25 sea slugs you won't believe really exist

A while ago we introduced you all to the very cute sea-bunny and sea-sheep, two adorable and beautiful sea slugs. But they aren’t the only ones out there that catch the eye. Take a look at all these under water gems that will float right into your heart! genealogyreligion.net Paul Hypnos imgur.com Daniel Her [...]

Abandoned Chinese Amusement Parks By Stefano Cerio

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25 Incredible Images of Earth At Night from Space by NASA

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World’s First Glass Sky Pool will be suspended 115 feet above London

If you like to swim in a pool that gives you extra chills…you must check this out. The developers at Ballymore unveiled a cool transparent “sky pool” that’ll make swimmers feel like they’re floating through the air in London. As the first of its kind in the world, this cool sky pool will be suspended 10-s [...]

The Beauty of Everyday Foods Shot with a Macro Lens

New York based photographer Adrian Mueller began his career studying architectural engineering. But he was drawn to photography be [...]

World's first Breaking Bad themed Cafe opens in Instanbul

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The greatest nautical spectacle in the world is SAIL Amsterdam, held every 5 years in the capital of The Netherlands. Since its f [...]

Amazingly Detailed Sculptures Carved From Pencil Tips

Pencils are often used to create art, but artist Jasenko Đorđević creates art from pencils. Sculptures carved out of Pencil tip [...]

Silver Bay Holiday Retreat in South Africa

Architectural designers and technologists at SAOTA, Antoni Associates & OKHA teamed up and finished this awesome residence th [...]