Real-life Kermit the Frog Discovered in Costa Rica

Scientists recently discovered a new species of Glass frogs in the Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica. Hyalinobatrachium as they call it are characterized by a lack of pigmentation in their skin, glass frogs can only be found in parts of Central and South America. The frog is about 2.5 centimeters in length. It has unus [...]

Mankind's impact on nature in 17 photos

Many people don’t like to look at the facts, but there is no denying: Man has an impact on the planet, and it’s not al [...]

10 Pictures of Men with their Adorable Cats

Brooklyn based photographer David Williams wanted to break the stereotype, so he decided to start a project called “Men & C [...]

29 square meter House looks amazing inside

In the past we have covered a lot of small houses, from Paris to Sweden . But this one from Japan is a rather special one. Created [...]

Living inside an active volcano

What would your ideal living spot be? The inside of an active volcano might not be in the top 10, but that doesn’t stop the [...]

Wild Adventures Of A Man And His Dog traveling The USA

Traveler/photographer John Stortz traveled around in the USA and took his dog ‘Wolf’ everywhere. He put ‘Wolf&# [...]

6 Adorable Animals who all live on Hokkaido island

After the Quokka Hype it’s time to pick your new favourite animal. All you have to do is look around at Hokkaido island in Japan, where 6 super cute animals live. Take for example the adorable Ezo momonga, a type of flying squirrel endemic to the area,  who could resist so much adorability? Twitter user P [...]

Doodle Invasion: Highly Detailed Coloring Book That Adults Love

Coloring books aren’t only for kids.. no Doodle Invasion is a next level coloring book for adults. Created by master doodler [...]

Crazy Freediving Into a Blue Hole Abyss

Freediver Guillaume Néry is brave (or crazy) enough to plunge into this blue hole abyss. It’s Dean’s Blue Hole, the [...]

River in China turns into a bizarre green carpet of leaves

It looks beautiful this bizarre phenomena in the polluted city of Huizhou in China. It’s the result of countless green plant [...]

This Nurse Cat Looks After Other Animals At Animal Shelter

In poland there is a so called nurse cat that takes care of the other animals at the animal shelter, a truly magnificent story. Th [...]

Man Spents 40 years building His Own Human-Powered Theme Park

Photograph above by Alessandra on Flickr Hidden among the trees of an Italian forest, Bruno has been building swings, slides, sees [...]