China’s New Motorway is Completely Built Over Water

We love incredible engineering like this new motorway in China that is completely built over water. The road connects Xingshang County to the Zhaojun Bridge in central China’s Hubei province. The 4-km-long route is built on top of an elevated bridge that runs along the middle of a river valley. This stunning piece [...]

Vertical Forest Tower to be World’s First Building Covered with Evergreen Trees

Italian architect Stefano Boeri will build this incredible 117-meter tall vertical forest tower in Lausanne, Switzerland. This s [...]

Iconic Stormtrooper Masks turn Into Futuristic Animals

As a super fan of the Star Wars series. Blank William  used his passion and talent  to create a new variety of Stormtroopers bu [...]

14 Stunning Travel Shots that give you Wanderlust by Benjamin Heath

Photographer Benjamin Heath excels in taking travel shots that immediately give you wanderlust. The next 14 photographs take you t [...]

The Largest Art Festival in the World: The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

Ever wondered what the largest art festival in the world is? Well it the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in Japan. This great event k [...]

Artist creates a Giant Octopus with Discarded Ballpoint Pens

You were about to write something down on a piece of paper and your ballpoint pen just stopped working, you throw it out and find [...]

Falling in love with Iceland: it is tough but beautiful

Jakub Polomski has a complicated relation with the land he fell in love with: Iceland. The weather there can be unforgiven and harsh and it can be a challenge to reach certain places. But once you do… the reward is a breathtaking. The landscapes are some of the most fascinating in the world. Bucket list material [...]

Perfectly Timed Supermoon Photograph goes Viral

This super cool and perfectly timed photograph of a supermoon captured sitting cozy inside a radio telescope at the Warkworth Obs [...]

Gluten Free Classical Paintings by Arthur Coulet

Having your daily food gluten free is beginning to get more than just a hype. The Gluten-Free Museum is a Tumblrpage which delete [...]

Rock Solid Stones Turned into Organic Shaped Art

Spanish artist José Manuel Castro López, defies the laws of nature with his cool art pieces which are shaped in a way that the [...]

12 Photos of Cute & Rare Japanese Flying Squirrels

Flying isn’t just for birds.. These cute and rare squirells in Japan can fly too.. The Japanese flying squirrel uses its tai [...]

16 Incredible Origami Artworks To Celebrate World Origami Day

In case you missed it, November 11 is the annual Origami Day in Japan. The most famous piece of Origami art is the paper crane th [...]