Awe-Inspiring Portrait made of Dice

Wow this is really a awe-inspiring portrait, completely made with Dice. Created by Frederick McSwain as a tribute to Tobias […]

10 Coolest Light Art Festivals around the world

We love Light Art installations, they have something magical when they lightening up the sky’s, often in spectacular settings, whether […]

Baby Napping Art

Adele Emersen is one cool momma! Turning her baby’s napping positions into art.. By just using her Iphone and a […]

Colorful Interactive Floral Art Room

Japanese artist Shinji Ohmaki is no stranger to us, she created awesome artworks in Singapore before. This time she sculpted […]

Giant Sculptures made of Flowers

Nowhere else on the planet will you find as much variety in flowers as in The Netherlands. And they get […]

Art with thousand of white balloons

Thousand of white balloons, suspended in a billowing wash of sound; an air-borne landscape

van Gogh’s The Starry Night by NASA

One of Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh’s most famous works is The Starry Night, which shows the stars as giant […]

On Space Time Foam Art Installation

The “On Space time foam” is an art installation of artist Tomas Saraceno. The artwork is a multi-layered installation of translucent […]

Amazing Hand Cut Book Collages

Artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson created these amazing hand cut book collages. He cut away all the text, blank spaces etc from […]

Models Wearing Paint Splashes

Ian Crawford created this awesome high speed photography.. Where models are dressed with paint splashes.

Black marker art

Charlotte Mann creates interesting art. She draws various objects on white walls with a black marker

The Rain Room

The Rain Room is an Art installation at the Barbican Centre’s Curve gallery, in London. What makes it so cool is […]

Creative Road Signs

Please Chase Me is an ongoing series of Creative Road Signs in public spaces and usual feature funny or unexpected […]

Colorful LED energy saving Art in Croatia

This public art installation by Croatian architect Nikola Bašić comes to life at sunset in the coastal town of Zadar […]

Abandoned structures transformed in Street Art

Street Artist Nikita Nomerz transforms abandoned structures in various cities into awesome Street Art.

Surfing in Kieren Perrow. Pat Stacey

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