Fascinating Makeup Art Converts Eyelids To Full Canvases

Meet Tal Peleg, a visual artist from Israel, who goes by Pablo Picasso’s maxim that: ‘Art washes away from the […]

Artist Creates Flying Tree Sculptures to Personify Immigration

Some of the most beautiful artwork is made when the artist comes in touch with his or her personal story. […]

One-of-a-kind Decorative Wall Art Made of Moss and Greenery

If you haven’t heard about using moss as decoration, here is some assistance for you in that area. Moss is […]

Delicate Iranian Architecture Presented in a Monumental Light Pattern

The Pakistani artist Anila Agha made this stunning light installation to symbolize the amazing look of Iranian architecture via fragile light patterns. The […]

Italian Kindergarten in the Style of Okuda San Miguel

It seems that Okuda San Miguel is never tired. While we did not have enough time to catch up admiring on […]

Weird Kooky Sculptures Made from Scrapped Metal

Meet John Brown, the owner of Etsy’s online shop Green Hand Sculpture specialized for tiny sculptures made from scrapped metal, leftover […]

Impressive Beach Art Drawings Beautify the Brink of the Sea

Andres Amador is a beach art master passionately dedicated to earthscaping. Born in San Francisco, and as he says – […]

Ikebana Artist Turns an Old Vespa Piaggio into a Flower Shop

Stunning results ensue when a top artist takes over an advertising campaign for a famous designer brand and decides to […]

Blossom Fireworks Explode in The Philadelphia Museum of Art

There is a while since this event has taken place, but we are stunned as always of the particular artistic […]

Fruit Cherishing Turned Into Colorful Self-Portraits

Meet Cristina Otero, a resourceful and imaginative young artist who loves fruit. Cristina was born and lives in Madrid and started photography […]

Eye-catching Paintings of the Summer Season in Full Bloom

Gene Brown is a contemporary watercolor painter born in Oregon and educated at the California College of Arts and Crafts. […]

Artist Creates Fields of Gold Lights Radiating as Starry Skies

Meet Bruce Munro, a British artist famous for his works with light installations created in botanical gardens. In his longish […]

Exceptional Mega-Realistic Oil Paintings of Trivial Objects

Considered to be one of the best hyper-realists today, Tjalf Sparnaay takes everyday objects and tries to represent them in new […]

Artist Folds Dollar Bills Into Cool Origami Shapes

Is this what they mean when they say moneymaking? Maybe we can ask the artist himself. Won Park is a new […]

Surreal 3D Street Art Transports You Into Alternative Realities

It is amazing how dull grey city walls and plain alleys or streets awaken the artist’s spirit. Perhaps it is […]