The Beauty and Art of Nature

Bavarian artist Nils-Udo has been working directly with nature since 1972. One of our Curator’s Choice Artists, Nils-Udo turned from painting nature to creating site-specific pieces using natural materials. His stunning and lyrical artworks have appeared in Europe as well as Japan, Israel, India and Mexico. The a [...]

Surreal photographs of Siberian Husky On A Frozen Lake

Russian photographer ‘Fox Grom‘ has two Husky’s and like to photograph them in surreal surroundings. In this pho [...]

Dom'Up takes camping in the trees to new heights

Dom’Up is a new Glamorous Treehouse that doesn’t harm the trees it’s connected to. It’s the work of Dutch arbo [...]

A green walkway in the sky

Working in a office building can sometimes be tough so what can be better than takeing your lunchbreak in the outdoors? Sadly that [...]

First-Ever Ultra HD Footage of Himalayas Above 20,000 ft

The aerial cinema experts at Teton Gravity Research release the first ultra HD footage of the Himalayas shot from above 20,000 f [...]

20 Baby Chameleons make a big impression at Taronga Zoo

They are bright green, adorable and so tiny that they fit on the end of a finger or pencil: More than 20 baby chameleons make a bi [...]

Innovative University Building in Singapore That Has No Corners

This brand new University building in Singapore consists of 12 tapered towers and has no cornes The hub, completed in March of 2015, is part of a £360 million scheme by Nanyang Technological University, and is the first redevelopment of its campus in twenty years. Designed by heatherwick studio the concept after this [...]

A Tribute to Discomfort: National Geographic Photographer Cory Richards

A Tribute to Discomfort brings the viewer through Cory’s stunning work, his unique sense of humor, and his quest to create photo [...]

Urban Treehouse Protects Residents from Air and Noise Pollution

A vertical potted forest of trees and branching steel beams surround this apartment building in Turin, Italy.This Urban Treehouse [...]

A Taste of Austria

Film-duo Thomas Pöcksteiner &Peter Jablonowski live in Austria. The scenery of their home country Austria is beyond compare. [...]

Faucet Design Saves Water By Swirling It Into Beautiful Patterns

Designer Simin Qiu won the iF Design concept award with this stunning concept to save water. He designed a Faucet that swirls int [...]

World Falls in Love with Quokka, Australia's Most Adorable Animal

The most Adorable animal in the world, the happiest animal in the World.. the Internet is completely hyping Australia’s most [...]