This Beautiful Library is Nearly Out At Sea

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The Bridge Designed so that Drivers Will Slow Down and Enjoy the View

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A Floating Forest of Trees will be Built on Water in Rotterdam

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This Crazy Apartment in Kazakhstan has its Own Ski Slope

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These Photos Reveal What Actors Actually See When They’re On Stage

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Now you can build famous city skylines with LEGOs

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Luxurious Korean Tent Pods Opens a World of “Glamorous Camping”

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Dutch Designed ‘Smog Free Tower’ Clears the Air in Rotterdam

The city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, has opened the world’s first smog-free tower. The seven-metre high tower sucks in […]

China’s New Motorway is Completely Built Over Water

We love incredible engineering like this new motorway in China that is completely built over water. The road connects Xingshang County […]

Vertical Forest Tower to be World’s First Building Covered with Evergreen Trees

Italian architect Stefano Boeri will build this incredible 117-meter tall vertical forest tower in Lausanne, Switzerland. This sustainable residential building will be the […]

Clementinum Library in Prague is World’s most Stunning Library

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, holds one of the most stunning Libraries in the world: The Clementinum Library.  The […]

Amazing Bridge Turns Into a Tunnel and Connects Denmark and Sweden

This amazing engineering marvel turns from a bridge into a tunnel to connect Denmark en Sweden. The Øresund Bridge is the […]

The summerhouse that hangs to enlarge the garden

Architect Scott Tallon walker loved his garden. So much in fact he felt conflicted to build a house that took […]