These Indian Women were Asked How They Would Like to be Photographed

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Graphic Designer Makes Bowie Tribute Posters

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These Artists Were Asked to Make “Wonder”. This is What They Came Up With

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VW Beetle Spotted in the Insect Collection at Museum

Redditor muppaphone spotted this VW Beetle Bug among a collection of taxidermies beetles at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. […]

Amazing Street art by XAV

Multitalented Self taught Spanish graffiti and tattoo artist, Xav has made an awesome series of lifesize mural in and around […]

Unique footage of Drone flying Through Fireworks

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Marble and Resin Merged into Stunning ‘Lagoon’ Tables

These stunning marble and resin tables resemble beautiful lagoons with limestone and crystal clear waters. Designer Alexandre Chapelin of LA Table designed these […]

A Train On Rails Stunningly Carved Into a Pencil

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Amazingly detailed Papercut Art by Parth Kothekar

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100-Year-Old Church Transformed into a Skate Park Covered in Murals

This 100-year old historic church in Spain, has been transformed into a skate park covered in awesome colourful murals. The […]

3D printed the famous classical paintings for the visually impaired

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Fantastic Galaxy Pendants Lets you “wear” the Cosmos

glass artist Satoshi Tomizu from Japan has created a fantastic series of Galaxy Pendants called “Space Glass. The are very […]

Traditional Carpets turned into Glitched-Out Contemporary Rugs

Artist Faig Ahmed takes the art of the traditional Azerbaijani carpets to another level. He does this by distorting the patterns, dimantling their […]

Iconic Stormtrooper Masks turn Into Futuristic Animals

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The Largest Art Festival in the World: The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

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