Incredible Glass Jellyfish Sculptures that look so real

Rick Satava is an artist who creates this incredible lifelike glass jellyfish sculptures, that look so real it makes you think it’s a preserved jellyfish. He describes his sculptures: “vertically oriented, colorful, fanciful jellyfish with tendril-like tentacles and a rounded bell encased in an outer layer of r [...]

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Adorable Owl Photos in their natural Habitat

Among all living bird groups, Owls stand out the most. These magnificent creates can rotate their heads 270 degrees without cutting off the blood supply to their brains. These nocturnal birds eat prey larger than you think, have absurd night vision and are adorable.. uhh what? Yes they seem to be adorable. Thai Photo [...]

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3D printing allows a blind pregnant woman to "see" her unborn baby

Ultrasound is a wonderful invention because it allows parents to see their unborn children on a monitor and take home a photo. Unf [...]