This is the Coolest Toilet Paper Packaging You Will Ever See

  Latona Marketing are the master of product packaging. While browsing through their inventions on their website you may be stunned by the clever and elegant cake […]

Powerful “Letters Can Kill” Campaign Hints Against Texting While Driving

Lightfarm Studios from New Zealand decided to use horrific controversial characters and world dictators in the advertising campaign they made for Mitsubishi […]

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120 Years of Coca Cola: The Master of Brands Through Ads History

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Ikebana Artist Turns an Old Vespa Piaggio into a Flower Shop

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Google’s Controversial Self-Driving Bike Prank Ad

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These Action-Packed Perfectly Timed Photos will Keep you on the Edge

The Red Bull Illume competition for 2016 is now officially closed. So, if you wanted to submit a photo to compete, […]

This Designer Duo Will Make You Question What You Eat

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If Animals Could Reside in the Supreme Court

“If Animals Could Judge” is the name of this highly inventive Swiss campaign for animal rights from 2013. Produced as […]

When Famous Brands Take a Bit of Their Own Medicine

Marco Schembri is an Italian designer from Messina, Italy, whose specialty is industrial design, graphic and automotive design. Marco now lives […]

A Smart Way to Keep Short-Flight Passengers for Longer

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16 Clever Digital Images which Keep You Guessing

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Is this the Typical “Face” of London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris and Milan?

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Creative Campaign that shows us The Doorways Into Foods

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500 Stormtroopers invade the Great Wall of China

With the expected release of the seventh episode of Star Wars, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, 500 Stormtroopers lined up […]