Kezmarska hut strikes down in slovakian mountains

For an international competition aimed at the design of a lodge located in the high Tatra mountains of Slovakia, Atelier 8000 has proposed a cube volume rotated onto one of its corners. Known as ‘kežmarské hut’, the structure is intended to be a sustainable dwelling for high terrain adventurers during all seasons [...]

Watchtower of Turkey

This short film immerses you in three minutes in the wonderful Turkey. It is so well edited, with perfectly dramatic shots great m [...]

Old World Meets Technology in Long Exposure Photos of Tokyo

It’s difficult to imagine a world without smartphones, social media, and technology in general. But even with all of this tech, [...]

Photographer blends day and night in to one striking image

Photographer Wolfgang Hildebrand blends Day and Night by compositing photos shot at different hours, the results are striking and [...]

Incredible Pictures Of Baby Giraffe Being Born in the Wild

Andreas Knausenberger took these amazing heartwarming pictures of a giraffe giving birth in the Masai Mara, Kenya, while out on sa [...]

A kitchen and backyard made entirely out of glass beads

This is where art meets patience. New York Artist Liza Lou spent 5 years to make this full size kitchen completely covered with ti [...]

20 Gorgeous bridges all around the globe

Bridges are not just things you can cross a street or river on, they can be very beautiful, depending of how it looks, what it is surrounded by, what it crosses, where it is made of or all of the above. Proof of that are made clear in the following photos. Bridge Across The Merced River, Yosemite, USA Larry Marshall [...]

23 Photographs show why you should visit Australia

There is a lot to see in this world and you can have an absurd long bucket list, but than there is Australia this is a must for ev [...]

Artist uses the Sun to create Stunning Paintings

Wow.. we’ve never seen an artwork created like this before. Philippine Artist Jordan Mang-osan is Painting With The Sun: S [...]

Minipresso - Hand-powered portable espresso machine

Do you know that feeling that when you are at work and you’re desperately in need of a good cup of coffee the vending machin [...]

This Awesome Building will boggle your mind

You won’t believe your eyes when you see this: an entire building with the middle part missing, leaving the top part floatin [...]

Beautiful Aquarium Sculptures by Mariele Neudecker

These stunning aquarium sculptures are blends Sculptures, Paintings and Photographs in to a wonderful new artwork. Artist Mariele [...]