Extreme detailed Paper Sculptures of Furry Animals

Paper artist Calvin Nicholls Uses aknife, scalpels, and scissors to create these awesome paper sculptures. After he sketched down his […]

100,000 White balloons Cover up London’s Covent Garden Market

French artist Charles Pétillon Transformed London’s Covent Garden with 100,000 giant white balloons in an installation called “heartbeat.” This Art […]

Ceramic Sculptures That Imitate The Natural Appearance Of Decaying Wood

Believe it or not these sculptures are made of Ceramics! Artist Christopher David White has created a cool series of […]

Amazingly Detailed Sculptures Carved From Pencil Tips

Pencils are often used to create art, but artist Jasenko Đorđević creates art from pencils. Sculptures carved out of Pencil […]

Cool Wood Sculptures made from Discarded Tree Trunks

South-korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee created these cool wood sculptures from discarded tree trunks and branches. He makes artworks with materials around […]

Giant Portrait of Cecil the Lion Projected onto the Empire State Building

Cecil the Lion’s glowing image has been projected onto the world famous Empire State Building in New York City. Together […]

A masterfully crafted blackened bouquet of roses

The creators of this wonderful piece of art called “The Ash” tried to make something nobody has ever seen, so […]

Amazing long exposure Calligraphy Photography

After studying calligraphy for 16 years, artist Julien Breton  recently that he decided to add photography into his arsenal. Working […]

Coffee Leaf Paintings made with Coffee leftover

It’s becoming more and more popular to create art with coffee leftovers, but there are still some who can be […]

Detailed Digital Paintings by Murat Sayginer

Believe it or not these images aren’t photographs. They come from the hand of digital artist Murat Sayginer. With the […]

Tube of Orange Paint Leaks Marigolds in a French Park

We love it when streetart is merged with nature, like this cool art installation of tube of orange paint that […]

This mural was purposely upside down to reflect off of the water

Oh wow this is creative street art, a mural purposely painted upside down so the real image would reflect off of […]

Monochrome Watercolor Paintings of Children and their Animals

Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto, creates beautiful watercolor paintings that capture the unique relationship between human, nature, and animals. It’s not […]

Incredible Tiny Sculptures carved out of Pencil Lead

These amazing miniature sculptures are carved out of a pencil lead, this is really next-level pencil sharpening.  Russian artist Salivate Fidai […]

Artist creates Intricate Paintings Using Spilled Food

Giulia Bernardelli creates stunning works of art using spilled food. She produces intricate paintings of portraits, animals, and famous scenes and it […]