Sixties Poolside Glamour Illustrated Via Aerial Lifesaver Shots

Those were the days of sweet sugary colors, bold hairstyles and a new lifestyle ease. At least, that is the vibe of the 60s – the period that everyone thinks of with nostalgia, sweetly remembering the pop-culture oomph and the brash attitude. Gray Malin, the photographer who took these aerial poolside shots, says [...]

Photographer Captures Ireland's Essence in Gorgeous Green Sceneries

We told you about Claire Droppert some time ago when we presented some of her gravity work. Falling flowers and flying sand were [...]

"Vivid Sydney" Festival Brings Artists Together Basking the City in Light

Vivid Sydney is the largest festival of light, music and ideas in the large Australian city, when Sydney becomes as bright as a [...]

Stunning Sugar Glass Art for a First-Rate Drinking Sensation

If you do a little search online, you will certainly find a full recipe on how to make sugar glass art. You need sugar and corn sy [...]

Distinctly Sophisticated Pastel Colors Painted by a Polymath Artist

While you may have heard of the word polymath, we have just discovered a new, viral, practical, pop word for people who have multi [...]

Cool Toyota Hybrid Ad Shows The Ground Beneath the Wheels

Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi from Dusseldorf was engaged to create a brand new perspective of car transportation, pict [...]

100 Walls, Windows and Facades Depict Pragmatic City Living

Alex Galmeanu is an architectural photographer from Bucharest, Romania who brings the camera when travelling to picture urban living in multi-apartment buildings.  Alex says that his intention is to capture not only the pragmatic architecture of multi-storey buildings, but also the philosophical dimension of living i [...]

Fantastical New Worlds Created from Realistic Landscapes

The beautiful fictional worlds by Catherine Nelson are made by combining her wonderful mixed skills originating from the art educa [...]

Sleep Like an Eskimo in the Heights of the German Alps

If you travel to the German Alps, near Oberstdorf, and plan to go skiing or you just adore mountains, stay at Nebelhorn, on the So [...]

Nowhere Island: The Creation of a New Arctic Nation

“In the event of a climate change, proclaim a new island territory.” Although the statement sounds unrealistic, and pe [...]

Phosphorescent Nightlife Photography of London and Tokyo

When one works as an art director in the gaming industry, the life from the virtual reality created on screen influences real life [...]

New BMW Vision Exterior Exudes Warmth and Power

Everything you would expect from a cool futuristic sedan with a sporty edge is combined in this vehicle. The new BMW Vision was de [...]