Human-like Wild Animals

Christoph Meyer a German graphic designer created these great photo manipulations of wild animals in human urban settings. “The whole project took me two or three days to finish and I have to say that creating those images made a lot of fun although it wasn’t easy at some stages.” he says. You ca [...]

World's first real Hoverboard

It may remind you of those awesome scenes from Back to the future where Marty Mcfly is hovering trough the streets on his hoverboa [...]

11 of the World's most creative trafficlights

Waiting in line until the light turns green isn’t really you’re favorite thing to do when you are in a hurry but with [...]

Blending the Past and Present - Part 2

Imagine yourself walking through the streets of Moscow,Berlin,Prague and Paris and being able to time travel back into time to see [...]

Fascinating Food Paintings - Part 2

A while ago we did a post on the Amazing Food paintings Anna Keville Joyce. Now Lauren Purnell‘s culinairy Canvases are making [...]

The Invisible Painted Man

Liu Bolin is a Chinese  artist who has a rather unusual way of making his performance art… by painting himself to merge wit [...]

Minuscule detailed paintings on food

Turkish artist Hasan Kale really has a great eye for detail. He paints miniscule paintings on everyday snacks. Kale keeps challenging himself to go beyond his limits and artistically conquer all tiny surfaces. Via: Illusion Photos © Hasan Kale [...]

10 of the most colourful buildings around the world

Colours move us so many different ways. It can affect the way we feel or experience something. These architects make a excellent u [...]

Psychedelic Colourful salt mine discovered in Abandoned Russian tunnels

Hundreds of feet below a Russian city is an abandoned salt mine with the most psychedelic and colourful patterns you have ever la [...]

12 Extraordinary Hot air balloons

Hot air balloons are great as they are, but some of them are a bit more… unique. Take a look at these 12 very special hot ai [...]

The Amazing Rock of Guatapé in Colombia

La Piedra Del Peñol (Spanish for “The Rock of Guatapé”), is a monolithic formation located at the town of Guatapé, [...]

Bizarre Abandoned Romanian Village Flooded by a Toxic Lake

The photograph is striking, but the reality behind it may be more so. A Romanian village is covered by water tainted with cyanide [...]