Unique footage of Drone flying Through Fireworks

How amazing would it be if you could fly through the sky during an amazing fireworks show? With the help of a DJI Phantom 2 Drone and a GoPro Hero 3 attached, we can now see and experience how it is Inside the fireworks. Check out more unique drone videos on: youtube [...]

Ordos; A Modern Chinese Ghost Town Story

In the heart of Monoglia there is a place called Ordos, which is in fact the largest Chinese “ghost town”. This abandoned city [...]

Marble and Resin Merged into Stunning ‘Lagoon’ Tables

These stunning marble and resin tables resemble beautiful lagoons with limestone and crystal clear waters. Designer Alexandre Cha [...]

A Train On Rails Stunningly Carved Into a Pencil

Artist Cindy Chinn created this amazing ‘train on rails’ miniature sculpture. She carved it into a carpenter’s p [...]

Deliciously looking Leopard Milk Bread

Within one hour you could make this cool and deliciously looking leopard milk bread with some simple ingredients and probably some [...]

Iceland: Road trip to Fire and Ice

French photographer Sébastien Rossi, usually photographs in France but decided to take a road trip to one of our favourite destin [...]

The real life Dr. Dolittle who Mastered the Art of Animal Selfies

This guy is Allan Dixon and he is a real life Doctor Doolittle which he continuously proves on his Instagram account. He earns this title for his hilarious Animal Selfies, he really mastered the art of it. Animal selfies aren’t so easy to create, animals are unpredictable and you can’t make them pose. S [...]

Amazingly detailed Papercut Art by Parth Kothekar

Parth Kothekar, an Indian papercut artist from Ahmedabad began his new craft when he was experimenting with graffiti stencils Kot [...]

Time-lapse show the Beauty of The Dolomites and Italian Alps

This beautiful 4K time-lapse footage shows us the beautiful nature in the dolomites and Italian Alps. Footage was shot by one of o [...]

This happens with Boiling water at -40°C Near the Arctic Circle

Ontario-based photographer Michael Davies made this impressive shot of his friend Markus throwing a thermos-can of hot tea thr [...]

2016 Awesome ICEHotel entirely Made of Ice and Snow

At the small village of Jukkasjärvi, 200 kilometer north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, the 2015/2016 ICEHOTEL rises on the hor [...]

Now you can build famous city skylines with LEGOs

LEGO isn’t just for kids they have awesome building kits for every age. Did you ever want to recreate the famous skyline of [...]