Berlin Wall Being Rebuilt in a Dazzling Display of 8,000 Glowing Orbs

It was Twenty-five years ago, that Berliners were tearing down the Berlin Wall to reclaim free movement between East and West. In November 2014, artist brothers Christopher and Marc Bauder will build the Berlin Wall anew. Instead of concrete and barbed wire, this time the border will materialize as a 12 kilometer light [...]

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17 reasons why you must visit Belize

When visiting Belize there will never be a dull moment. Not only will you be able to relax and enjoy the wonderful nature but there are also plenty of things to do for the real thrill seekers and culture addicts. We’ve listed 15 reasons why you should visit Belize.. 1. The Great Blue Hole More via WhereCoolThin [...]


Stunning Finland Night Photography by Mikko Lagerstedt

The talented Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt recently released night II, a collection of night time photographs captured [...]

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