Powerful Artwork of Nelson Mandela

It’s the south african artist marco cianfanelli that constructed this powerful artwork of Nelson Mandela.  A monument to recognize the 50 year anniversary […]

Cool Dad Colors his kids’ drawings

It’s not the “art” that is so amazing, but it’s Cool story about Reddit user Tatsputin, a creative dad that […]

Cool Giant Horse Head Sculptures

Cool art can be spotted anywhere around the world, some are small and some you just can’t miss, like these […]

The Best Street Musicians roundup

There are allot of great artist and musicians in the world, a few of them are famous and you have […]

Portraits made of Thousands of Nails

Each piece begins with a photograph, which Foster reproduces in ink by meticulously stippling every contour

25 Maps that reveal some bizarre facts of our World

We found this collection of 25 cool maps that provide us with some cool, sad and mostly bizarre facts of […]

Carpet made of 20.000 DIN A4 papers

WE MAKE CARPETS, a Dutch Trio that creates extraordinary carpets. Not only are they exceptional in style, WeMakeCarpets also likes […]

Amazing photo manipulation by Caras Ionut

Caras Ionut a great photographer and a whole lot more than that. His dreamy style of photo manipulation keeps on […]

Enormous 11-Acre landscape Portrait artwork

Cuban-American artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada takes landscaping to the next level with his enormous portrait art

Amazing Street art by Gijs van Hee

Gijs van Hee an Graphic Artist from Mechelen Belgium created these awesome street paintings that he calls “Mutants”. Originally out […]

Abandoned School Gym turns art with Permanent Marker

Real artist don’t need much, give them a canvas and a tool and they create something beautiful. Brazilian artist Oscar Oiwa […]

Huge Solar-powered Lighting Pavilion

This cool looking Sol Dome is made out of thousands individual circles, it extends through space with its hollow lightweight […]

Large new Mural for the folk of Poland

Street artist Natalia Rak recently stopped by the city of Bialystok where she worked several days on this new piece […]

Amazingly Detailed Fragmented Sculptures

Every now and then our minds just gets creatively blown away by all the amazing things people share with us. […]

9,000 silhouettes representing fallen people on Normandy Beach

An massive artwork on the Normandy Beach in France called The Fallen 9000. The artwork is a visual reminder of […]