20 starry nights that make you want to turn nocturnal

Living in the city has its advantishes, but the downside is that city lights block out most of the night sky. It takes a trip out to the open fields to see how stunning the starry sky can be. These photographers took the trouble to take us there and share the sheer beauty of it. source source source source source [...]

12 Of The Rarest and Significant Photographs In History

Photography is one of the inventions that made it happen to capture moments of significance. Moments before our time, culture  or [...]

90-Year-Old Tortoise gets wheels for legs after rat attack

This is the amazing story of a 90-year-old tortoise who lost two front legs after rats chew it off . The tortoise is called Mrs [...]

The Town that spent 25 Years Underwater

This is Villa Epecuén after spending 25 years underwater. Once a bustling tourist town south of Buenos Aires, Argentina. On 6 No [...]

The beautiful colors of the Groninger Museum

Bas Meelker a well-known Dutch landscape and nature photographer from Groningen was commissioned to create a photo series of the G [...]

Antarctica: A Breathtaking Drone Tour

Experience Antarctica in this stunning Drone tour through the world’s coldest, driest and windiest continent. Filmed by Kalle L [...]

Cloud9 a Cool Floating Bar in Fiji

No Doubt this is one for everyones bucket list to have some expensive drinks on this Super Cool floating Bar in Fiji. Cloud9 Fiji is like a floating paradise with an internationally stocked bar and Italian wood-fired pizzeria surrounded by turquoise blue water and picturesque views. Splurge if you have to.. We can [...]

SkyGlow: The Night Sky without Light Pollution

Skyglow is a superb experimental timelapse project that shows us the Night Sky that you would see with no light pollution. Timela [...]

The floating city for two in British Colombia

In 1992 Wayne Adams and Catherine King decided they didnt want to live at the whims of society and wanted to be completely self-su [...]

Social Experiment: Would you buy a 2 Euro T-shirt?

Fashion for a bargain – that‘s what everyone wants. A t-shirt for 2€ or jeans for less than 10€ isn‘t inconceivable [...]

20 Most Beautiful Minerals And Stones in the World

The world is beautiful certainly with its many ‘hidden’ treasures, like gems, stones and minerals. Uhh Minerals? Yes [...]

Half the bike twice the fun

Halfbike, a cool Kickstarter project by Kolelinia is taking biking to a whole new level. It doesn’t have a seat so you trave [...]