Sleep in your favourite color in the Pantone Hotel

New hotels always aim for a certain distinction, some make absurdly luxurious, others make it eco friendly or rather bizar, like the batman hotel we wrote about earlier. The Pantone hotel in Brussels is also unique in it’s own way.. it let’s you sleep in your favourite pantone color. The Pantone Hotel Bru [...]

Mother Takes Breathtaking Photos of Her Ten Kids

Lisa Holloway is an award winning, Las Vegas portrait photographer, but above all a loving mother. Lisa’s ability to weave emoti [...]

Abandoned baby bats being pampered

Australia got the most adorable hospital in the world, the Tolga Bat Hospital  in the Atherton Tablelands. They  are brought i [...]

Paris apartment is the tiniest in the world (8sqm only)

We have to admit we do not know this for sure, but this almost must be the tiniest actively used apartment in the world. The city [...]

Marvelous Metro stations around the world

Traveling by Metro, going down the subway, moving through tunnels beneath a city with high speed, it doesn’t seem to be the [...]

22 photos that will give you high anxiety

Many of us have it: fear of heights. Some people don’t seem to have any problems with it however, thus they do things like w [...]

Heartwarming commercial of Monty the Penguin is going Viral

Deparment store John Lewis has managed yet again to produce a heart-warming commercial that is going viral with already over 12 million hits. It’s about monty the penguin and real love.. just check it out it will definitly warm your heart..   [...]

Iran's Sun-searching Rotating House

Ever wished you could move your living room along with the sun so you would always have the sunlight in your house? What if you co [...]

9 Year-Old Boy Becomes Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year

The annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest draws in allot of great wildlife photographers, but we were amazed when we fo [...]

a Time-lapse like you have never seen before

This is not a ordinary time-lapse nor a hyper-lapse.. it’s a Layer-Lapse of the fine city of Boston, USA. Traditional time- [...]

Artist Solves Chicago's Potholes problem with Mosaic Flowers

Chicago seems to have a pothole problem and they are working hard on it. But we think the solutions of guerrilla mosaic artist Jim [...]

Photographer Captures Squirrel Trying To Steal carved Pumpkin

Photographer Max Ellis just shot an amazing photo of an squirrel trying to steal a carved pumpkin. It almost looks staged.. but ho [...]