Cool Ecostay in Praia Do Forte Brazil

Praia do Forte is known to be one of the most beautiful and pleasant coastal villages on the Northeast region of Brazil. If you ever planning on visiting this area check this cool ecostay Tivoli Ecoresidences Praia do Forte. Complete in tropical charm with thatched roofs, spacious suites, private swimming pools and st [...]

12 Stunning Photographs of our Universe

Stargazing is something that gets everyone to quietly enjoy and feel small in this big universe. We love astro photography because [...]

Animals going on a Imaginary Adventure

We’ve seen this kind of photography series before, where kids are launched into a imaginary adventure, but this time it̵ [...]

Cuba Lost in Time

Cool old cars, cigars, latin music, smiling faces, pristine beaches. Cuba is a broken but still beautiful island in the Caribbean [...]

This is the Largest Photograph in the World

Photographer Jeffrey Martin, holds the title of world’s largest photo, but he didn’t stop and broke his own record by cre [...]

Flying 500m in the air with a rubber boat

This looks like fun. 500m up in a speed boat attached to a hang-glider with a giant propeller over Seborga, Italy. 2 crazy guys d [...]

Abandoned house taken over by Animals

This fits perfectly in our beautifully abandoned series. There were some charming cottages in Finland. The people moved away. And the animals moved in. Bizarre how the animals (all kinds of) are living together in one house.. Discovered by Finnish photographer Kai Fagerström.. By Kai Fagerström [...]

Student turns Bus into an awesome home

Meet this architecture student Hank. He bought a bus, ripped the seats out, fit it with beds and is touring the country with frie [...]

20 Black & White Pictures amazingly restored in Colour

This is really amazing, 20 historic black and white photographs that are restored in colour. This is called colorised and although [...]

NYC street photography makes total strangers look like one family

It’s the amazing photography series called ‘ Touching Strangers’ of photographer Richard Rinaldi that caught our [...]

21 Stunning shots from iPhone Photography Awards 2013

This is mindblowing, 21 stunning photographs taken all with just an iPhone. There is even a photography competition, called the an [...]

Cool Thai Commercial about our smartphones

We love Advertisement from all over the world. This is just another cool ad we’ve found: People nowadays use technology to c [...]