Oaze: The Coolest Panoramic Transportable Dome

Vytautas Puzeras  a product design from Lithuania design an transportable dome shelter based Oaze. This cool Dome shape tent allows people to enjoy the ultimate panoramic view on the surroundings landscapes.     Puzero Design [...]

Luna Lantern Brings The Moon Into Your Room

Taiwanese design firm Acorn Studio recently announced Luna, a new lighting system that mimics the color and shape of a moon. Loo [...]

Amazing Bridge Turns Into a Tunnel and Connects Denmark and Sweden

This amazing engineering marvel turns from a bridge into a tunnel to connect Denmark en Sweden. The Øresund Bridge is the longes [...]

Cool Pop-up Sandcastle Hotel Opens in the Netherlands

The ‘Zand Hotel’ is completely build from sand and is a temporary place where you can actually stay for the night. In [...]

Long Exposure Light Paintings From Trees and rocks

Professional photographer Vitor Schietti from Brazil, creates long exposure light painting artworks in nature and cities by using [...]

Designers create Nameless Paints to Change the Way Kids Learn About Color

Ima Moteki, a design duo in Japan, has just created a set of Nameless Paints to change the way kids can learn about color.  They [...]

The World's Longest Glass-Bottom Bridge is insane

In China this insane (!) all glass bottom bridge just opened. The see-through suspended walkway is 180 meters (590 feet) above the ground and spans a distance of 300 meters (984 feet), making it the world’s longest transparent air-walk. Located in China’s Shiniuzhai Geopark in Hunan and not for the fainted of [...]

Spectacular Gemstones Resemble Beautiful Natural Scenes

These spectacular Agate gemstones are called “Landscape agates” and you’ll understand why. These amazing stones resembl [...]

The summerhouse that hangs to enlarge the garden

Architect Scott Tallon walker loved his garden. So much in fact he felt conflicted to build a house that took up the space that co [...]

13 most incredible super-moon photos you probably haven't seen before

You probably heard alot about it and if you weren’t able to watch it, here are 13 inspiring photos that will make your jawdr [...]

Get Ready for the Planet's Longest Slide

This massive 376-foot tall ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture was designed by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond. It orginally for the Oly [...]

Italy's first Female Astronaut Shares photos of 200 day Journey Through Space

Besides holding the honor of being Italy’s first female astronaut, Samantha Cristoforetti is also an amazing photographer. But h [...]