Soul Box: a Portable Retreat for ‘Glamping’ in Nature

Glamping is a trend for a couple of years it’s for those want to keep the comforts of home in reach. Well Soulbox,  a mobile wooden shelter by studio Allergutendinge, is the ideal solution. It offers all the conveniences of home and can be transported just about anywhere. Featuring two levels, the lower sp [...]

Japanese Bonsai Tree Launched into Space in Incredible Journey

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto is known for his botanical artworks, but his latest work really blows everything out of the water. M [...]

20 Little Kids And Their Big Lovable Dog Friends

Big Dogs with their little kids friends it’s an adorable sight. So enjoy the next 20 photographs.. Image credits: Jen Hen [...]

Stunning Photos of the Otherworldly Beauty of Antarctica's Icebergs

Tokyo-based nature photographer Martin Bailey takes us to the otherworldly beauty of monolithic icebergs and ice palaces that e [...]

The fantastic wire fairies of Trentham Gardens

Fairy tales can come to life, not just in out fantasy but through art. Robin Wight makes wonderful steel wire works that spark you [...]

This is What People Look Like Shooting Out of a Waterslide

“I Love Summer” is a series of high-speed photos by photographer Krista Long that captures people at the precise moment that t [...]

Turkey's surreal looking hot springs

If hot springs, relaxing atmosphere and surreal surroundings is your thing, then Pamukkale Springs is a place for you, Don’t let the white edges of the pool fool you, this is not snow and ice, the water in the springs is rich in calcium and in decades the water left these brilliant landscapes, now very popular wi [...]

Rare sight as Utah Desert Burst into spectacular colours

Every few years, for a few fleeting days, when conditions are just right, these otherwise arid lands of Utah’s badlands burs [...]

Unbelievable wooden sculptures of everyday objects

Wood carving is an art not many have perfected, but amongst those who did,  Livio de Marchi is the absolute top. His work consist [...]

Anamorphic art that will leave you in Awe

Swiss Artist Varini known for amazing anamorphic art will really make your head spin. When viewing the art pieces from a certain p [...]

23 Surreal Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Some places are breathtaking, mesmerizing and utterly stunning, but some places are just surreal. The next 23 surreal places are h [...]


Truly Breathtaking marble caves in Chile

It is called the most beautiful cave network in the world. Cuevas de Marmol, also called the Marble Cathedral, can be found in Ch [...]

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