Amazing Penline doodles of Celebrities

Vince Low, an artist and illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, created these amazing pen lines “doodles” of famous people. His ‘Faces’ […]

Mind-Boggling Giant World Globe Made Entirely of Matches

We’ve seen allot of great artworks around the world and even of the world, but this one really is mind-boggling. […]

Stunning Advanced Finger-painting artworks

Brooklyn-based Zaria Forman created for her 2012 project Chasing the Light, an ambitious art expedition by sailing up the northwest coast […]

20 Weird Sculptures around the World

Art is the reflection of the artists imagination but sometimes we just can’t get what point the artist is trying […]

Hyperrealistic drawings of human eyes

Hyperrealistic paintings and drawings still amaze us. Hyperrealistic Artist Redosking draws stunning human eyes with just a set of colorpencils […]

Call Parade: 100 design Phone Booths on the Streets of São Paulo

Call Parade is an ongoing streetart project in São Paulo that let’s artist create cool creative hoods for design booths. […]

FoodMaps: Cool Maps of Countries Made Out of Real Food

These foodmaps are really cool! Maps Maps of Countries made out of Real Food. And not just random food but the […]

Mindblowing life-size Origami Elephant from one-piece of paper

As an ultimate prove that there are no limits to what can be made out of a uncut square piece […]

Giant Desert Art Project rediscovered in Sahara Desert

An Amazing art project was found and rediscovered in the Sahara Desert in Egypt. Viewed from above the art project […]

Asian Youth swaps clothing with their elders

We came across this cool art/photography project where Asian youth swaps clothing with their elders

Melted Ceramics by Livia Marin

Nomad Patterns, a sculpture collection of artist Livia Marin’s where she shows ceramic cups and kettles melted into puddles of […]

Stunning Artworks sculpted in Beach sand

If you happen to be in San Francisco, California, then you may be lucky enough to come across the art of Andres […]

BookSculptures – When Books Really Come to life

Artist Jodi Harvey-Brown alters old books and gives them a second life by making beautiful sculptures out of their pages. […]

Great Anamorphic Murals

A team of creative graffiti artist called Truly Design created these cool anamorphic graffiti pieces. The artwork is only recognizable […]

Incredible Award-Winning Aquatic Designs Inspired By Nature

Sometimes you stumble upon something you’ve never heard of.. like an annual & International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. What? yes.