French postman spends 33 years building impressive PALACE

You almost won’t believe it that a french postman build this impressive palace just from pebbles collected on his route. Ferdinand Cheval […]

A green walkway in the sky

Working in a office building can sometimes be tough so what can be better than takeing your lunchbreak in the […]

Innovative University Building in Singapore That Has No Corners

This brand new University building in Singapore consists of 12 tapered towers and has no cornes The hub, completed in […]

Urban Treehouse Protects Residents from Air and Noise Pollution

A vertical potted forest of trees and branching steel beams surround this apartment building in Turin, Italy.This Urban Treehouse is […]

Unintentional Beauty of Science and Research facilities

Photographer alastair philip wiper captured the unintentional beauty of science and research facilities: in particular, the anechoic chambers at the technical […]

Speakeasy in Shanghai Hidden Behind This Old Coke Machine

In Shanghai you can find a sandwich shop called The Press. At first glance this  looks like a cool but […]

Kitchen that hasn’t been touched for 50 years discovered

In a strange and unexpected discovery, furniture designer and creator Nathan Chandler found and bought a home that had remained […]

Surprisingly efficient wooden cube house

What would you do if you see a big stack of wooden blocks in the middle of the forest? Perhaps […]

Wooden Cabin Hidden inside a Rock

If you want to blend into nature this is the place to stay, a wooden Cabin hidden inside a rock. The […]

15 of the Coolest Cinemas Around The World

Almost everyone loves to go to the movies, but often movie theaters are dull, standard and boring architecture, but there […]

Cool Wooden Curved Grotto Sauna

Grotto is a sauna located on San Souci Island, in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada. It’s made entirely […]

Luxury Apartment with Sky Garage in Singapore

Suppose you live in a super-deluxe apartment in Singapore and off-course you have a series of awesome super-cars, to park […]

Amazing Pristine Ancient Greek Mosaics Discovered in Turkey

A team of archeologists recently discovered some amazing pristine ancient Greek Mosaics in the Turkish city of Zeugma. The Mosaics are […]

Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Path Inspired by a Van Gogh Painting

This stunning illuminated bike path in Nuenen, Netherlands is inspired by a Van Gogh painting and is the work of […]

Paris apartment is the tiniest in the world (8sqm only)

We have to admit we do not know this for sure, but this almost must be the tiniest actively used […]