From a Indian Point of View

A short film about traveling  the south of India. Checking out the Indian Point of View in Tamil Nadu. By […]

The colors of India

Every year at the Festival of Colors, India shows how colorful it is. And it always delivers beautiful photography.

Cool Airport Lounge: Almost @ Home

Helsinki Airport, finland, has an great new Airport Lounge, called ‘Almost@Home’. It’s designed to offer the comforts of a traditional Finnish home to travellers.

Colorful Miami Beach Houses

Miami Beach has some cool and colorful lifeguard beach houses. Photographer Leo Caillard captured the  most excentric and colorful houses, […]

Midnight Sun in Iceland

Midnight Sun is a natural phenomenon occurring in the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and south of the […]

Tokyo in 15 shots

Discover vibrant and bustling Tokyo in 15 awesome shots, picture yourself strolling the streets of Tokyo. This is travel inspiration […]

Greenlands Ice Rivers

Greenland is a overwhelming beauty with icy landscapes and deep cristal clear melt rivers. There are stunning to see

Supertree park in Singapore

Singapore just opened a new park full of Supertrees: Gardens by the Bay. They call it a ‘horticultural heaven’

Stained Glass Watertower in Brooklyn

Artist Tom Fruin gives the Brooklyn skyline a new look, with his stained glass watertower installation built out of salvaged […]

Skateboarding in India

Check out this awesome short film about 3 dudes skateboarding through India. They give us a great impression of India, […]

Cool Bookstore in Maastricht

Maastricht in The Netherlands, has a really cool bookstore. The Domincanen Selexyz bookstore is an incredible

Manhattan in HD

Manhattan is the most densely populated and the oldest of the five boroughs of New York City. Located primarily on […]

UEFA Euro 2012 Stadiums

UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. One condition to hold this prestigious sport event is to have hyper modern […]

Norwegian Wild Reindeer Spotting

In a unique natural, cultural and mythical landscape in Norway, you’ll find this cool Wild Reindeer spotting Pavilion.

Amazing Rooftop Garden

This spectacular rooftop garden is hidden between the skyscrapers in Sydney, Australia. The ultimate secret garden.

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