The 900-Years Old Leafless Forest in the Namibian Desert

This outlandish place has a history. Called Deadvlei, or the Dead Marsh, the surreal landscape is a remnant of a dried oasis in the middle of sandy Namibian desert dunes. The forest died after it was totally dried, when the water brought over by the flooded Tsauchab River, withdrew. It was a moment of climate change an [...]

Blossom Fireworks Explode in The Philadelphia Museum of Art

There is a while since this event has taken place, but we are stunned as always of the particular artistic ingenuity. The flower f [...]

Fruit Cherishing Turned Into Colorful Self-Portraits

Meet Cristina Otero, a resourceful and imaginative young artist who loves fruit. Cristina was born and lives in Madrid and start [...]

Unusual Medieval Fairy-tale Temple Village in Myanmar

    How did the middle ages look like in the West? Different than they did in the East, but there is one shared experien [...]

Book Shelf That Lets Your Favorite Books Hang in Air

LovetheSign has put this conceal shelf for online sales to satisfy delicate interior design lovers and book addicts at one go. The [...]

Eye-catching Paintings of the Summer Season in Full Bloom

Gene Brown is a contemporary watercolor painter born in Oregon and educated at the California College of Arts and Crafts. Gene now [...]

Striking Macro Photos of Insects Covered in Morning Dew

David Chambon is a French photographer whose specialty is photographing insects in macro style. He is an amateur photo creator in love in early mornings when nature is covered in dew and offers dazzling macro images of its creatures. Here are super enlarged tiny insects covered in small droplets of dew. The crystal c [...]

A Three-Year Journeying Around the World to Capture Sunrise

Julien Grondin is a French landscape photographer famous under the name of Beboy Photographs. Julien is self-taught and photograp [...]

Intelligent Animals Sheltering From the Rain in Clever Ways

We should be forever grateful to the macro images and microscopic HD cameras for introducing us to a totally new world of small a [...]

Artist Creates Fields of Gold Lights Radiating as Starry Skies

Meet Bruce Munro, a British artist famous for his works with light installations created in botanical gardens. In his longish arti [...]

Exceptional Mega-Realistic Oil Paintings of Trivial Objects

Considered to be one of the best hyper-realists today, Tjalf Sparnaay takes everyday objects and tries to represent them in new b [...]

Business Lunch Cafè Mimics a Contemporary Kyoto Style

Wouldn’t you love spending your working day here? If not for the whole day, at least for a quiet afternoon working on your [...]