Mike Stilkey uses Bookcovers as his canvas

Forgotten, neglected and dumped. Artist Mike Stilkey uses old books that he reclaimed from library trash heaps as a canvas […]

Extra Terrestrial-like patterns made with Footsteps In Snow

To be the first person to walk in freshly fallen snow is one of the little pleasures in life, making […]

Bonsai Tree Art 2.0

The Toyko-based designer Aiba created these awesome Bonsai Tree art thingy’s. They are extremely detailed and depending on the level […]

Cool River Tables Look Like the World From Above

Furniture maker Greg Klassen builds beautiful designed tables and other objects embedded with glass rivers and lakes. Inspired by his surroundings in the […]

Sculptures made entirely from pencils

Normally we only use pencils for drawing or writing. But artist Jennifer Maestre uses them to create the most incredible […]

11 of the World’s most creative trafficlights

Waiting in line until the light turns green isn’t really you’re favorite thing to do when you are in a […]

The Invisible Painted Man

Liu Bolin is a Chinese  artist who has a rather unusual way of making his performance art… by painting himself […]

How to sculpt a block of wood into a stack of magazines

Randall Rosenthal is an American artist well known for his incredible realistic wood sculptures carved from a single block of […]

Mural Art by DALeast and Faith47

South African artists DALeast and Faith47 are not only sharing their marriage but also their canvas. Canvases of walls in […]

Detailed Sliced Glass “Paintings”

Glass artist Loren Stump from California is especially known for his amazing work at Murrine. Murrine is a techique from […]

Giant Root-like Tunnels from Repurposed Wood that You Can Explore From The Inside

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira used Repurposed Wood To Build Giant Root-like Tunnels You Can Explore From The Inside. He recently […]

China’s Terracotta Warriors Sculpted Out of Pizza Dough

Believe it or not but these warriors are made out of pizza dough. To celebrate the 500th Pizza Express restaurant, […]

Famous Banksy Street Art Remade With LEGO Bricks

Remember the days you could play with Lego for hours and hours and built the most incredible buildings and fantasy […]

Traditional Carpets Turned into Amazing Works of Art

Multimedia artist Faig Ahmed creatively explores the ornate patterns and traditional designs of Azerbaijan carpets. He mixes traditional handycraft with […]

New Glass Labyrinth is harder than you think

This new Glass Labyrinth installation, at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s sculpture park in Kansas City, is harder than it might […]