20 Amazing Places from miniature point of view

Sometimes you see photos of the world that are just absolutely magical. And sometimes you see photos that show you the world in a new and fun way, like in the photos below where everything has been made to look like a miniature world. Note: these are real photographs taken with a Tilt-Shift lens. Ålesund, Norway &nb [...]

The Layar villas - Bali

In the heart of Seminyak Bali, you’ll find an amazing design-led villa resort called The Layar. It’s just moments away from Ba [...]


14 Terrifying Things Every Thrill Seeker Needs To Do

Some prefer a lazy vacation on the beach, but others rather seek the thrill in life. If you are a thrill seeker, than you have to [...]

15 perfectly camouflaged Animal Photos - Part 2

Have you found all of the 19 perfectly camouflaged Animals we have listed earlier? Good! Now you can proceed to the next roundR [...]


Magnificent Close-ups of Animal eyes

We recently did a post about the beauty of the human eye when zoomed in a thousand times. As a follow up we created a list of 23 z [...]

Wild Animals get stuck in subway

This is how photographers Clarisse Rebotier and Thomas Subtil would see the world if wild-life animals were taking over the Parisi [...]


Heartwarming Thai Commercial - Thai Good Stories

Heartwarming Thai Commercial – Thai Good Stories By Linaloved for an insurance company in Thailand. It’s really moving and inspiring.. It will brighten your day.. we promise..   Share this and inspire others.. [...]

CG Sculpted Images of the Alphabet

Creative duo Benjamin Simon & Dirk Schuster from FORREAL Germany, did a little experiment on how they could spice up the Alpha [...]

Amazing Artic Aerochrome film Captures

Recently, New York City-based photographer Daniel Zvereff acquired some of the last remaining stock of Kodak Aerochrome film. Koda [...]

Wherecoolthingshappen.com 2.0 is live

After months of hard work and dedication we are pleased to say that our 2.0 is finally online. With this new layout staying update [...]


Amazing Living root Bridges in India

Deep in the rainforests of the Indian state of Meghalaya, bridges are not built, they’re grown. These majestic bridges are wove [...]

21 Of The Most Stunning Cherry Blossom Photos Of 2014

We love it when spring has just begun and the Japanese Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom.. It’s such a pretty sight, but unf [...]

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