The Art of Aqauscaping: Next-Level Japanese Aquariums

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Rob the Original: Incredible Salt Art by the Brilliant Barber Artist

Some artists can work with mixed media and they only use a few. But put any material you like into […]

Classical Church Turned Into a Massive Color-Reflection Edifice

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Sculpting Whiz Creates Fast Food Specials from Lego Blocks

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This is an Absolutely Inspired Way to Use Porcelain

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Awesome Pop-Art Drawings Made From Coffee Blends

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French Railway Picturesque Journey through Impressionist Art

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Digital Whiz Creates Garden Nirvana Using Architectural Visualization

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Fantastic Bristol Art Project Represents Millennia of Tree Evolution

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Bronze Sculptures Brought to Life by Incredible Water Effects

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Artist’s True Story Disclosed in a Play of Shadow And Light

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Fluid Woodwork Sculptures That Look like Ocean Coral Reefs

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Meet the Artist Who Started the Rock Balancing Sculptures Trend

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This is the Coolest Toilet Paper Packaging You Will Ever See

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This Self-Taught Artist Tailors Fabulous Cinderella-like Gowns

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