Modular Pop-up Restaurant on a Milan Rooftop

Milan now hosts a cool temporary restaurant that has been placed on the rooftop of palazzo beltrami in piazza della scala designed by park associati. The restaurant can easily be can be relocated, built up in two days and offers room for 24 seated guests. More information about this cool project can be found here [...]

Coolest Pizza box turns your smartphone Into a Projector

When you think pizzas, you think Movies! That’s why Ad Agency Ogilvy & Mather Group HK just launched an awesome campaign [...]

Portraits of Animals Reflect Powerful "Human" Emotions

These expressive portraits of animals are the work of the young Belgian photographer Vincent Lagrange. The ongoing project is ca [...]

These seniors show you're never too old to make Graffiti art!

Graffiti, that’s for young people, right? Wrong! The Portuguese organisation called LATA 65 gives elderly people art worksho [...]

Bizarre Ethereal Blue Glow on Hong Kong's Shoreline

Hong Kong is famous for it’s impressive skyline, but their shorelines are something out of ordinary too. There is this bizar [...]

Extremely Satisfying Food Cinemagraphs

Russian duo Daria Khoroshavina & Olga Kolesnikova are taking food photography to the next level by creating a series of stunn [...]

Kolmanskop - An eerie Abandoned town in the Namib Desert

Kolmanskop is what remains of a diamond city in the early 1900s, but now that it is abandoned, the desert is slowly taking it back. The town is a named after a transport driver named Johnny Coleman who when during a sand storm abandoned his ox wagon. After realizing the area was rich in diamonds, German miners began se [...]

Artist and 60,000 Bees form Splendid Teapot Sculpture

Artist Tomas Libertiny partners with over 60.000 bees to create this splendid teapot wax sculpture. Libertiny made a teapot-shape [...]

Elderly Chinese Women takes Care of 1,300 Stray Dogs every day

Five elderly women from Weinan, Shaanxi Province of China, get up at 4AM every day, to take care of 1,300 stray dogs. The dogs a [...]

Stunning Photographs of the World's Oldest Trees at Night

San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon is completely fascinated by the oldest trees in the world. And she has a portfolio th [...]

13 Wanderlust Photographs of a Couple That Travels The World

Photographer and surfer Jay Alvarrez and his girlfriend Alexis travel all over the world to the most exotic locations. Their Insta [...]

Glass-Covered Modular Cabin Provides Spectacular Views

Finland-based Avanto Architects produced this awesome all Glass-covered modular cabin. This isn’t something you should place [...]