After the Sea Bunny there is now a cute Sea Sheep

Slugs are getting popular these days.. crazy.. we know. But also understandable after viewing the Sea-bunnies, we wrote about earlier, there is now a cute Sea-Sheep. This Leaf-Sheep as it is called (actually Costasiella kuroshimae) is a slug thats about 5mm large and has this funny cartoon-like look. Costasiella kuros [...]

Stunning Underwater Restaurant Lets Guests Dine in the Ocean

We’ve seen a couple of concepts, with 3D animated images, of underwater restaurants, but this one is for real and already op [...]

Coffee Leaf Paintings made with Coffee leftover

It’s becoming more and more popular to create art with coffee leftovers, but there are still some who can be original and ta [...]

This is what Tears look like under a Microscope

Where are tears made from? Heartbreak or.. something scientific likeantibodies, oils, enzymes and H2O. Dutch photographer Maurice [...]

Changing Cities: Past and Present mashups

We’ve covered these mashup photos of past and present before, but rarely executed this well. The fashion editor of Esquire Magaz [...]

China's Ricefields look like detailed art

The breathtaking sights of the different Ricefields of Southern China are truely pieces of art. With vibrant colors, different sha [...]

12 Reasons why you should visit these Japanese Snow monkeys

Japan is a very photogenic country and photographers love to go there to capture the beautiful cherry blossoms in early spring, the majestic colors of nature in fall or the crazy trends in cities like Tokio. There are enough reasons to think of to visit Japan, but we just want to point out something that shouldn’ [...]

125 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Just Discovered in China

A truly historic discovery in north-east China has uncovered a 125 million-year-old fossil of a perfectly preserved dinosaur. Sci [...]

Mesmerizing Seaside Villages in Italy You Must Visit

If you haven’t decided yet where to go to this summer, these amazing seaside villages will convince you to pack your bags an [...]

What happens when you drop a Basketball from 125 meters

What happens when you throw a basketball from a 125 meter high dam? Veritasium is a youtube channel of science and engineering vi [...]

"Skeleton Flowers" Turn Amazingly Transparent in the Rain

The Diphylleia Grayi looks like an ordinary flower, with simple white petals. But when it rains it transforms into an extraordina [...]

Prosthetic Arm Lets Kids Build Attachments Out of LEGO

IKO is a creative prosthetic system designed by Carlos Arturo Torres for his degree work. It lets kids explore and empower their c [...]