Cool Galactic Star Wars Coffee Cups & Brew

Creative designers Scott Shenone and Spencer Davis recently put together a cool line of coffee: Dark Brew. For the really devoted Star Wars film fans, but also for all other coffee addicts. Inspired by the galactic saga, the range features blends, coffee cups and packaging just in time for the Star Wars revival. I [...]

Extreme Wedding Shoot on 350ft Cliff Ledge

Photographer Jay Philbrick, started his career as a mountain guide, but is now a full time professional photographer. But maybe h [...]

Hilarious Winners of the Very First Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

There are allot photography awards and we almost love them all, show great photography from around the world, but this one can be [...]

Amazing: This Is the First Timelapse of the Solar System to Scale

On a dry lakebed in Nevada, a group of friends build the first scale model of the solar system with complete planetary orbits: a t [...]

100-Year-Old Church Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Murals

This 100-year old historic church in Spain, has been transformed into a skate park covered in awesome colourful murals. The conver [...]

Liquid Mountains: the Force and Beauty of the Waves of Lake Erie

Dave Sandford is an professional sports photographer for a living, but what he is most passionate about is everything that has got [...]

15 Photos of Dogs enjoying the beginning of Winter

Photographer Anne Geier from Austria captured this incredibly vibrant photo series of dogs that are enjoying the beginning of winter. Man’s best friend seems to be at ease and happy in the changing seasons and it leaves us with a smile on our face.. Image credits: Anne Geier, check more of her work on her Websit [...]

This is What Happens When People Are Told They Are Beautiful

18-year-old student Shea Glover, from a Chicago highschool, captured a beautiful social experiment, where she tells people they [...]

11 Awesome Aerial Drone shots of Iceland

Photographer Jakub Polomski created this collection of awesome aerial drone shots of rugged Iceland. A unique landscape that is di [...]

Luxurious Korean Tent Pods Opens a World of "Glamorous Camping"

Glamorous Camping or Clamping is a travel trend that even more develops in 2016. This sleek, eco-friendly and luxurious korean ten [...]

3D printed the famous classical paintings for the visually impaired

Wow just wow! With 3d printing technology becoming the standard for more everyday use, people are finding new ways to get the most [...]

Wildlife photographer Captured an Once-in-a-lifetime moment

Wildlife photographer Phoo Chan from California captured an amzing once-in-a-lifetime moment when he saw a crow landing on the bac [...]