A Train On Rails Stunningly Carved Into a Pencil

Artist Cindy Chinn created this amazing ‘train on rails’ miniature sculpture. She carved it into a carpenter’s pencil.. what stunned […]

Amazingly detailed Papercut Art by Parth Kothekar

Parth Kothekar, an Indian papercut artist from Ahmedabad began his new craft when he was experimenting with graffiti stencils Kotherhar […]

100-Year-Old Church Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Murals

This 100-year old historic church in Spain, has been transformed into a skate park covered in awesome colourful murals. The […]

3D printed the famous classical paintings for the visually impaired

Wow just wow! With 3d printing technology becoming the standard for more everyday use, people are finding new ways to […]

Fantastic Galaxy Pendants Lets you “wear” the Cosmos

glass artist Satoshi Tomizu from Japan has created a fantastic series of Galaxy Pendants called “Space Glass. The are very […]

Traditional Carpets turned into Glitched-Out Contemporary Rugs

Artist Faig Ahmed takes the art of the traditional Azerbaijani carpets to another level. He does this by distorting the patterns, dimantling their […]

Iconic Stormtrooper Masks turn Into Futuristic Animals

As a super fan of the Star Wars series. Blank William  used his passion and talent  to create a new variety […]

The Largest Art Festival in the World: The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

Ever wondered what the largest art festival in the world is? Well it the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale in Japan. This […]

Artist creates a Giant Octopus with Discarded Ballpoint Pens

You were about to write something down on a piece of paper and your ballpoint pen just stopped working, you […]

Gluten Free Classical Paintings by Arthur Coulet

Having your daily food gluten free is beginning to get more than just a hype. The Gluten-Free Museum is a […]

Rock Solid Stones Turned into Organic Shaped Art

Spanish artist José Manuel Castro López, defies the laws of nature with his cool art pieces which are shaped in a […]

16 Incredible Origami Artworks To Celebrate World Origami Day

In case you missed it, November 11 is the annual Origami Day in Japan. The most famous piece of Origami art […]

This is what happens when you make soap bubbles at -25C

We wrote about what happens when you make soap bubbles in the freezing cold, it results amazing frozen bubbles. Pictures are […]

Characters from Classic Paintings Back into the Modern World

Ukranian artist Alexey Kondakov brings back figures from classic paintings but now in our modern world. He juxtaposes characters from the history […]

Ancient Greek Statues mashed-up with Iconic Starwars Characters

This beautiful series of creations by French artist Travis Durden shows how Ancient Greek Statues are mashed-up with Iconic Starwars […]