Awesome Timelapse: Into The Atmosphere

“Into The Atmosphere,” is an awesome time-lapse tribute to the state of California and the beautiful deserts, mountains and coastlines […]

120 meters deep Salt mines turned in history museum

Once it was ‘just’ a salt mine but now they turned the 120 meter deep Salina Salt mine into a […]

Awe-inspiring rare fog covers the Grand Canyon

What an awe-inspiring sight, rare fog covers almost the entire Grand Canyon, a beautiful nature phenomenon

The last surviving tribes on earth

The published book ‘Before They Pass Away’ is full of captivating epic portraits of some  of the last surviving tribes […]

Most Dangerous pool in the world: Devil’s Pool Zambia

The Victoria Falls in the Zambia is home to the most Dangerous pool in the world. The naturally formed Devil’s […]

The World’s largest Ball Pit

The world’s largest ball pit can be found in, where else, China. In the Kerry Hotel in Pudong/Shanghai to be […]

10 Most Scariest but Cool Bridges in the world

Yes it can be both, scary and cool. To prove it we’ve put together an awesome selection of cool bridges

Plitvice The Most Stunning National Park in Europe

It’s the present eden, Plitvice in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage and when […]

Adventure is Calling in the USA

Three freinds left their comfortable jobs of six years to spend two months traveling across the country

10 Amazing Animal Gatherings

Did you know animals many animals have annual meetings or gatherings? Well we’ve put together a list of 10 amazing […]

Bizarre and Deadly Lake in Tanzania Turns Birds Into Stone

We couldn’t believe this was real but it is. In Tanzania there is a lake that turns animals that roam […]

Beautiful Colorful Nature at Hitachi Seaside Park

Beautiful and colorful nature is found at the Hitachi Seaside Park. Covering an area of 190 hectares, the park features blooming […]

Mesmerizing bioluminescent Waitomo Cave

It is in New Zealand where you can find this amazing Waitomo cave, with some special light effect by mother […]

The Colors of Death Valley

Death Valley is a desert valley located in Eastern California. Situated within the Mojave Desert, it is the lowest, hottest […]

The Largest Cave in the World found in Vietnam

The largest cave in the world is called Hang Son Doong and can be found in Vietnam. Hang Son Doong’s […]