Deliciously looking Leopard Milk Bread

Within one hour you could make this cool and deliciously looking leopard milk bread with some simple ingredients and probably […]

Guy Makes Extremely Satisfying Symmetric Breakfasts every day

Breakfast is the meal that is often skipped, but you won’t skip breakfast if they are this delicious and extremely […]

Gluten Free Classical Paintings by Arthur Coulet

Having your daily food gluten free is beginning to get more than just a hype. The Gluten-Free Museum is a […]

Star Wars Waffle maker for Dark Side Breakfast fans

With the new upcomming Star Wars movie everyone is becomming Star Wars minded, the fans though.. So why not start […]

First Kinetic Steampunk Bar In The World Opens In Romania

Although there are several Steampunk-themed bars/restaurants in the world, in Romania the first ever Kinetic Steampunk bar opened it’s doors […]

Restaurant Sitting on a Rock Surrounds Diners with Ocean View

In Zanzibar Tanzania there is this incredible restaurant that is sitting on a rock and surrounding you with incredible ocean […]

Cat Egg Molds lets you create an Awesome Breakfast

This is the perfect combo if you are a cat and brunch-lover, cat shaped sunny side up eggs just the […]

Incredible architectural structures made from cookies and candies

Multidisciplinary photograhper Sam Kaplan created an awesome photo series of organized structures made entirely from candies and cookies. His photographs […]

The Beauty of Everyday Foods Shot with a Macro Lens

New York based photographer Adrian Mueller began his career studying architectural engineering. But he was drawn to photography because of […]

Cool Artpieces made of Oreo Cookies

When your mother used to tell you, you shouldn’t be playing with your food most of us would listen. But […]

Stunning Underwater Restaurant Lets Guests Dine in the Ocean

We’ve seen a couple of concepts, with 3D animated images, of underwater restaurants, but this one is for real and […]

Extreme realistic Animal Lollipops

Carrying on the tradition of a 1400 year old Japanese craft of lollipop-making called Amezaiku, 26-year old Shinri Tezuka has […]

15 Food Words People Have Mispronounced Their Entire Life

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Extremely Satisfying Food Cinemagraphs

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New Culinary Trend in Japan: The Dam Curry

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