Fluid Woodwork Sculptures That Look like Ocean Coral Reefs

With a resume as impressive as this, it is no wonder that Joshua Abarbanel carries a pair of golden hands. Joshua has two undergraduate degrees – one in art, and one in psychology, both received from the Berkeley University in California. The stellar education has been topped up by a Master of Fine Arts title f [...]

Titian Fur Kitten: The Almost Perfect Professional Cat Model

Models who use their unique looks as an advantage are very popular at the moment. It is not only humans that follow trends – [...]

Meet the Artist Who Started the Rock Balancing Sculptures Trend

They call him the founder of rock balancing. He is the first sculptor who started the sleek stone art by making landscape sculptu [...]

Majestic Hummingbird Bunch Pays Daily Visits to This Musician

Who wouldn’t want to be woken up by the song of a rainbow-like covey of hummingbirds instead of the (usually) annoying buzz [...]

Flying Tent: The World's First All-in-One Camping Gadget

Lovers of the outdoors – pay attention. Now, there is no longer need for you to carry all that multiple pieces of equipment [...]

This is the Coolest Toilet Paper Packaging You Will Ever See

  Latona Marketing are the master of product packaging. While browsing through their inventions on their website you may [...]

Prominent New York Architecture in Ghostly Black & White Images

Photographers love to take shots of New York from many different angles and perspectives. The metropolitan has been a favorite of many photo artists. The especially rich history, the development and the one-of-a-kind whiff produce amazing landscapes, making New York a classic. But since color photography showed up, its [...]

Powerful "Letters Can Kill" Campaign Hints Against Texting While Driving

Lightfarm Studios from New Zealand decided to use horrific controversial characters and world dictators in the advertising campai [...]

The Little-Known Diverse Charm of the Skardu Tibetan Valley

Unexplored travel destinations are rare jewels nowadays. When we find a place that has not yet been made famous and overexploited [...]

Mont Saint-Michel: The Island Monastery Surrounded by a Waterless River

Just at the northwestern part of France, in Normandy, there is a commune of about 40 people living on a mini rocky island used as [...]

Awesome Modernistic Furniture Made from Boeing 737 Aircraft Parts

How do you feel about some aircraft furniture? No, not the narrow chairs, tiny luggage compartments and terribly small toilets. Fa [...]

This Self-Taught Artist Tailors Fabulous Cinderella-like Gowns

Looking at her online portfolio, you can not be but amazed by the attitude, the effort and the persistence of Angela Clayton who [...]