Generator Hostel Barcelona is a cool place to stay

Barcelona is one of our favorite capitols of cool in Europe and we explored it, collecting all the hotspots, for you. During our citytrip we stayed in the cool Generator Hostel Barcelona, a great low-cost urban travel accommodation near the center of Barcelona’s lively hotspots. Hostels are booming now days becom [...]

Stunning Macro Photograph of a Hummingbird

Photographer Chris Morgan shot these awesome marco shots of hummingbirds, while on a recent trip to Costa Rica. Hummingbirds are r [...]

Next level 3D Graffiti

Ow my Daze! Graffiti artists are searching for new creative ways to make their artwork stand out. Odeith, a graffiti artist from P [...]

International Drone Photography Awards 2014

This year is the first of the international Drone photography Awards. A project called Dronestragram with stunning drone photograp [...]

Stunning Miniature Gardens Encased in Clear Glass Orbs

Master Glass Artist Paul Stankard creates these stunning miniature gardens encased in clear glass orbs. His work displays his love [...]

22 of the most Creative Statues around the world

Every city and metropol has them, stunning and creative sculptures and statues upgrading mostly boring parts of urban area. You pr [...]


Dutch Artist Recreates childhood doodles

Telmo Pieper a design artist from the Netherlands recreated his childhood doodles in an amazing way. He drew the original images when he was only 4 years old which shows how greatly his painting skills have evolved. More of this work can be found on his website [...]

Ice Storm freezes Slovenia solid

A three day Blizzard, combined with a freak ice storm had devastating results in Slovenia as it froze half of the country in place [...]

Detailed paper birds by Diana Beltran Herrera

Colombian designer and artist DIANA BELTRAN HERRERA has been working with paper as the primary medium in the production of her wor [...]

Mike Stilkey uses Bookcovers as his canvas

Forgotten, neglected and dumped. Artist Mike Stilkey uses old books that he reclaimed from library trash heaps as a canvas for his [...]

70 years long Traffic Jam discovered in Belgian Forest

Wow this is probably the longest traffic jam ever! In a Belgian forest this “traffic jam” was abandoned by US soldiers [...]


Spectacular Red Colored Lake Natron in Tanzania

Lake Natron is a Salt lake in Tanzania and is spectacular to see because of the intense red colored waters. The color of the lake [...]