Awesome Pop-Art Drawings Made From Coffee Blends

Coffee spilled on business documents can turn into a small office disaster. Coffee spilled by an artist turns into an […]

French Railway Picturesque Journey through Impressionist Art

We would not have expected anything less from the French as just a safe and pleasant journey was not enough. […]

Digital Whiz Creates Garden Nirvana Using Architectural Visualization

It is amazing what a little digital mastery can do for a TV project. The photos below are digitally created […]

Fantastic Bristol Art Project Represents Millennia of Tree Evolution

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Bronze Sculptures Brought to Life by Incredible Water Effects

Bronze may be a classic, but the way in which Małgorzata Chodakowska puts it into life is amazing. Yes, we have seen […]

Artist’s True Story Disclosed in a Play of Shadow And Light

Dark and light are frequent artistic polarities: often representing two different sides of things, humans, the life and the world, […]

Fluid Woodwork Sculptures That Look like Ocean Coral Reefs

With a resume as impressive as this, it is no wonder that Joshua Abarbanel carries a pair of golden hands. Joshua has […]

Meet the Artist Who Started the Rock Balancing Sculptures Trend

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This is the Coolest Toilet Paper Packaging You Will Ever See

  Latona Marketing are the master of product packaging. While browsing through their inventions on their website you may be stunned by the clever and elegant cake […]

This Self-Taught Artist Tailors Fabulous Cinderella-like Gowns

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Fascinating Makeup Art Converts Eyelids To Full Canvases

Meet Tal Peleg, a visual artist from Israel, who goes by Pablo Picasso’s maxim that: ‘Art washes away from the […]

Artist Creates Flying Tree Sculptures to Personify Immigration

Some of the most beautiful artwork is made when the artist comes in touch with his or her personal story. […]

One-of-a-kind Decorative Wall Art Made of Moss and Greenery

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Delicate Iranian Architecture Presented in a Monumental Light Pattern

The Pakistani artist Anila Agha made this stunning light installation to symbolize the amazing look of Iranian architecture via fragile light patterns. The […]

Italian Kindergarten in the Style of Okuda San Miguel

It seems that Okuda San Miguel is never tired. While we did not have enough time to catch up admiring on […]