Wooden Cabin Hidden inside a Rock

If you want to blend into nature this is the place to stay, a wooden Cabin hidden inside a rock. The small wooden cabin, big enough for the life of one man, is hidden inside a projected concrete rock. Referring to the long lasting Swiss tradition of hidden bunkers, the project integrates the highly urbanized landscape [...]

Meet Rufus: A Dog Who Has Funny Adventures While Sleeping

Meet Dog photographer Sara Rehnmark and her 3-year old Pharaoh Hound rufus. They go on various funny adventures.. when the dog s [...]

Amazing floors created with Penny Coins

What do you do with left over pennies? Nobody seems to want them, it’s hard to pay with them, they just pile up in boxes, ja [...]

15 of the Coolest Cinemas Around The World

Almost everyone loves to go to the movies, but often movie theaters are dull, standard and boring architecture, but there are exce [...]

SkyCycle: A Crazy Pedal Powered Rollercoaster in Japan

Are you brave enough to take a ride on this Japanese rollercoaster? Oh.. and if you do.. you have to pedal all the way yourself. T [...]

Chinese Zoo Locks visitors in Cages, lets Animals roam free

The tables are turned in a Chinese zoo, where the visitors are locked in cages while the animals roam free through the park. The [...]

19 Breathtaking Photos of Winter Wonderlands Around the World

Yep it’s winter and it has it’s obvious disadvantages, but we at WhereCoolThingsHappen always like to look at the bright side of things. Winter is an Amazing season that turns landscapes into Winter Wonderlands all around the world.. check it out..   Bavaria, Germany Photo: Kilian Schoenberger   [...]

Completely Abandoned ghost town Kitsault in Canada

The small town of Kitsault has it all: nice houses, comfortable apartments, restaurants, at mall and a library. What it lacks is i [...]

Breathtaking Aerial Photos of New York City at Night From 7,500 Feet

Photographer Vincent Laforet recently soared 7,500 feet in a helicopter above New York City to capture breathtaking aerial photos [...]

Part 2 of Mother Taking Magical Photos Of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

lena Shumilova is back with another set of magical photographs. We wrote about her earlier (here), a mom and owner of a farm in Ru [...]

Rare Photographs of a Flipped translucent Iceberg

Photographer Alex Cornell witnessed a massive iceberg flip, revealing a strangely translucent blue underside that’s completely f [...]

These scrap metal insects are awesome beyond belief

Building art with scrap metal isn’t new, but the care, detail and work Edouard Martinet puts in his scrap metal insects is j [...]