The V Motion Project: Music through Motion

This project combines the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators to create an amazing visual instrument.

Stunning Sand Drawings in California

With just a stick of drift wood and allot of spare time, Jim Denevan creates these stunning geometrical drawings on […]

Deceiving 3D Street Murals

These absolutely creative 3D street murals will trick your eye in believing that some parts are real.

Portrait with 9000 Wine Corks

What if you have got about 9000 used wine corks, time and creativity? Scott Gundersen has it all because he […]

The Art of BMX

Alain Massabova is a Parisian BMX rider, that turned it into art. Check out this cool short-film of the choreography […]

Before i Die Streetart

We came across this new type of interactive streetart, the so called ‘Before i Die Walls’.  Before I Die is […]

Computer-controlled Rain in Singapore

Kinetic Rain is found in the Changi Airport Singapore.  Consisting of 608 rain droplets made of lightweight aluminum covered with […]

Giant Portraits made with People

Graig Alan is the artist/photographer behind this brilliant idea. He creates giant portraits by placing allot of people on the […]

Streetart collection of Kobra

Eduardo Kobra is a streetartist combining photorealistic with 3d drawing and allot of colors. His streetart is always fun, bright […]

Awesome Art of 100.000 Toothpicks

Wow this is truly an amazing piece of artwork. Just Toothpicks (from all over the world), some glue and allot […]

Pencil vs Camera art

Ben Heine is a creative artist/photographer. He created this cool “Pencil Vs Camera” set. It mixes drawing and photography, imagination […]

3D Paintings Taking it to a whole other level

French artist Shaka, made some awesome 3d paintings.He sculpts the shapes of familiar objects directly on the canvas and covers […]

Streetart Transparant Street Signs

Street artist and photographer Cayetano Ferrer, created an cool new kind of street art: He turns regular street signs and […]

Inception like Art installation

In Paris there is this awesome Inception (the movie) like Art installation. Where a building facade is build on the […]

Hyperrealism Paintings

We know what you think, but these aren’t photographs… they are hyperrealism paintings by artist Jason de Graaf.

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