Lexus has created an Awesome real, rideable hoverboard

Lexus posted a video online of a vehicle we’ve all dreamed about but never thought was possible: a real hoverboard. When […]

The Future of Productivity by Microsoft

In this awesome concept video Microsoft showcases its prediction on enterprise technology 5 to 10 years from now. They explore […]

Plant this Book after Reading it and it Grows into a Tree

Tree Book Tree is a clever and beautiful project, by Children’s book company Pequeno Editor and FCB Buenos Aires. They […]

This Magic Box Turns any Smartphone Into A 3D Holographic Experience

This magic box called Holus, a cool kickstarter project by H+ Technology converts a flat 2D experience on your tablet […]

Cool Geometric ‘Hammock’ Zome To Share With Friends

We could never have enough hammocks, hanging seating pods etc.. so we would like to share with you this cool […]

90-Year-Old Tortoise gets wheels for legs after rat attack

This is the amazing story of a 90-year-old tortoise who lost two front legs after rats chew it off . […]

Half the bike twice the fun

Halfbike, a cool Kickstarter project by Kolelinia is taking biking to a whole new level. It doesn’t have a seat […]

Birdly Simulator lets you “fly” like a bird

If you ask any kid what kind of animal they want to be, most of them would say: ” I […]

Cool Biocultural stuff: Flowerpots that rain

Watering your plants is a fun and relaxing activity, but your plants would enjoy a fresh rain even more. However, […]

Staying healthy at work by “Surfing” at your desk

The Level, a cool Indiegogo project, by Fluidstance, is a tool to help people bring more movement while working at […]

Wearable Prototype Turns Dads Into Jungle Gyms

This Prototype turns Dads or Strong Moms into walking Jungle Gyms. In a radical redesign of children’s play equipment, Atsushi […]

Faucet Design Saves Water By Swirling It Into Beautiful Patterns

Designer Simin Qiu won the iF Design concept award with this stunning concept to save water. He designed a Faucet that […]

The World’s First Plantable Coffee Cup

We love new creative ideas that are designed to be eco-friendly. One California-based company has a solution to cut back […]

Ingenious Beehive Extracts Honey On Tap Without Disturbing Bees

Turn a tap and watch as pure, fresh, clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. […]

Cool Smartphone Case that can print your photos

Simple but very effective is what makes this smartphone case such a cool concept. Plug in your phone, take a picture, […]