Phoenix Vehicle Made from Bamboo Cane is the New Green Car

Future of cars is coming fast. It is no longer viable to drive on biodegradable fuels but the vehicle itself must be biodegradable. At least, that was the main idea behind the unique indigenous design by Albrecht Birkner & Kenneth Cobonpue called the Phoenix vehicle and made of bamboo cane stalks. It is amazing [...]

This Sliced Bookshelf Puts a Totally New Dimension to Book Storing

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Pokedrone Gadget Helps You Catch All Pokemons on the Go

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Casa Caracol: Sea House to Welcome You in A Mermaid World

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Powerful Photos of Paris Drenched in Flood by Richard Adenot

Apart from being a photographer, Richard Adenot has a chance to hang around celebrities as a Character Effects Supervisor at Illumination MacGuff, the company behind the “Despicable Me” franchise, “The Minions Movie” and the soon-to-be-released “The Secret Life of Pets”. Sounds like a cool job, right? At [...]

Giant Paper Sculptures by Tiffanie Turner

It is immediately obvious when someone is in love with their work and how they can not be when they are making flower sculptures? [...]

Amazing Vases Carved into White Marble Look Like Flowers Growing from Stones

Italian designer Moreno Ratti carves gorgeous white vases that look like unfinished sculptures. He decided to study architecture [...]

El Cosmico: Nomadic Stay at a Custom Trailer in the Texas Desert

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20 Photos of Cities Reflecting in Water Drops That Can't Be Missed

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Photographer Captures Quiet Mist Setting Upon Guilin and Mount Fuji

Tokyo photographer Kyon Jin loves traveling around peaceful mountain regions of China and Japan and capturing the untouched tranq [...]