Fruit Cherishing Turned Into Colorful Self-Portraits

Meet Cristina Otero, a resourceful and imaginative young artist who loves fruit. Cristina was born and lives in Madrid and started photography […]

Eye-catching Paintings of the Summer Season in Full Bloom

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Artist Creates Fields of Gold Lights Radiating as Starry Skies

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Exceptional Mega-Realistic Oil Paintings of Trivial Objects

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Artist Folds Dollar Bills Into Cool Origami Shapes

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When Newborn Babies Invade Famous Paintings

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In-the-Now Artist Makes Hundreds of Wondrous Mandalas

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Bizarre Live Models Portray Unique Artistic Expression of Raw Truths

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Debunking the Scary Myth Behind Traditional Voodoo Clothing

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Playful Imaginative Lights To Put You to a Peaceful Night Sleep

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Dining Rituals Sophisticated with Luxurious Tableware

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Sporty Office Chairs Made from Old Scooter Parts

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Incredibly Gifted Artist Draws Amazing Pencil Portraits

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