Glass-Covered Modular Cabin Provides Spectacular Views

Finland-based Avanto Architects produced this awesome all Glass-covered modular cabin. This isn’t something you should place in an urban landscape but it is intended to be a natural escape. The cabin provides you with spectacular views of nature, but with all the convenience you need. It’s constructed fro [...]

Hand-cut paper art is unbelievably detailed

Suzy Taylor is an amazingly talented paper-cut artist in Hertfordshire, England. She creates such detailed works of paper art that [...]

New Technology Allows the Blind to "See" Paintings Through Touch

Blind can see through touch, but paintings are mostly off limits since they are protected so nobody could touch them. Fortunat [...]

17 Amazing Shots of Wolves in the Wild

Seeing Wolves in the Wild is something that happen occasionally, that’s why we created a list of these amazing animals in th [...]

The Edge, The world's most Sustainable and Innovative building

Amsterdam has always been a place where people get inspired by its art, ambiance and architecture. It now proudly hosts the most s [...]


Australian Mushrooms are jawdroppingly beautiful

Mushrooms are somehow always a bit alien looking, some more than others. But Australia has some out of this world looking fungi th [...]

Cool Geometric 'Hammock' Zome To Share With Friends

We could never have enough hammocks, hanging seating pods etc.. so we would like to share with you this cool Kodama Zome, a hangout to share with friends. A zome in the original sense is a building using unusual geometries, and are usually on the ground, but Kodama founder Richie Duncan worked on creating a design tha [...]

Spectacular Fabergé Fractals by Tom Beddard

These spectacular Fabergé fractals are the work Tom Beddard. He is a Scotland-based laser physicist who became an Artist. The n [...]

Pizza in the Wild, this photoseries will put a smile on your face

L.A. based photographer Jonpaul Douglass shot a hilarious photoseries placing the world’s favorite baked pie in various loc [...]

Hands Down for probably the Best Aerial shots of London so far

Photographer Vincent Laforet spent nearly 2 hours hanging out of a Helicopter to get the most interesting shots of London. Due the [...]

Solar-Powered Ecocapsule Allows You to Live Off the Grid Anywhere

Imagine you could live off the grid anywhere in the world. If it were up to Slovakia’s Nice Architects, you will soon be ab [...]

Mercedes-Benz and Lufthansa team up to create superb interior

On the occasion of EBACE ( European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition ) 2015 , from 19 – 21 May in Geneva, Merc [...]