YO! The luxurious Convertible 40 sqm apartment concept

Simon Woodroffe the man behind Yotel and the YO! Sushi chain is getting into the interior design now. He challenged […]

World’s First Glass Sky Pool will be suspended 115 feet above London

If you like to swim in a pool that gives you extra chills…you must check this out. The developers at […]

Silver Bay Holiday Retreat in South Africa

Architectural designers and technologists at SAOTA, Antoni Associates & OKHA teamed up and finished this awesome residence that’s located at Shelly […]

Reservoir Covered with 96 Million Plastic Balls to Fight Evaporation

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power started a project to fight water evaporation. The final step in this […]

17th Century Dutch Merchant Mart Reinvented into Restaurant

Weigh House (De Waag in Dutch) is an old 17th century merchant mart on the street of Aalmarkt, Leiden that […]

Amazing Fantasy-like Cabins by Dan Pauly

Being raised in a true wood-working craftsman family, it was a small step for Dan Pauly to create these amazing […]

Invisible Bathroom Sink Made of Marble and Glass

Victor Vasilev is an architect/designer from Bulgaria who loves create things that he describes as material purity. He also is the designer […]

10 Buildings Designed to Incorporate the Trees Around Them

The next 10 buildings were build by clever architects who refused to cut down local trees for their projects. Instead they […]

Cool new Infinite Bridge over the Danish Coast

The architects of gjøde & povlsgaard arkitekter created this cool new infinite bridge over the Danish coast. It’s part of the festival […]

Futuristic house embedded in a cliff is going to be breathtaking

Architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos designed a house that finds the fine balance between high anxiety and […]

Futuristic Grand Cancun Eco Island Design Concept

Architect Richard Moreta Castillo has laid down the creative foundation for an unique complex called Grand Cancun Eco Island. The […]

26 Photos prove that Animals are Awesome Architects

Every single day, around the world, animals and insects set about the purposeful tasks of making their homes, catching their prey, and […]

Magnificent Windows from Around the World

Portugese Photographer André Gonçalves captures Windows instead of city landscapes or scenes like other photographers do. He traveled around and […]

20 Of The World’s Most Iconic Landmarks Before They Were Finished

The world’s most iconic landmarks are a big draw for tourists from around the world. But these historical landmarks are not […]

Modular Pop-up Restaurant on a Milan Rooftop

Milan now hosts a cool temporary restaurant that has been placed on the rooftop of palazzo beltrami in piazza della […]