird but fun and striking at the same tim [...]

Cars Cinema Loves

The Turkish photographer Cihan Ünalan tribute to some of the most beautiful cars on display at the cinema, whose design heavily [...]