This mural was purposely upside down to reflect off of the water

Oh wow this is creative street art, a mural purposely painted upside down so the real image would reflect off of the water. At the first glance this mural looks a bit ordinary, but with perfect still water conditions the real image comes to life and it completely interacts with the water itself. That’s what is s [...]

Futuristic house embedded in a cliff is going to be breathtaking

Architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos designed a house that finds the fine balance between high a [...]

Monochrome Watercolor Paintings of Children and their Animals

Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto, creates beautiful watercolor paintings that capture the unique relationship between human, natu [...]

Cool Animal Shaped Triangular Night Lights

These cool animal shaped Triangular night lights are produced by SturlesiDesign. The Tel Aviv based studio was founded in 2009. Al [...]

Cool New Suspended Treehouse Tents let you Camp in the Air

We can’t helpt it but we just love tree-houses and just about everything suspended. We love these cool new suspended treehou [...]

Incredible Tiny Sculptures carved out of Pencil Lead

These amazing miniature sculptures are carved out of a pencil lead, this is really next-level pencil sharpening.  Russian artist [...]

Abandoned Casino Was Once The Most Impressive Building In Romania

Proudly overlooking the Black Sea, the Constanta Casino calmly contemplate the horizon, recalling the most glorious hours. This completely abandoned casino was once the most magnificent and impressive building in Romania. Attracting wealthy travelers and gamers flocked from all over Europe, and made the reputation of [...]

The bicycle that projects turn-signals on your back

When it comes to visability, bicycles for the most part get the short straw, resulting in a lot of accidents. Azerbaijan designer [...]

Australia's artistic blue salt flats

Simon Butterworth, award winning aerial Photographer, was inspired when he visited the blue salt flats in Australia. From above th [...]

Kitten And Owlet Become Best Friends in Owl Cafe

We’ve seen unlikely friendships between animals before, but we just can’t get enough of it. This time it’s an Ow [...]

Cool new Eco-Sneaker made from Ocean Trash by Adidas

Recycled Ocean trash sneakers are going to be the new thing in fashion. We love the concept because it’s almost entirely mad [...]

10 awesome American Swimming Holes to Take a Dip in

If you live in America and are looking for a day trip with a Splash check out these 10 awesome American swimming holes to take a d [...]