Detailed Digital Paintings by Murat Sayginer

Believe it or not these images aren’t photographs. They come from the hand of digital artist Murat Sayginer. With the help of photoshop and a tablet he perfects every single pixel into these stunning images. He was born in Prague and graduated in Paris, after that he won several award and in 2010 he was awarded E [...]

Fun photos of a Dog named Jimmy

During the summer of 2014, a bull terrier named Jimmy went viral on the Internet. The owner is a graphic artist Rafael Mantesso, [...]

Massive IKEA Ball Pool in the middle of Mulhouse, France

Along with the help of the well known advertsing agency Uni Bene, Ikea created an awesome Ball Pool as an eyecatcher for their new [...]

Transparent Bubble Tent Lets You Sleep Underneath The Stars

This cool Transparent Bubble Tent let’s you sleep in a Million Star Hotel…Sort of… It’s made with PVC and [...]

Impossible Superhero for Books to Stay Up

It looks impossible, but this little metal superhero is holding these books all on his own flying in the air. At least, that’ [...]

Dubai from a Jetpack flyer's point of view

Famou Jetpack flyer Yves Rossy always tries to find new areas to explore with his jetpack. Along with Vince Reffet, this duo took [...]

Cool new Infinite Bridge over the Danish Coast

The architects of gjøde & povlsgaard arkitekter created this cool new infinite bridge over the Danish coast. It’s part of the festival sculpture by the sea, an annual festival held in Aarhus, Denmark. The infinite bridge’ has been realized for the exact location, and refers to a historical, demolished [...]

Drone Caught These Whales Singing before Their Lunch

Humpback whales are incredible social animals who live and ‘work’ together. The enormous creatures need as much as tw [...]

Tube of Orange Paint Leaks Marigolds in a French Park

We love it when streetart is merged with nature, like this cool art installation of tube of orange paint that ‘leaks’ [...]

Shape-Shifting Origami Pot Grows with Plant Over Time

GROWTH is a shape-shifting origami pot that solves the problem when a plant grows it has to be transferred to a new larger pot and [...]

This Abandoned Sicilian Town is Giving away Free Houses

Gangi is an almost entirely abandoned Sicilian town, and it’s giving away houses for free. Gangi is a picturesque central [...]

Cute Slow Motion Collection of Shaking Puppies

Carli Davidson has made quite a name for herself with her fun and irresistible portraits of dogs shaking their heads. . Thinking o [...]