Extra Terrestrial-like patterns made with Footsteps In Snow

To be the first person to walk in freshly fallen snow is one of the little pleasures in life, making tracks and “discovering” the landscape. Artist Sonja Hinrichsen took this element to a whole new level by making amazing patterns by simply walking in circles, thus making art. Remember, she can’t see [...]

Bonsai Tree Art 2.0

The Toyko-based designer Aiba created these awesome Bonsai Tree art thingy’s. They are extremely detailed and depending on t [...]

Photographer Captures Stunning Views on top of the world

Max Rive is Hiking high up in the hills and mountaintops, to capture stunning views like never seen before. We love the solitude t [...]

Top 8 Best beaches to swing your hammock at

  Swaying in a hammock on the perfect beach, it’s everyone’s dream. If you ever want to fulfill that dream, these [...]

Stunning Tabletop Mountains in Venezuela

It’s one of the world’s most extraordinary natural geological formations., the stunning tabletop mountains of Venezuela. M [...]

Cool River Tables Look Like the World From Above

Furniture maker Greg Klassen builds beautiful designed tables and other objects embedded with glass rivers and lakes. Inspired [...]

15 Spectacular Entries 2014 National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

National Geographic draws the best out of photographers around the world in several annual photo contest. Our favourite still is the National Geographic Traveler photo contest, as it let’s you explore the world through photography. Stunning landscapes, animals, nature, people, cultures etc.. it all passes by.. We [...]

Wonderful Photos of Food cut in half

New York-based food photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès created these awesome series of food cut in half. T [...]

Amazing Albino Animals

Albinism is a genetic defect characterized by the absence of pigment in the skin. Although this condition can be looked upon as [...]

Fascinating Portraits of People Who live in the Wilderness

This is “Into The Wild” real life. These Fascinating Portraits of Europeans Who Have Abandoned Civilization for the Wi [...]

Stunning Wild Fox Photography By Roeselien Raimond

The beautiful red fox, with its bushy tail and dog-like face is an efficient nocturnal creature which has 48 sub-species of fox in [...]


10 Stunning colliding Rivers around the world

The official term is confluence, it’s when two rivers meet and colide creating a stunning effect. Some more explanation on c [...]

Surfing in Kieren Perrow. Pat Stacey

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