Sew Wanderlust: Travel Snapshots by Embroidering with Needle and Thread

Love to travel and explore the world? Than you probably like to capture your adventures, usually with photography as we […]

Gigantic Star Wars Snow Sculpture Build by Japanese Army

Star Wars fans in Japan are going crazy at the Sapporo Snow Festival, one of Japan’s largest winter events. Build by […]

These trucks are beautifully Dirty

We have all seen them, Trucks that need to pay a serious visit to the carwash. But these guys make […]

Amazing floors created with Penny Coins

What do you do with left over pennies? Nobody seems to want them, it’s hard to pay with them, they […]

These scrap metal insects are awesome beyond belief

Building art with scrap metal isn’t new, but the care, detail and work Edouard Martinet puts in his scrap metal […]

When The Lights Go Out, these white rooms turn into Avatar-like worlds

When The Lights Go Out, My Glowing Murals Turn These Rooms Into Dreamy Worlds that could be taken right out […]

Nail art that is just amazing

12 inch nails are usually used to get something hammered down tight, but that;s not the only things you can […]

Astonishing black hole pencil drawing almost looks real

Jonathan Harris draws a black hole on a piece of flat paper and makes you believe it’s actually a black hole. […]

The gripping stories suitcases from abandoned asylum tell

Willard Asylum for the Insane, located in New York, was built in 1869. Usually the patients stayed there their entire […]

Amazing Glass Sculpture Reveals Four Hidden Animals When Rotated

This is amazing this glass sculpture is made of 160 hand painted individual glass strips and when you rotate it […]

Artist turns photos in to interesting sketches

Sébastien Del Grosso does something different with his selfies and snapshots, he adds to them by sketching. This sometimes means […]

Walk in a Ocean of Gorgeous Color-Changing Infinity Lights

This beautiful light installation is called Aeolian Light and is made up of thousands of points of light floating and […]

The Top 12 Most Amazing Sculptures in 2014

2014 was a year with many awesome sculptures, so let’s look back and put it in a top 12 list […]

Awesome GIF’s of Black & White photos that get colorized

We love the old historic black & white photographs that get colorized, like we shown you before. But these GIF’s […]

Polish artist creates wonderful surreal worlds

Polish artist Michal Karcz has a wonderful talent to combine real photos and digital works to create incredible lifelike worlds […]