10 Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around Them

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Cool new Infinite Bridge over the Danish Coast

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Futuristic house embedded in a cliff is going to be breathtaking

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26 Photos prove that Animals are Awesome Architects

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Modular Pop-up Restaurant on a Milan Rooftop

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Glass-Covered Modular Cabin Provides Spectacular Views

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The Edge, The world’s most Sustainable and Innovative building

Amsterdam has always been a place where people get inspired by its art, ambiance and architecture. It now proudly hosts […]

Solar-Powered Ecocapsule Allows You to Live Off the Grid Anywhere

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This man transformed a Boeing 727 into his own home

Former Electrical Engineer Bruce Campbell, bought an old rusty Boeing 727 aircraft which is placed in a suburban area outside […]

Abandoned highway repurposed into the Seoul Skygarden

We just love it when architects come up with clever idea’s to repurpose something that others would like to destroy […]

The beautiful colors of the Groninger Museum

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29 square meter House looks amazing inside

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