Ultra-realistic rainy windshield paintings

Francis McCrory was sitting in his car and watched the rain form patterns on his windshield, ad he discovered he loved it. It was beautiful and almost abstract. So he decided to paint them. These stunningly lifelike paintings give you a different point of view in life through the rain and make appreciate rainy days a b [...]

Massive Straw Dinosaurs at Japanese Festival

Niigata Prefecture from Japan has thought of a novel way to bring back to life the left over straw from rice harvests. Every year [...]

Extreme detailed Paper Sculptures of Furry Animals

Paper artist Calvin Nicholls Uses aknife, scalpels, and scissors to create these awesome paper sculptures. After he sketched down [...]

Magnificent Alarm Clock Uses Magnetic Fluids to Show the Time

This alarm clock is far from ordinary! Instead of using clock hands or pixels Zelf Koelman of the Eindhoven University of Technol [...]

10 Cute baby Pandas born in Bifengxia, China

Panda’s: they are cuddly, fluffy and about the sweetest things ever. What could be better? Baby pandas of course! The YaR [...]

Inseparable Terrier duo become real Internet Sensation

“It started out with actual dog clothes and then to kids’ jumpers and then one thing led to another and before I knew [...]

100,000 White balloons Cover up London's Covent Garden Market

French artist Charles Pétillon Transformed London’s Covent Garden with 100,000 giant white balloons in an installation called “heartbeat.” This Art Installation is part of a cultural program that focusses on  transforming the district into a massive art gallery. The video at the bottom of this post shows how 25 [...]

25 sea slugs you won't believe really exist

A while ago we introduced you all to the very cute sea-bunny and sea-sheep, two adorable and beautiful sea slugs. But they aren [...]

Abandoned Chinese Amusement Parks By Stefano Cerio

Visual artist Stefano Cerio has made a sport out of taking photographs of empty amusement parks in China for his series ‘Chi [...]

Ceramic Sculptures That Imitate The Natural Appearance Of Decaying Wood

Believe it or not these sculptures are made of Ceramics! Artist Christopher David White has created a cool series of sculptures th [...]

28 of the most inspiring Animal portraits ever made

Morten Koldby a professional Photographer from Aarhus, Denmark created a cool on-going series of stunning animal portraits. Koldby [...]

YO! The luxurious Convertible 40 sqm apartment concept

Simon Woodroffe the man behind Yotel and the YO! Sushi chain is getting into the interior design now. He challenged himself to wor [...]