Extremely Rare White Giraffe with Ginger Mane Spotted in Tanzania

Omo the giraffe is fifteen months old. She has survived her first year despite being born with leucism – a condition which means only some of her skin cells can make pigment, which gives her almost white skin. She was photographed by Dr Derek Lee, founder and scientist at the Wild Nature Institute, whilst she was [...]

These Indian Women were Asked How They Would Like to be Photographed

These photographs are on display at the moment at the Citizens exhibition at the Tate Modern gallery in London. They are work by a [...]

Abandoned Kittens now go Canoeing, Hiking and Sailing

Bolt and Keel are brother kittens who were found behind the bin of a local park. The pair who found them were going to take them t [...]

When a Monkey Adopted a Puppy and Protected it from Stray Dogs

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These Close-Ups of Animal Eyes are Beautiful and Strange

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These Photos Reveal What Actors Actually See When They're On Stage

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9 Creative Optical Illusion Photographs

We first introduced you to Erik Johansson back in 2013, showing how his skills with photography post-production (read: photoshop!) turned the landscapes in his native Sweden into amazing objects of his imagination. Now here’s an update: still cleverly blending his photographs together, Johansson’s work is a [...]

Stunning Portraits of Moroccans

Born in Paris and educated in New York, artist Leila Alaoui found her passion in exploring her Moroccan heritage through portrait [...]

Mountain Bikers Ride the Mexican Coffee Trail

The coffee trails of Yuviaga are in the plantations in the mountains of Mexico. Riders Diego Sada, Mauricio De Avila, and Samuel D [...]

Drone Camera Captures New Years Eve Fireworks in Peru

The people of Lima celebrate New Years Eve by letting off thousands of fireworks above the city. Photographer Jeff Cremer used his [...]

Meet 10 Office Pets From Around the World

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This Goes On Every Summer in a Field in England

These amazing photos are all from the Secret Garden Party, a music and arts festival held every year in a field in Cambridgeshire, [...]