10 Strangest Trees on earth

Nature is full of surprises, like Trees for example. There are allot of amazing and strange trees around the world. […]

Around the Globe a Snow Globe Timelapse

Check out this cool timelapse trough a snow globe. “Around the Globe” was shot over two weeks in six different […]

Beautiful Glacier Colors

It always fascinates us, arctic landscapes, glacier etc, to understand why, take a look at this beautiful photography serie by […]

Awesome tunnels created by Nature

Nature creates some pretty awesome tunnels. We loved it when we discover such a natural beauty, so here are some […]

Bizarre Pink Lake in Australia

A mysterious Pink Lake can be found in Western Australia, Lake Hiller. It’s startling colour remains a mystery and while […]

Tokyo in 2 minutes

Check out the cool metropol Tokyo in 2 minutes in this awesome shortfilm. An intense, lightning fast experience of Tokyo

Amazing Ice Cave in Iceland

An Ice palace deep inside the Vatnajökull ice cap in Iceland. Here you can find one of the most amazing […]

Get lost in the Largest QR Code in the world

Strange title? It’s possible, because world record of the Largest QR Code in the world has been set by the […]

Park turns into Lake in the summer

This is cool, a park in Austria turns into a lake in the summer. The hiking trails, benches, signs and […]

Largest indoor Beach in the world

The Largest indoor beach in the world just opend it doors in Krausnick just south of Berlin, Germany.

Ultimate vacation for Plane Spotters

This must be the ultimate plane spotters dream: Lying down on the white beaches of Sint Maarten

The beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most iconic bridge in the world and it’s a major landmark for San […]

James Bond Skyfall island Hashima discovered

The island of the latest James Bond movie, where he visits the villain, really exists!  We discovered where this all was […]

Magnificent Fairy Pools in Scotland

In the south of the Isle of Skye, in Scotland, you can find these magnificent Fairy Pools.

Yellow Hopes

Kawah Ijen, Indonesia’s most amazing crater with a lake inside. Its not just a Moon like landscape