The Cool new Shanghai Film Museum

Over 15,000 sqm this museum will share the story of Shanghai filmmaking, from its magical beginning in 1896 until present day’s 3D blockbusters. Located in a former film studio in Shanghai’s downtown Xujiahui, the new museum boasts 4 floors, over 70 interactive installations and a collection of 3,000 historic exhib [...]

Bizarre Rice Field Art in Japan

This bizarre form of art is very popular in Japan. It’s called Tanbo Art and basically is a Japanese project in which peo [...]

The Coqui Coqui Senses In Yucatán

In this bohemian chic boutique hotel, splurge is the magic word. The Coqui Coqui Senses hotels are inspired by pure nature, the ne [...]

Mind-Boggling new Anamorphic Drawings

We featured the awesome 3D drawings of Ramon Bruin earlier, this time it’s a another artist that created mind-boggling anamp [...]

Giant Chrome T-Rex in Paris

Constructed of 350 bones made ​​of chrome and a height of 6 meters, the lifesize tyrannosaurus-rex of the French artist Phili [...]

Street Festival Art installation in Porto

‘s. joao structure’ is a cool street festival art installation with a reinterpretation of flying balloons and firework [...]

Creative Pizza's with Celebrity Portraits

Italian Pizza chef Domenico Crolla made some really creative pizza’s with celebrity portraits on it. He started out with Bruce Lee, and then when the late actor’s daughter sent him a thank you note, he decided to try his hand at other famous faces. All the pizza’s are made with fresh ingredients and are [...]

Amazing Beatbox Brilliance that will make your Jaw drop

Where Cool Things Happen? Sometimes on a TEDx event: Tom Thum is a master beatboxer that really made our jaw drop to the ground. I [...]

27 Seriously Cool Animals

We came across some seriously cool animals lately and that inspired us to create this funny post of 26 Seriously Cool Animals.. en [...]

The Awesome Scrooser

Fat tires & fun with Scrooser: an urban mobility solution for the environmentally conscious individual. Kickstarter project S [...]

Coolest Pictures of the Day – Volume3

Instead of posting a ‘Picture of the Day’ every day, we decided to post 15 of our favourite photographs we came across [...]