Cool Graffiti Birds on the streets of Brazil

Urban painter & streetartist L7m created an impressive collection of Graffiti Birds on the streets of Brazil

Mind-boggling Plant Sculptures

These Plant sculptures are truly mind-boggling. The colourful two- and three-dimensional sculptures are made primarily from plants

Giant 40-foot dragon skull on the Beach

This impressive 40-foot dragon skull can be found on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England

Bizarre Rice Field Art in Japan

This bizarre form of art is very popular in Japan. It’s called Tanbo Art

Mind-Boggling new Anamorphic Drawings

We featured the awesome 3D drawings of Ramon Bruin earlier, this time it’s a another artist that created mind-boggling anamporhic […]

Giant Chrome T-Rex in Paris

Constructed of 350 bones made ​​of chrome and a height of 6 meters, the lifesize tyrannosaurus-rex of the French artist Philippe […]

Street Festival Art installation in Porto

‘s. joao structure’ is a cool street festival art installation with a reinterpretation of flying balloons and fireworks in the […]

Amazing Beatbox Brilliance that will make your Jaw drop

Where Cool Things Happen? Sometimes on a TEDx event: Tom Thum is a master beatboxer that really made our jaw […]

Beautiful Streetart at the Mural Festival Montreal

MURAL festival had over 35 local and international artists over 2 km of open-air market on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal

In Orbit on this Steel Wire Web

This must be really awesome to experience, walking on this new Art installation suspended more than 25 meters above the […]

Next-Level Origami Artworks

Paper artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường creates these next-level origami artworks. Made with special handmade Do paper,

When Streetart meets Nature

Nuxuno Xän is a streetartist who creates cool streetart with great use of the enviroment. This is what happens when […]

Mind-blowing 3D Drawings on paper

Wow! These amazing 3D anamorphic drawings are made on simple flat pieces of paper. Mind-blowing artwork that makes you wonder […]

Impressive graffiti writing time-lapse

Even if you don’t like graffiti street art, you must check out this amazing graffiti writing time-lapse, of streetartist Sofles […]

Stunning Paintings made with everyday objects

We stumbled upon these stunning paintings made with everyday objects, anything of the right size, shape or colour: toys, shells, buttons, […]