Selfie Promenade Hong Kong

Along the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, people from across the country of China flock to take selfies with the city’s soaring skyline in the background. As selfies become an ever more popular form of self-expression, photographers Luisa Dörr and Navin Kala documented the fascinating and distinctly modern phenomenon [...]

Futuristic Wireless Phone Charger

Swich is a sophisticated wireless handmade charger for smartphones. A mobile accessory made from sustainable materials. The wooden [...]

Wherecoolthingshappen Blends #1

We just started something awesome, a cool new project where we will regularly create an unique Wherecoolthingshappen Blend of all [...]


Lego Bricks that you can eat

Remember your mother warning you Not to put those tempting Lego bricks in your mouth, when you were a child? Japanese artist and d [...]

Temporary Street Art That will leave you in Awe

They say that beautiful things don’t last long, well New York street artist Joe Mangrum is taking that very serious. He crea [...]

Hidden German Street-art

Great Streetart can be an present to the eye but sometimes it can be a little “In your face”.  The German street-art [...]

Extremely detailed Laser cut paper art

Virginia-based artist Eric Standley, creates these awesome multi layered paper art using Laser as his precision scissor. Although his work might seem to be inspired by massive cathedrals or complex mandalas, he decided to explore this technique when he had accidentally discovered a pattern in some cereal boxes he had b [...]

16 of the most amazing Trees in the World

Trees are amazing, we know that, they change carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe and most of them are a feast for the eyes, [...]


Stunning Wildlife photography by Marina Cano

Marina Cano is a super talented wildlife photographer, who captures stunning wildlife on photo. Marina believes that she has a spe [...]

20 Great Escapes that will make you feel small

Immense landscapes, huge mountain ranges, vast forests and massive waterfalls are all things in nature that can make you feel sma [...]

Huge caves in China that have their own Climate system

There are many caves in the world, many of them quite big. However, the Wang Dong cave network beats them all. This one is so enor [...]

Awesome Suspended Moon-Shaped Tent

We love suspended tents, they let you sleep high above the ground, closer to the stars and at the same time protect you from every [...]

Surfing in Kieren Perrow. Pat Stacey

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