Momma Bears teaching their Bear Cubs how to be a Bear

How awesome must it be to witness these wonderful creatures in the wild. When these big momma bears go out to teach their cute bear cubs how to be a real bear, it’s often an adorable and funny sight. These next 20 photographs will prove our point.. Image credits: Marco Mattiusi Image credits: Edwin Kats Ima [...]

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Paris trough Pentax

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A special hut, only for the Real Go-Getters

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Magnificent Macro Photos of Jumping Spiders

Where most people aren’t all that fond of spiders, especially the bigger ones, jumping spiders are not that frightening since they are rather small. Not many people know that the jumping spider is extremely smart — some experts think they are as smart as domestic cat. They are also very, very beautiful if you a [...]

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Detained by the police for making Aerial shots of Beijing

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