Exquisite Buildings Adorned With Amazing Islamic Details

Most people are in awe of the incredible beauty invested in ornated buildings that carry the essence of Islamic architecture regardless of their location – native or spread around the world.  Beyond recall, the most beautiful buildings with Islamic details  are located in Islamic countries, with Morocco and Ir [...]

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This Guy Turned an Old Chevrolet Into a Cool Film-Making Studio

It is no longer enough to own a mobile home. Nowadays people not only like to take their personal life with them but they also don’t mind taking their work along. This ambitious young film director needed to be as mobile as possible while doing his work. Meet Zach Both, a director who turned an old Chevrolet [...]

Photographer Uncovers the Hidden Beauty of London Floors Below Your Feet

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Giant Hypnotic Installation Made Just From Flagging Tape

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Mal Adentro: Hotel With the Most Inappropriate Name in the World

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