Traveling with Sam Scrimshaw

( photo above: Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia ) We love traveling as much as we love photography. For that reason gives you best of both worlds. Photography enthusiast  Sam Scrimshaw has traveled half the world and shot some amazing photos of what he saw. From England to Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, USA, [...]

Vincent Van Gogh Found in a Photo from 1887

This is supposedly the first photo ever found of Vincent van Gogh, after he became an artist. This photo of the world famous Dutch [...]

Multi exposure shots of Finnish Woods

Former Finnish painter and photographer Christoffer Relander captured these cool multi exposure shots of the Woods in Final with [...]

World's First ever Firefly-themed Park opened in Wuhan, China

The world’s first ever Firefly-themed park just opened it’s doors for visitors.. where else than in China, Wuhan to be [...]

Lacoste - Polo Of The future interacts With your Body

When Lacoste celebrated its 80th birthday it gave us a glimpse of the Polo of the Future. In the video, made by agency MNSTR you&# [...]

Designer Transforms Cracks in Logs into Whimsical Lamps

Tasmania-based furniture and lighting designer Duncan Meerding creates awesome log lamps out of the naturally-occurring cracks in [...]

Amazing Crashing Wave Glass Sculptures

These crashing wave glass sculptures are amazingly realistic and artistic. Earlier we wrote about the Ocean Wave Vases but there was more to explore about the magnificent artworks of Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker. Inspiration comes direct to their front door in California and they really create awesome art influence [...]

Futuristic Grand Cancun Eco Island Design Concept

Architect Richard Moreta Castillo has laid down the creative foundation for an unique complex called Grand Cancun Eco Island. The [...]

11 images that prove Finland has the most dramatic night skies

Mikko Lageerstedt constantly proves, besides being an awesome photographer, that Finland has the most dramatic night skies. Specif [...]

Iceland Opens World’s Largest new Man-Made Ice Tunnel

The world’s largest man-made ice tunnel just opened in Iceland. The tunnel goes all the way through one of the biggest glaciers [...]

10 Reasons why you must put Jordan on your Bucket list

Beside that it holds one of the World’s Wonders, Petra, not many travellers are really familiar with Jordan. This could be b [...]

New Octopus Is So Adorable Scientists want to name it Adorabilis

This is something you won’t expect, an octopus that is adorable..! When we think of adorable creatures it’s often cud [...]