A masterfully crafted blackened bouquet of roses

The creators of this wonderful piece of art called “The Ash” tried to make something nobody has ever seen, so […]

Amazing long exposure Calligraphy Photography

After studying calligraphy for 16 years, artist Julien Breton  recently that he decided to add photography into his arsenal. Working […]

Coffee Leaf Paintings made with Coffee leftover

It’s becoming more and more popular to create art with coffee leftovers, but there are still some who can be […]

Detailed Digital Paintings by Murat Sayginer

Believe it or not these images aren’t photographs. They come from the hand of digital artist Murat Sayginer. With the […]

Tube of Orange Paint Leaks Marigolds in a French Park

We love it when streetart is merged with nature, like this cool art installation of tube of orange paint that […]

This mural was purposely upside down to reflect off of the water

Oh wow this is creative street art, a mural purposely painted upside down so the real image would reflect off of […]

Monochrome Watercolor Paintings of Children and their Animals

Indonesian artist Elicia Edijanto, creates beautiful watercolor paintings that capture the unique relationship between human, nature, and animals. it’s not […]

Incredible Tiny Sculptures carved out of Pencil Lead

These amazing miniature sculptures are carved out of a pencil lead, this is really next-level pencil sharpening.  Russian artist Salivate Fidai […]

Artist creates Intricate Paintings Using Spilled Food

Giulia Bernardelli creates stunning works of art using spilled food. She produces intricate paintings of portraits, animals, and famous scenes and it […]

Coconuts transformed into Lamps that shine Gorgeous Patterns

Artist Vainius Kubilius drills (carefully off course) coconuts to transform them into lamps that shine gorgeous patterns on your wall. […]

Father Sketches Animals Every Day to Teach His Son the Alphabet

Kyson Dana is a father and wants to teach his son the alphabet, noting special about it.. every father wants […]

Artist creates these Cool Crocheted Leaf Sculptures

The amazing skill and creativity of artist Susanna Bauer are clearly visible in these cool crocheted leaf sculptures. She transforms dry, brittle […]

Designer Transforms Cracks in Logs into Whimsical Lamps

Tasmania-based furniture and lighting designer Duncan Meerding creates awesome log lamps out of the naturally-occurring cracks in the wood.  The logs […]

Amazing Crashing Wave Glass Sculptures

These crashing wave glass sculptures are amazingly realistic and artistic. Earlier we wrote about the Ocean Wave Vases but there was […]

Everyday Objects Satisfyingly Arranged to put you at ease

Why does this makes us smile? We don’t understand.. but we do know it’s extremely satisfying that these everyday objects […]