Stunning New Zealand Cave Illuminated by Glowing Worms

There is a Cave in New Zealand where you can leave your flashlight at home, because it is beautifully lit by glowworms. This dazzling cave system are full of the arachnocampa luminosa, a bioluminescent gnat larva. Local photographer Joseph Michael captured the small communities of worms amongst the limestone formation [...]

Bizarre: Kowloon Walled City - The Densest Place on Earth

Kowloon Walled City, China, was once the most densest populated place on Earth, with 50.000 people all crammed into a few square m [...]

Lexus has created an Awesome real, rideable hoverboard

Lexus posted a video online of a vehicle we’ve all dreamed about but never thought was possible: a real hoverboard. When te [...]

IJsseloog: A Sludge Storage Lake in the Middle of a Lake

IJsseloog, or the “Eye of IJssel” is a sludge storage tank (lake) in the middle of a lake. It’s an enormous circular pi [...]

World’s Shortest Commercial Flight is Just 47 Seconds

The shortest commercial flight in the world last no longer than 47 seconds, we bet there is no need for in-flight service and ente [...]

Coconuts transformed into Lamps that shine Gorgeous Patterns

Artist Vainius Kubilius drills (carefully off course) coconuts to transform them into lamps that shine gorgeous patterns on your w [...]

Couple quit their jobs and sold everything to travel with their Cat

This couple, Matt and Jessica, quit theirs jobs and sold everything to travel the world, and they took Georgie the cat with them. They packed it all for an adventure at sea, the couple officially left Michigan on 12th August 2011 and have been to 16 countries so far. Georgie the cat is in a safety harness. “She doe [...]

10 of the Most Colourful Places in the World

This is for those people who like beautiful places that actually exists, places that are so rich in color when you see it with you [...]

The Future of Productivity by Microsoft

In this awesome concept video Microsoft showcases its prediction on enterprise technology 5 to 10 years from now. They explore new [...]

Extreme realistic Animal Lollipops

Carrying on the tradition of a 1400 year old Japanese craft of lollipop-making called Amezaiku, 26-year old Shinri Tezuka has made [...]

Meijs Motorman Electric Moped

The word moped is a portmanteau of “motor” and “pedal”, originally coined in Sweden. Like some of the earl [...]

Father Sketches Animals Every Day to Teach His Son the Alphabet

Kyson Dana is a father and wants to teach his son the alphabet, noting special about it.. every father wants to do that. But the c [...]