In Orbit on this Steel Wire Web

This must be really awesome to experience, walking on this new Art installation suspended more than 25 meters above the […]

Next-Level Origami Artworks

Paper artist Nguyễn Hùng Cường creates these next-level origami artworks. Made with special handmade Do paper,

When Streetart meets Nature

Nuxuno Xän is a streetartist who creates cool streetart with great use of the enviroment. This is what happens when […]

Mind-blowing 3D Drawings on paper

Wow! These amazing 3D anamorphic drawings are made on simple flat pieces of paper. Mind-blowing artwork that makes you wonder […]

Impressive graffiti writing time-lapse

Even if you don’t like graffiti street art, you must check out this amazing graffiti writing time-lapse, of streetartist Sofles […]

Stunning Paintings made with everyday objects

We stumbled upon these stunning paintings made with everyday objects, anything of the right size, shape or colour: toys, shells, buttons, […]

Hollywood themed Sand Sculptures

Hollywood is the theme of the 2013 Weston Sand Sculpture Festival. With amazing sand sculptures of E.T, Pirates of the […]

Bizarre self growing Nano “Flowers” Created in Lab

Not sure what to thin of this, but it’s supprising and mind boggling to say at least. These flowers are […]

Mind-blowing Carved Book Landscapes

Wow this is simply mind-blowing. Artist Guy Laramee has been working on these pieces of art for a decade and […]

Camel Hair Art

Strange title indeed, but a it’s a simple fact. On the border of Pakistan and India there is a yearly […]

life-size LEGO of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

Someone with allot of time on their hands build this incredible life-size LEGO model of a Star Wars X-Wing Fighter that is […]

Couple Travels the World in their Wheel House

Travelling the world in this crazy Wheel House, that the mission of artistic couple Jeni Barnard and Barney White.

Inspiring Adventure Quotes

Thinking of an adventure? Maybe these inspiring quotes can help you out a little.. Be adventurous and discover where cool […]

Amazing Photorealistic Pencil Drawings

Franco Clun is a self-taught Italian artist who has cultivated his talent and passion for amazing photorealistic pencil drawings, up to […]

Food instagrams into Painting

We are following Food Photographer Sonya Yu on Instagram for quite a while and she always amaze us with beautiful […]