Eye Catching Roomscapes with a Camera Obscura

Creative Artist Abelardo Morell from Cuba takes photos of massive city- and landscapes and projects them onto walls by the use of a camera obscura. He converts full-size rooms into a giant camera obscura through a tiny pinhole and unites the outside world with a variety of interiors. The results are incredible. [...]

13 Parisian Floors that remind us that we should look down more often

In between the time we spend watching at our loved ones and admiring the Eiffel tower, these unique photo series remind us we shou [...]

Massive Mural on Sunken Ship Changes with Tide Levels

This hyperrealistic portrait is created by artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula) and it changes depending on the height of the tide. When th [...]

Incredible architectural structures made from cookies and candies

Multidisciplinary photograhper Sam Kaplan created an awesome photo series of organized structures made entirely from candies and c [...]

Artists create unique Wallcut murals in Abandoned Factory

Nowadays we can find cool murals and other streetart almost everywhere. Some artist used paint, some use real city object and some [...]

Parisian Rubber Coated Basketball Court Looks like a Piet Mondrian Painting

This awesome basketball court is the work of Vincent Le Thuy, Pigalle and a group of creative from Ill Studio. With this project [...]

High-tech Smartwatch made of Wood

A Japanese company called Tokyoflash is specialized in creating high-tech Smartwatch concepts. These awesome watches have led tubes that display the time on a wooden display and it comes with several cool options including alarm system, animations and few display modes. More info on the website. [...]

Father snaps his two small boys having the perfect summer

If you think back about your childhood, which moments do stand out the most? What are your prized memories? Usually they are the s [...]

3D floors that make your bathroom feel like the ocean

Going to the bathroom isn’t always the most thrilling thing to do. Most of them are downright boring, but not these bathroom [...]

Caribbean Diver's Villa is Only Surrounded by a Beautiful Barrier reef

Near the coast of Honduras there is this wonderful place called Villa on Dunbar Rock. This exclusive villa is built on a single r [...]

21 Creative Ways to keep your Books Organised

An E-reader doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to the feeling of cuddling up in bed with a real book. But once you’re done wit [...]

IKO Creative prosthetic system Builds Attachments Out of LEGO

Colombian design enthusiast, Carlos Arturo Torres teamed up with Cirec and Lego to build an ingenious system called IKO. It is a c [...]