Step inside this Human-Sized Kaleidoscope

Ever wanted to be inside a kaleidoscope? Now is your chance because Artist-duo Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki created this awesome kaleidoscope that is big enough for a human to step inside. The immersive artwork was build inside a shipping container and on display at the KOBE biennale in Japan. We wanted to cre [...]

The Mesmerizing vivid Blue village of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a small village  in  Morocco and is famous for are the absolutely amazing vivid blue walls of many of the bui [...]

Stunning Photo-Realistic Pencil Drawings by Monica Lee

We love it when you look at a photograph and realising it’s actually a stunningly handmade drawing. Monica Lee is an artist [...]

Breathtaking Beautiful Pink Wisteria Tree in Japan

This breathtaking beautiful Wisteria Tree in Japan is massive and displays beautiful pink colours that look like their dropping ou [...]

Stunning Photographs of Storm Clouds that look like a rolling ocean

Take a look at this photograph.. it does look like a stormy rolling ocean, right? It looks like a photoshopped photograph, but tha [...]

Soul Box: a Portable Retreat for ‘Glamping’ in Nature

Glamping is a trend for a couple of years it’s for those want to keep the comforts of home in reach. Well Soulbox,  a mobil [...]

Japanese Bonsai Tree Launched into Space in Incredible Journey

Japanese artist Azuma Makoto is known for his botanical artworks, but his latest work really blows everything out of the water. Makoto and his crew went to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to launch two objects into space: “Shiki 1,” a 50-year-old white pine bonsai suspended from a metal frame, and an untitle [...]

20 Little Kids And Their Big Lovable Dog Friends

Big Dogs with their little kids friends it’s an adorable sight. So enjoy the next 20 photographs.. Image credits: Jen Hen [...]

Stunning Photos of the Otherworldly Beauty of Antarctica's Icebergs

Tokyo-based nature photographer Martin Bailey takes us to the otherworldly beauty of monolithic icebergs and ice palaces that e [...]

The fantastic wire fairies of Trentham Gardens

Fairy tales can come to life, not just in out fantasy but through art. Robin Wight makes wonderful steel wire works that spark you [...]

This is What People Look Like Shooting Out of a Waterslide

“I Love Summer” is a series of high-speed photos by photographer Krista Long that captures people at the precise moment that t [...]

Turkey's surreal looking hot springs

If hot springs, relaxing atmosphere and surreal surroundings is your thing, then Pamukkale Springs is a place for you, Don’t [...]

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