20 starry nights that make you want to turn nocturnal

Living in the city has its advantishes, but the downside is that city lights block out most of the night […]

This Dog can Skate on his own

Mike Bolaris teaches his dog how to skate and filmed it while his dog Bamboo was skating the Seaside Reef Parking […]

Real-life Kermit the Frog Discovered in Costa Rica

Scientists recently discovered a new species of Glass frogs in the Caribbean foothills of Costa Rica. Hyalinobatrachium as they call […]

Crazy Freediving Into a Blue Hole Abyss

Freediver Guillaume Néry is brave (or crazy) enough to plunge into this blue hole abyss. It’s Dean’s Blue Hole, the world’s […]

Two Guys Free-Climbing 3000ft Up The Hardest Route In The World

El Capitan is the largest monolith of granite in the world and is located in California’s Yosemite National Park. This […]

Eagle’s breathtaking dive from highest building in Dubai

Strap a GoPro to an Eagle, release it from the highest point in Dubai and you get a marvelous point […]

Incredible bike ride high up through the Ecuadorian rainforest

Rainforest ena Biking, not exactly two things you usually combine. Mashpi Lodge in Quito, Ecuador, thought otherwise and made just […]

Freediver Riding an Underwater Ocean Current looks surreal

Freediver Guillaume Nery is riding an Underwater ocean current that really turn the underwater codes upside down. In a short […]

SkyCycle: A Crazy Pedal Powered Rollercoaster in Japan

Are you brave enough to take a ride on this Japanese rollercoaster? Oh.. and if you do.. you have to […]

Chinese Zoo Locks visitors in Cages, lets Animals roam free

The tables are turned in a Chinese zoo, where the visitors are locked in cages while the animals roam free […]

Hydrospeeding On The Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland

Hydrospeeding or river boarding is a pretty cool form of extreme sports where you glide on a rigid foam board […]

Sunset in the winter: fire and ice

When it’s so cold the trees are freezing over it’s best to stay inside. Unless you want to take the […]

Thrill Seekers Suspend a Giant Hammock 400 Feet Above the Desert Floor

In this incredible desert landscape a bunch of crazy people enjoy the elevated views and seek out exciting new ways […]

Drone flies trough Chernobyl, results are astonishing

When the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant melted down in 1986, it created a 1,000-square-mile exclusion zone that has been almost […]

Extreme Nature: Waterfall goes Upward

Extreme Winds Cause a Waterfall in England to Blow Upward. This rare phenomenon was stumbled upon by some Hikers exploring England’s Derbyshire Peak […]