10 Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around Them

The next 10 buildings were build by clever architects who refused to cut down local trees for their projects. Instead they found creative and sometimes beautiful ways to incorporate the trees around their architecture. It’s an example how architecture can be stunning without working against nature. This conscien [...]

A year in New Zealand is like traveling through a whole world

New zealand has inspired travelers and movie makers alike and all who have been here know why: the place is incredible. Just take [...]

The Breathtaking Milky Way at Yellowstone

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Revolutionary Lamp Uses 1 Glass of Saltwater for 8 Hours of Light

The SALt Lamp is a revolutionary sustainable lamp that uses only 1 glass of saltwater to supply over 8 hours of light. The SALt la [...]

First ever 3D Green Printer Prints living organic things

Gardeners can now take their work to the next level with this first ever 3D Printer that can print actual living organic things. I [...]

10 Majestic Photos of Cecil: The real Lion King

It’s a sad story of the iconic Lion King Cecil, the biggest attraction of at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, who got kil [...]

Beautiful Sea Landscapes of Denpasar, Bali

If you’d close your eyes and imagine what Bali would look like, you’d exactly see what photographer Bertoni Siswanto captures with his camera. These amazing landscapes makes you want to travel to Bali and never leave. The amazing colors of the sky that are reflected on the water, emphasize the peace and ser [...]

A masterfully crafted blackened bouquet of roses

The creators of this wonderful piece of art called “The Ash” tried to make something nobody has ever seen, so why not [...]

Amazing long exposure Calligraphy Photography

After studying calligraphy for 16 years, artist Julien Breton  recently that he decided to add photography into his arsenal. Work [...]

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Guy solves his Insomnia by packing his stuff and sleep on top of Mountains

27 year old Simon Trnka from Slovakia was having some issues with sleeping at home. So he did the most logical thing: he packed hi [...]