NYC street photography makes total strangers look like one family

It’s the amazing photography series called ‘ Touching Strangers’ of photographer Richard Rinaldi that caught our eye. He brings complete and total strangers together as if they are lovers, friends or relatives. Renaldi invites total strangers on the street to pose together—touching—and captures a [...]

21 Stunning shots from iPhone Photography Awards 2013

This is mindblowing, 21 stunning photographs taken all with just an iPhone. There is even a photography competition, called the an [...]

Cool Thai Commercial about our smartphones

We love Advertisement from all over the world. This is just another cool ad we’ve found: People nowadays use technology to c [...]

Mind-Boggling Kaleidoscope Artworks

Dutch artist Suzan Drummen created these mind-boggling kaleidoscope artworks on several floors. She used crystals, chromed metal, [...]

24 Bizarre animal creatures that really exist

Discovering the world is not only about exploring beautiful landscapes, sights, architecture and art, it’s also spotting bea [...]

23 more Perfectly Timed Animal Shots

We Photography as you know by now, and we love animals. So a perfect combination to combine in one article. We’ve collected [...]

Art Installation lets you Walk on Clouds

Have you ever been with your head in the clouds? well this time it’s not a figure of speech, because this art installations let’s walk on and through the clouds. Created by Japanese architecture firm Tetsuo Kondo Architects, called CloudScapes. You can find it in the Sunken Garden of the Museum of Contem [...]

Japanese Photographer Takes Fun Pictures with Daughter

Japanese photographer Toyokazu Nagano took a series of fun pictures with his adorable daughter Kanna. They find themselves in all [...]

Awesome Hyper Travel Stop Motion through Georgia

Are you ready to fly? This film is a HDR hyperlapse postcard that will take you to a journey through Georgia – probably the [...]

Bizarre Mountaintop Villa on a Chinese Penthouse

When you are picturing  a rock mountain villa you probably didn’t think off this crazy structure in Beijing, China. Zhang B [...]

Our Changing Earth in Amazing Google Earth GIF's

Google has published 7 Timelapse GIF’s showing Google Earth images over a period of time. it is both fascinating and distur [...]

Landscapes made of People

Strange title, but we can explain. Carl Warner is a fantastic photographer that likes to create awesome unexpected landscape photo [...]