Rare Photographs of a Flipped translucent Iceberg

Photographer Alex Cornell witnessed a massive iceberg flip, revealing a strangely translucent blue underside that’s completely free of snow and debris. And this is really something special because according to Science World, almost 90% of any given iceberg is below the surface, making iceberg flips extremely rare! St [...]

These scrap metal insects are awesome beyond belief

Building art with scrap metal isn’t new, but the care, detail and work Edouard Martinet puts in his scrap metal insects is j [...]

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Acrobatic Dancer and Bursts of Powder Frozen in Time

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Cool Wooden Curved Grotto Sauna

Grotto is a sauna located on San Souci Island, in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada. It’s made entirely out of wood a [...]

The Snow Crawler Snowmobile Concept

The design is driven by man’s defiant nature and inborn stubbornness to prove those who don’t like winter wrong and give them a good reason to love it. Sporting an efficient electric drive it will easily take us up the slope (even the ones hardly accessible) or to work by a snowy road forgotten by civilization. We [...]

The unbelievable Cool 2015 Ice Festival in China

Each year in winter China makes you forget the cold and instead embrace it with the wonderful Ice Festival. This year they went fa [...]

Astonishing Landscapes by Griffin Lamb

Griffin Lamb is a photographer that takes great outdoor shots capturing a serenity in all his landscapes. Most of his shots are t [...]

Photographer Captures Dark And Lonely Roads Around The World

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19 Photos Of Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization

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