Guy solves his Insomnia by packing his stuff and sleep on top of Mountains

27 year old Simon Trnka from Slovakia was having some issues with sleeping at home. So he did the most […]

What happens when you drop a Basketball from 125 meters

What happens when you throw a basketball from a 125 meter high dam? Veritasium is a youtube channel of science and […]

Dubai from a Jetpack flyer’s point of view

Famou Jetpack flyer Yves Rossy always tries to find new areas to explore with his jetpack. Along with Vince Reffet, […]

Drone Caught These Whales Singing before Their Lunch

Humpback whales are incredible social animals who live and ‘work’ together. The enormous creatures need as much as two tons of […]

Cool New Suspended Treehouse Tents let you Camp in the Air

We can’t helpt it but we just love tree-houses and just about everything suspended. We love these cool new suspended […]

20 starry nights that make you want to turn nocturnal

Living in the city has its advantishes, but the downside is that city lights block out most of the night […]

This Dog can Skate on his own

Mike Bolaris teaches his dog how to skate and filmed it while his dog Bamboo was skating the Seaside Reef Parking […]

Real-life Kermit the Frog Discovered in Costa Rica

Scientists recently discovered a new species of Glass frogs in the Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica. Hyalinobatrachium as they call […]

Crazy Freediving Into a Blue Hole Abyss

Freediver Guillaume Néry is brave (or crazy) enough to plunge into this blue hole abyss. It’s Dean’s Blue Hole, the world’s […]

Two Guys Free-Climbing 3000ft Up The Hardest Route In The World

El Capitan is the largest monolith of granite in the world and is located in California’s Yosemite National Park. This […]

Eagle’s breathtaking dive from highest building in Dubai

Strap a GoPro to an Eagle, release it from the highest point in Dubai and you get a marvelous point […]

Incredible bike ride high up through the Ecuadorian rainforest

Rainforest ena Biking, not exactly two things you usually combine. Mashpi Lodge in Quito, Ecuador, thought otherwise and made just […]

Freediver Riding an Underwater Ocean Current looks surreal

Freediver Guillaume Nery is riding an Underwater ocean current that really turn the underwater codes upside down. In a short […]

SkyCycle: A Crazy Pedal Powered Rollercoaster in Japan

Are you brave enough to take a ride on this Japanese rollercoaster? Oh.. and if you do.. you have to […]

Chinese Zoo Locks visitors in Cages, lets Animals roam free

The tables are turned in a Chinese zoo, where the visitors are locked in cages while the animals roam free […]