17th Century Dutch Merchant Mart Reinvented into Restaurant

Weigh House (De Waag in Dutch) is an old 17th century merchant mart on the street of Aalmarkt, Leiden that has been transformed into one of the most inspiring restaurants this Dutch city has to offer. The architects carefully preserved original elements to pay respect to the rich history the Waag has to offer. If you a [...]

Cool Wood Sculptures made from Discarded Tree Trunks

South-korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee created these cool wood sculptures from discarded tree trunks and branches. He makes artworks wit [...]

Photographer captures Unusual Friendship Between Wolf And Bear

Finnish photographer Lassi Rautiainen captured a series of surprising photographs of an unusual friendship between a wolf and bear [...]

8 reasons why the French Alps are worth a visit

Italian based photographer Lukas Furlan, recently finished his tour through the French Alps and documented a cool series of stunni [...]

The Magnificent Aral Sea Abandoned Ship Graveyard

If you like abandoned places you really should visit this cool ship Graveyard located at the Aral Sea, Central Asia. The work of L [...]

Cool Artpieces made of Oreo Cookies

When your mother used to tell you, you shouldn’t be playing with your food most of us would listen. But not Tisha Cherry and [...]

Amazing Fantasy-like Cabins by Dan Pauly

Being raised in a true wood-working craftsman family, it was a small step for Dan Pauly to create these amazing rustic cabins you could easily find in a fantasy novel. Dan, whose great-grandfather emigrated to the US in the late 1800s, built many barns, saunas, shed and bunkies in central Minnesota, some which still st [...]

Perfectly Timed Animal shots Part 3

Our 36 Perfectly timed Animal Shots story was our fans’ favorite, so we had to make another list of these lovable animals. T [...]


Invisible Bathroom Sink Made of Marble and Glass

Victor Vasilev is an architect/designer from Bulgaria who loves create things that he describes as material purity. He also is t [...]

NASA Camera Shows Moon Crossing The Earth, Seen from 1 Million miles away

Speaking of Cool Photos, NASA always has been sharing amazing pictures that we’ve never seen before. Last month they shar [...]

Giant Portrait of Cecil the Lion Projected onto the Empire State Building

Cecil the Lion’s glowing image has been projected onto the world famous Empire State Building in New York City. Together wit [...]

Macro Photos reveal the Beauty of Alien-Like Plants

Through Macro photography, Joni Niemelä is taking us to an otherworldly place with alien-like carnivorous plants. The stunning e [...]