2 insane rooftoppers Climb Up the World’s Second Tallest Building

2 Guys wearing GoPro’s are climbing the World’s Second Tallest Building. They sneaked into the Shanghai Tower (still under construction) and climbed not only to the top, but scaled to the end of a crane that currently sits atop the roof. Upon its completion in 2014, Shanghai Tower will stand approximatel [...]

28 Creative Ads That’ll Make You Look Twice

Advertisement is not something people like or enjoy and we agree. But sometimes advertisement can be very creative & clever. A [...]

Awesome Black Desert House in the Mojave Desert

Perched like a stealth bomber on a cliffside, at the foot of a dramatic outcrop of prehistoric boulders, the “Black Desert Hous [...]

Cool Disney-Themed Celebrity Portraits

World renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz has been capturing shots of celebrities as popular Disney characters for years, as par [...]

Awe-inspiring Photos 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organization just announced the shortlist for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. This year’s contest [...]

Asian Youth swaps clothing with their elders

We came across this cool art/photography project where Asian youth swaps clothing with their elders. The artist behind this is qoz [...]

Stormscapes the beauty of Supercells

The Great Plains of the United States produce the most beautiful thunderstorms, supercells, and unique cloud structures in the world. Nicolaus Wegner spent the summer of 2013 on the northern Great Plains photographing some of these storms. Shot in Wyoming and South Dakota.. By Nicolaus Wegner [...]

Spectacular Castles handmade out of Ice

This beautiful piece of Winter Architecture is the work of artist Brent Christensen who annually constructs these temporary palace [...]

Melted Ceramics by Livia Marin

Nomad Patterns, a sculpture collection of artist Livia Marin’s where she shows ceramic cups and kettles melted into puddles [...]

Antarctica Explored with Google Street View

Just like WhereCoolThingsHappen.com, Google has also ventured off the beaten path to explore unique destinations around the world [...]

Stunning Artworks sculpted in Beach sand

If you happen to be in San Francisco, California, then you may be lucky enough to come across the art of Andres Amador. This la [...]

Winter gives access to dramatic ice caves in a stunning way

Record Temperatures Freeze a Path to the Spectacular Lake Superior Ice Caves. For the first time since 2009 Lake Superior has froz [...]