Drone Caught These Whales Singing before Their Lunch

Humpback whales are incredible social animals who live and ‘work’ together. The enormous creatures need as much as two tons of food a day. In this amazing drone footage  you can see the whales singing before their lunch and working close together in a fishing technique  called bubble-net feeding. Bubb [...]

Tube of Orange Paint Leaks Marigolds in a French Park

We love it when streetart is merged with nature, like this cool art installation of tube of orange paint that ‘leaks’ [...]

Shape-Shifting Origami Pot Grows with Plant Over Time

GROWTH is a shape-shifting origami pot that solves the problem when a plant grows it has to be transferred to a new larger pot and [...]

This Abandoned Sicilian Town is Giving away Free Houses

Gangi is an almost entirely abandoned Sicilian town, and it’s giving away houses for free. Gangi is a picturesque central [...]

Cute Slow Motion Collection of Shaking Puppies

Carli Davidson has made quite a name for herself with her fun and irresistible portraits of dogs shaking their heads. . Thinking o [...]

Skylodge: Cool Transparent Room suspended above Peru’s sacred valley

Sky lodge are new and cool transparent sleeping capsules are suspended above Peru’s sacred valley. For adventurous travelers o [...]

16 Photos explain why Iceland will Awestruck you

When you visit Iceland for the first time you’ll be awestruck by the stunning landscapes and natural beauty this magical island throws at you. The power of nature is clearly visible on this volcanic island. It shapes geysers, mudpots, ice-covered volcanoes rumble and glaciers grind great pathways through the [...]

This mural was purposely upside down to reflect off of the water

Oh wow this is creative street art, a mural purposely painted upside down so the real image would reflect off of the water. At th [...]

Futuristic house embedded in a cliff is going to be breathtaking

Architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos designed a house that finds the fine balance between high a [...]

Monochrome Watercolor Paintings of Children and their Animals

Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto, creates beautiful watercolor paintings that capture the unique relationship between human, natu [...]

Cool Animal Shaped Triangular Night Lights

These cool animal shaped Triangular night lights are produced by SturlesiDesign. The Tel Aviv based studio was founded in 2009. Al [...]

Cool New Suspended Treehouse Tents let you Camp in the Air

We can’t helpt it but we just love tree-houses and just about everything suspended. We love these cool new suspended treehou [...]