Coconuts transformed into Lamps that shine Gorgeous Patterns

Artist Vainius Kubilius drills (carefully off course) coconuts to transform them into lamps that shine gorgeous patterns on your wall. […]

Father Sketches Animals Every Day to Teach His Son the Alphabet

Kyson Dana is a father and wants to teach his son the alphabet, noting special about it.. every father wants […]

Artist creates these Cool Crocheted Leaf Sculptures

The amazing skill and creativity of artist Susanna Bauer are clearly visible in these cool crocheted leaf sculptures. She transforms dry, brittle […]

Designer Transforms Cracks in Logs into Whimsical Lamps

Tasmania-based furniture and lighting designer Duncan Meerding creates awesome log lamps out of the naturally-occurring cracks in the wood.  The logs […]

Amazing Crashing Wave Glass Sculptures

These crashing wave glass sculptures are amazingly realistic and artistic. Earlier we wrote about the Ocean Wave Vases but there was […]

Everyday Objects Satisfyingly Arranged to put you at ease

Why does this makes us smile? We don’t understand.. but we do know it’s extremely satisfying that these everyday objects […]

Extremely Complex 3D printed Metal Faucets

American standard, an american plumbing product manufacturer just launched their new  ‘DXV‘ line of metal 3D printed faucets. By using a […]

These seniors show you’re never too old to make Graffiti art!

Graffiti, that’s for young people, right? Wrong! The Portuguese organisation called LATA 65 gives elderly people art workshops, hands them […]

Artist and 60,000 Bees form Splendid Teapot Sculpture

Artist Tomas Libertiny partners with over 60.000 bees to create this splendid teapot wax sculpture. Libertiny made a teapot-shaped hive that […]

Hand-cut paper art is unbelievably detailed

Suzy Taylor is an amazingly talented paper-cut artist in Hertfordshire, England. She creates such detailed works of paper art that […]

New Technology Allows the Blind to “See” Paintings Through Touch

Blind can see through touch, but paintings are mostly off limits since they are protected so nobody could touch them. Fortunately there is an […]

Spectacular Fabergé Fractals by Tom Beddard

These spectacular Fabergé fractals are the work Tom Beddard. He is a Scotland-based laser physicist who became an Artist. The name of […]

This happens when you give florists 48 hours in an Abandoned House

Florist are often not seen as artists, but many of them are. The art project called ‘Flower House’ shows what […]

Incredible Glass Jellyfish Sculptures that look so real

Rick Satava is an artist who creates this incredible lifelike glass jellyfish sculptures, that look so real it makes you […]

Stunning Double Exposure Animal Portraits by Andreas Lie

Norwegian artist Andreas Lie blends the stunning Norwegian landscapes with photographs of animals who live in that area. The result is a […]