Super Cool Inflatable Sleep Hoodie to Nap everywhere

This is the Hypnos Hoodie: an everyday hoodie that inflates for sleep (and support) on the go. A cool kickstarter […]

Cool Galactic Star Wars Coffee Cups & Brew

Creative designers Scott Shenone and Spencer Davis recently put together a cool line of coffee: Dark Brew. For the really devoted […]

See-Through Glass Toaster Brilliantly Solution To Burnt Toast

Are you tired of burning your toast? If you don’t master the art of toasting bread this might be a […]

IKEA’s unique plushies from children’s drawings

In a very special and adorable way to raise money for UNICEF, IKEA chose 10 drawings of children aged 5-10 […]

Ingenious Desk Converts into Cozy Bed perfect for a nap at the Office

Working late again? This might be the solution for you (besides just going home of course), an ingenious desk that […]

LIGHT L16: The world’s first 16 Cameras in One pocketsize Camera

Starting as a new Silicon Valley startup that focusses on the holy grail of photography, LIGHT produces cameras the size […]

Oaze: The Coolest Panoramic Transportable Dome

Vytautas Puzeras  a product design from Lithuania design an transportable dome shelter based Oaze. This cool Dome shape tent allows […]

High-tech Smartwatch made of Wood

A Japanese company called Tokyoflash is specialized in creating high-tech Smartwatch concepts. These awesome watches have led tubes that display […]

21 Creative Ways to keep your Books Organised

An E-reader doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to the feeling of cuddling up in bed with a real […]

Tesla Watch: “The coolest SteamPunk Analog Watch”

Nikola Tesla, the inventor who is best known for his contributions to the alternating current electricity supply system. Has inspired […]

Magnificent Alarm Clock Uses Magnetic Fluids to Show the Time

This alarm clock is far from ordinary! Instead of using clock hands or pixels Zelf Koelman of the Eindhoven University of […]

This is CATable 2.0 for the design conscious cat lover

If you are a design conscious cat lover you want to make sure that cool things happen at your home […]

Revolutionary Lamp Uses 1 Glass of Saltwater for 8 Hours of Light

The SALt Lamp is a revolutionary sustainable lamp that uses only 1 glass of saltwater to supply over 8 hours […]

First ever 3D Green Printer Prints living organic things

Gardeners can now take their work to the next level with this first ever 3D Printer that can print actual […]

Impossible Superhero for Books to Stay Up

It looks impossible, but this little metal superhero is holding these books all on his own flying in the air. […]