A 365-Day awesome miniature painting every single day project

Postcards for Ants is an Art project of Cape Town artist Lorraine Loots who has been creating a miniature painting every single day since January 1, 2013. She is painting awesome miniature paintings with just the bare eye and some pencils and brushes. The small paintings have so much detail for a painting smaller than [...]

HotSpot: BESPOKE Restaurant Oberkampf Paris

After a long day of shopping in the heart of Paris, all you need is a good place to relax and taste the finest food Paris has to o [...]

Momma Bears teaching their Bear Cubs how to be a Bear

How awesome must it be to witness these wonderful creatures in the wild. When these big momma bears go out to teach their cute be [...]

25 Stunning Paths you need to walk before you die

Paths have something magical it draws people to walk it, explore it and discover places where the path may lead to. It brings out [...]

Surreal Animal Sculptures with Elements of Nature on their backs

You will encounter these animals only in your dreams. The surreal animal sculptures are part of an ongoing project called “D [...]

Perfect getaway to explore Belize: Hopkins Bay Belize Resort

Ever wanted to explore fascinating Belize? We have found a perfect getaway to explore Belize, it’s the Hopkins Bay Belize [...]


Paris trough Pentax

Paris-based creative studio Maison Carnot is showing off their home city in the most charming of ways. Utilizing the legendary Pentax 67 TLR, the team shows you the iconic views of Paris through the camera’s viewfinder. Paris Through Pentax from Maison Carnot on Vimeo. Via: Maison Carnot [...]

A special hut, only for the Real Go-Getters

Spending hte night in this wonderful mountain hut is free, and it’s not because it is in bad shape, far from it. It also has [...]

Magnificent Macro Photos of Jumping Spiders

Where most people aren’t all that fond of spiders, especially the bigger ones, jumping spiders are not that frightening sinc [...]

11 photos of Nature's most beautiful and abstract patterns

Photographer Thorsten Scheuermann takes gorgeous photographs that show the beautiful abstract patterns found in nature. The way he [...]

Detained by the police for making Aerial shots of Beijing

Photographer, Artist, Writer & Adventurer Trey Ratcliff has an amazing story to tell. He describes himself as a warm-hearted, [...]

29 More Stunning Autumn Pictures

We did this before but there is just too much Autumn out there that is worth watching. So if you ever go visit one of these places [...]