The Beauty of Everyday Foods Shot with a Macro Lens

New York based photographer Adrian Mueller began his career studying architectural engineering. But he was drawn to photography because of the similarities in both fields: clean lines, concise structures and how light reflects off surfaces. time in japan further influenced his creative approach through the concepts of [...]

World's first Breaking Bad themed Cafe opens in Instanbul

Owner and coffee enthusiast Deniz Kosan created an awesome Cafe inspired by his Favorite TV series Breaking bad called Walter’s [...]

SAIL Amsterdam: The Greatest Nautical Spectacle in the World

The greatest nautical spectacle in the world is SAIL Amsterdam, held every 5 years in the capital of The Netherlands. Since its f [...]

Amazingly Detailed Sculptures Carved From Pencil Tips

Pencils are often used to create art, but artist Jasenko Đorđević creates art from pencils. Sculptures carved out of Pencil tip [...]

Silver Bay Holiday Retreat in South Africa

Architectural designers and technologists at SAOTA, Antoni Associates & OKHA teamed up and finished this awesome residence th [...]

The Coolest Aerial Shots on Google's Earth View

Who ever thought that you can find the coolest Aerial shot on Google? We’ve listed some of the most incredible and jaw-dropp [...]

Photographer captures happy Polar Bears in Flower Fields During Summer

When we say polar bears you probably think of white fur bears at an amazing arctic background, but these photographs show us there not always surrounded by ice and snow. As summer comes around the polar bears can be seen in fairly different surroundings like the gorgeous flower fields in these photographs. Photographer [...]

Reservoir Covered with 96 Million Plastic Balls to Fight Evaporation

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power started a project to fight water evaporation. The final step in this project was to [...]

This is CATable 2.0 for the design conscious cat lover

If you are a design conscious cat lover you want to make sure that cool things happen at your home for your cat. The CATable 2.0 i [...]

Jimmy Choo uses Skatepark to showcase new collection

Seymour Leisure Center, in London was the stage for the presentation of the new Jimmy Choo Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Jimmy Ch [...]

17th Century Dutch Merchant Mart Reinvented into Restaurant

Weigh House (De Waag in Dutch) is an old 17th century merchant mart on the street of Aalmarkt, Leiden that has been transformed in [...]

Cool Wood Sculptures made from Discarded Tree Trunks

South-korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee created these cool wood sculptures from discarded tree trunks and branches. He makes artworks wit [...]