Revived Old Books Weave New Stories With Beautiful Shapes

Cecilia Levy used to be a bookbinder, putting together pages of paper in wondrous ways to create beautiful covers. This time, Cecilia […]

Terraforming: A New Life With Plants Inhaled Into Marble And Concrete

In Sarah Cottier Gallery in Paddington, Australia, the artist Jamie North exhibits white marble and concrete pillars transforming them into life-carrying stones out of […]

Are These Wall Ornaments Geometric Paintings or Sculptures?

If you are wondering what is the right answer to this confusing question, let us help you: they are called […]

40 Before & After Photos of Street Art Facades by the French Banksy

Here comes an example of a wonderful mural technique called trompe l’oeil, an art technique used to create an optical 3D illusion […]

Vibrant Tape Installation Will Make Your Walk on This Floor Dizzy

Tape art opens up new worlds of colors as artists intuitively find ways to use tape to bend space, light, […]

When You Need to Kill for Peace: Soldier Helmets Embroidered with Roses

Lithuanian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė works with cross-stitching technique, drilling, and industrial needle punching to create floral embroidery on otherwise sturdy objects. […]

Don’t Let These Medieval Looking Teapots Drop From Your Hands

I bet you thought these tea-brewing devices are made of metal. We can not blame you, and it was our first […]

Bright-Colored Scottish Landscapes by Scott Naismith Make Cool Prints

Now you can have Scotland painted on a pillow, a smartphone case, a mousepad or a pair of leggings, thanks […]

Fender Mod Shop Lets You Build Your Own Custom Guitar

Having in mind musician’s artistic quirks and professional obsession, it is no wonder Fender lets them build their own instruments, […]

Chilean Street Artist Paints the World With Mythical Inca Creatures

Acting as a Chilean cultural ambassador the street artist INTI draws giant street murals on buildings in Chile and around the world. […]

Cool Generator Hostel Opens its Comfy Doors in Amsterdam

It is nice wandering through the streets of important tourist places but it is not so easy to find a […]

Unbelievably Real Moss Embroidery by Emma Matson

You may have already seen moss art made from the real plant as the soft greenery provides an incredible surface to produce various […]

Kaleidoscopic Street-Art Creation by Douglas Hoekzema

When an artist has an ‘About’ section that starts with the words: “Time waits for no man” we know that […]

This Sliced Bookshelf Puts a Totally New Dimension to Book Storing

Here is a piece of art that looks like something in between a practical bookshelf, a wall application, and a […]

Giant Paper Sculptures by Tiffanie Turner

It is immediately obvious when someone is in love with their work and how they can not be when they […]