Liquid Marble Floor Flows Through a French Château Courtyard

A river runs through the yard of Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire Centre d’arts et de Nature, yet it is not made of water, but of marble. The liquid mass which strikingly resembles running water was made by the French renown designer Mathieu Lehanneur and is on display for visitors until November this year, as part of t [...]

Velocipedia: Incredibly Inaccurate Bicycle Drawings By Random Strangers

Gianluca Gimini is an industrial designer from Faenza, Italy, who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Ferrara. In 2009, [...]

Eerie Ghost Photography Sharply Presents Fear of the Unknown

It is rare that a photography can give such chills as Christopher McKenney‘s work does. Viewers are usually used to gettin [...]

15 Explicit Aerial Shots of Powerful Tech and Transport Industries

Many are familiar with Bernhard Lang’s work as he is the master of aerial photography. He has captured numerous views of the [...]

Biology Teacher Draws Incredible Chalkboard Textbook for Students

Chuan-Bin Chung is a truly special Taiwanese teacher. He applies a new method in his lectures, where students can learn the new l [...]

This Mercedes Benz Commercial Makes You Stay Away From The Dark Side

Ben & Martin Photographers are two wonderful imaginative guys from Cologne, Germany who decided to team up after traveling an [...]

Smell Nicely With the "Face it With Orbit" Campaign

Anurag Yadav is a design student from New Delhi devoted to illustration, graphic design, and creative advertising. For his final year of studies, Anurag was asked to create an ad for a very famous brand. He decided to use Orbit and named the project ‘Face it With Orbit’. Assuming that the famous chewing g [...]

This Artist Builds a Yellow Emojis Ballroom to Connect People

Almost anyone blames Internet communication for disconnecting people. Ii is as if the new quick messaging and time-saving communic [...]

Beautiful Bali Lights Displayed on Traditional Fashion Photography

This is a wonderful way to present Bali traditional clothing in a popular modern way still carrying the essence of the famous Indo [...]

Renown Degas Ballet Paintings Enlivened by a Real Ballerina

You may have heard the story of dedication, effort, courage and achievement about Misty Copeland, the prima ballerina that was den [...]

This Spectacular Crystal Looks Like it Came From A Faraway Galaxy

Gorgeous things are created when humans and nature join forces. This rainbow beauty presented here is a combination of pieces of m [...]

Versailles Newest Architectural Embellishment Made From Water and Mirrors

Versailles is famous for letting artists from all around the world come and make a temporary refurbishment, renovation or change o [...]