Abandoned Kittens now go Canoeing, Hiking and Sailing

Bolt and Keel are brother kittens who were found behind the bin of a local park. The pair who found […]

Mountain Bikers Ride the Mexican Coffee Trail

The coffee trails of Yuviaga are in the plantations in the mountains of Mexico. Riders Diego Sada, Mauricio De Avila, […]

Extreme Wedding Shoot on 350ft Cliff Ledge

Photographer Jay Philbrick, started his career as a mountain guide, but is now a full time professional photographer. But maybe he […]

Baby Deer Refuses To Leave The Guy Who Saved Her Life

Lithuanian Darius Sasnauskas had a chance to witness a birth of two baby deer in his backyard near the Yellowstone […]

Amazing 4K Footage of Paddle Boarding with Whales in Australia

In this super crisp footage you’ll see Jaimen Hudson paddle boarding with whales off the coast Esperance in Western Australia. […]

The World’s Longest Glass-Bottom Bridge is insane

In China this insane (!) all glass bottom bridge just opened. The see-through suspended walkway is 180 meters (590 feet) above the ground and spans […]

Get Ready for the Planet’s Longest Slide

This massive 376-foot tall ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture was designed by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond. It orginally for the Olympics of […]

Man takes his Wolfdog outdoors on Epic Adventures

@Loki _the_Wolfdog is a popular instagram account about a man (Kelly Lund), his wolfdog Loki and their never ending adventures. […]

Adventurers Relax in Hammocks Hanging Hundreds of Feet Above Ground

Where would thrill seekers hold a meeting? The answer is simple, in hammocks hundreds of feet above the ground.. off-course…! […]

Father snaps his two small boys having the perfect summer

If you think back about your childhood, which moments do stand out the most? What are your prized memories? Usually […]

After Sail 2015 – A Timelapse of The World’s greatest Nautical Event

In case you’ve missed it…This year Amsterdam succesfully hosted the greatest nautical spectacle in the world called SAIL Amsterdam. It’s […]

25 Incredible Images of Earth At Night from Space by NASA

No, these are not photoshopped nor are they Computer generated, these Awesome pictures by NASA show our planet from space […]

SAIL Amsterdam: The Greatest Nautical Spectacle in the World

The greatest nautical spectacle in the world is SAIL Amsterdam, held every 5 years in the capital of The Netherlands. Since […]

8 reasons why the French Alps are worth a visit

Italian based photographer Lukas Furlan, recently finished his tour through the French Alps and documented a cool series of stunning […]

Stunt Rider Rides Giant Waves in Tahiti .. on a Motorcycle

Australian motorbike stunt rider Robbie Maddison just did something crazy, he rode the giant waves of Tahiti.. on a motorcycle. […]