Baby Deer Refuses To Leave The Guy Who Saved Her Life

Lithuanian Darius Sasnauskas had a chance to witness a birth of two baby deer in his backyard near the Yellowstone […]

Amazing 4K Footage of Paddle Boarding with Whales in Australia

In this super crisp footage you’ll see Jaimen Hudson paddle boarding with whales off the coast Esperance in Western Australia. […]

The World’s Longest Glass-Bottom Bridge is insane

In China this insane (!) all glass bottom bridge just opened. The see-through suspended walkway is 180 meters (590 feet) above the ground and spans […]

Get Ready for the Planet’s Longest Slide

This massive 376-foot tall ArcelorMittal Orbit sculpture was designed by Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond. It orginally for the Olympics of […]

Man takes his Wolfdog outdoors on Epic Adventures

@Loki _the_Wolfdog is a popular instagram account about a man (Kelly Lund), his wolfdog Loki and their never ending adventures. […]

Adventurers Relax in Hammocks Hanging Hundreds of Feet Above Ground

Where would thrill seekers hold a meeting? The answer is simple, in hammocks hundreds of feet above the ground.. off-course…! […]

Father snaps his two small boys having the perfect summer

If you think back about your childhood, which moments do stand out the most? What are your prized memories? Usually […]

After Sail 2015 – A Timelapse of The World’s greatest Nautical Event

In case you’ve missed it…This year Amsterdam succesfully hosted the greatest nautical spectacle in the world called SAIL Amsterdam. It’s […]

25 Incredible Images of Earth At Night from Space by NASA

No, these are not photoshopped nor are they Computer generated, these Awesome pictures by NASA show our planet from space […]

SAIL Amsterdam: The Greatest Nautical Spectacle in the World

The greatest nautical spectacle in the world is SAIL Amsterdam, held every 5 years in the capital of The Netherlands. Since […]

8 reasons why the French Alps are worth a visit

Italian based photographer Lukas Furlan, recently finished his tour through the French Alps and documented a cool series of stunning […]

Stunt Rider Rides Giant Waves in Tahiti .. on a Motorcycle

Australian motorbike stunt rider Robbie Maddison just did something crazy, he rode the giant waves of Tahiti.. on a motorcycle. […]

Guy solves his Insomnia by packing his stuff and sleep on top of Mountains

27 year old Simon Trnka from Slovakia was having some issues with sleeping at home. So he did the most […]

What happens when you drop a Basketball from 125 meters

What happens when you throw a basketball from a 125 meter high dam? Veritasium is a youtube channel of science and […]

Dubai from a Jetpack flyer’s point of view

Famou Jetpack flyer Yves Rossy always tries to find new areas to explore with his jetpack. Along with Vince Reffet, […]