Cool Hütte Hut Trailer

This cool trailer is called the The Hütte Hut is hand-built by the husband-and-wife team of Brian and Katrina Manzo at Sprouting Sprocket Studio in Carpinteria, California. Completely build from wood and canvas this trailer is small but sleek.. [...]

Sew Wanderlust: Travel Snapshots by Embroidering with Needle and Thread

Love to travel and explore the world? Than you probably like to capture your adventures, usually with photography as we like to do [...]

Gigantic Star Wars Snow Sculpture Build by Japanese Army

Star Wars fans in Japan are going crazy at the Sapporo Snow Festival, one of Japan’s largest winter events. Build by the Ja [...]

Swiss Cable-Car Transformed into Hotel at 9,000ft in the air

How does a night in a bubble at 9,000ft sound? On the night of March 6th, AirBnB will be sliding the doors open to a fully equipp [...]

Freediver Riding an Underwater Ocean Current looks surreal

Freediver Guillaume Nery is riding an Underwater ocean current that really turn the underwater codes upside down. In a short film [...]

These trucks are beautifully Dirty

We have all seen them, Trucks that need to pay a serious visit to the carwash. But these guys make something beautiful out of some [...]

Stunning Close-Up Portraits of Owls by Brad Wilson

Photographer Brad Wilson captures close-up portraits of different owl species with stunning details. Capturing these pictures wasn’t as effortless as it looks, he had to spend hours with each bird.. he says: “It’s hard to get animals to look at you like humans do, That [straight-ahead] shot became my holy grail [...]

Surprisingly efficient wooden cube house

What would you do if you see a big stack of wooden blocks in the middle of the forest? Perhaps you would think that this is the re [...]

1946 New York Subway Photographed By 17-Year-Old Stanley Kubrick

How was life in the U.S. back in 1946? These photographs of a 17-year-old Stanley Kubrick give us a glimpse of the daily life in t [...]

Photographer Captures an Eerily Empty New York City

New York City was hit by a snow storm, perfect weather to stay indoors, but not if you want to capture an eerily empty New York Ci [...]

Elegant Cold-Drip Coffee Maker with EIFFEL Design

This French-inspired design is one the coolest Cold-Drip coffee makers we’ve seen around. It’s the work of Dutch Lab w [...]

Wooden Cabin Hidden inside a Rock

If you want to blend into nature this is the place to stay, a wooden Cabin hidden inside a rock. The small wooden cabin, big enou [...]