Cool Coffee Painted Portraits

Artist Michael Aaron Williams created these awesome looking portraits with just the use of coffee and ink on antique ledger […]

Amazing Carpet made with Bic Pencils

Jonathan Bréchignac is the artist behind this amazing artwork: a blue carpet completely made with Bic pencils. “The Blue Carpet”

Boring railroad underpass Colors with vibrant LED’s

This somewhat boring Art Deco railroad underpass in Birmingham, Alabama went from boring to cool

Incredible Zundert Flower Parade 2013

Zundert is a small town in The Netherlands and is famous for it’s annual Flower Parade. And the 2013 edition […]

Mind-boggling Secret Paintings revealed on Fore-edge of books

Wow we love these secret and hidden treasures that are right before you but you don’t see them.. These early […]

26 Super Realistic Artworks that aren’t Photographs

It’s hard to believe, we know, but these stunning artworks are super realistic they look like a great photograph but […]

Mind-Boggling Kaleidoscope Artworks

Dutch artist Suzan Drummen created these mind-boggling kaleidoscope artworks on several floors. She used crystals, chromed metal, precious stones, mirrors

Art Installation lets you Walk on Clouds

Have you ever been with your head in the clouds? well this time it’s not a figure of speech, because […]

Landscapes made of People

Strange title, but we can explain. Carl Warner is a fantastic photographer that likes to create awesome unexpected landscape photographs

Beautiful Beaubourg Art installation in Russia

The Russian artist Nikolay Polissky latest creation is: Beaubourg, a 22-meters-highed tower made ​​of woven-birched tubes

Cool Graffiti Birds on the streets of Brazil

Urban painter & streetartist L7m created an impressive collection of Graffiti Birds on the streets of Brazil

Mind-boggling Plant Sculptures

These Plant sculptures are truly mind-boggling. The colourful two- and three-dimensional sculptures are made primarily from plants

Giant 40-foot dragon skull on the Beach

This impressive 40-foot dragon skull can be found on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England

Bizarre Rice Field Art in Japan

This bizarre form of art is very popular in Japan. It’s called Tanbo Art

Mind-Boggling new Anamorphic Drawings

We featured the awesome 3D drawings of Ramon Bruin earlier, this time it’s a another artist that created mind-boggling anamporhic […]

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