Huacachina, Peru's magnificent desert oasis

In the middle of the desert in Peru, about 8 kilometers form Ica, there is a little oasis called Huacachina. About 100 people live there surrounded by sand dunes that het hundreds of feet high! Not only is it a unique place to visit and enjoy the nature, the town also offers activities like sandboarding and dune buggy [...]

Amazing Pristine Ancient Greek Mosaics Discovered in Turkey

A team of archeologists recently discovered some amazing pristine ancient Greek Mosaics in the Turkish city of Zeugma. The Mosaic [...]

This is what kids around the world eat for breakfast

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18 Photos of People Awestruck by Nature

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The Tatra Mountains are stunning reason to visit Poland

Beauty is all over the world. 27 year old photographer Marcin Kesek lives near the polish Tatra Mountains and to him it’s th [...]

Breathtaking Photos of Wild Foxes in a Snowy Landscape

Photographer Ivan Kislov captures breathtaking and colorful images in the snow of foxes in the wild. With the snowy Russian lan [...]

Infographic of Which Countries are the World’s Happiest

This wonderful map shows how happy people feel around the world. In other words it shows the extent to which countries deliver long, happy and environmentally sustainable lives for their citizens. The infographic is the result of a research by, a resource for people who want to live abroad, and shows the s [...]

This is The Most Beautiful Canyon in the World: Fjaðrárgljúfur

There are allot of stunning and gorgeous Canyon’s around the world, but in all our travels this is probably the most Beautif [...]

25 Precarious cities where people live on the edge

The people in these cities live up to the saying: “It’s all about the view” and the view from these cities is am [...]

Did you know India has 2 Taj Mahals

We didn’t until we stumbled upon this little brother of the Taj Mahal in Agra, it’s called Bibi Ka Maqbara (“To [...]

This Rescued Blind Owl has Stars In His Eyes

Meet Zeus a rescued blind owl that has stars in his eyes. The owl was injured but rescued and found at the Wildlife Learning Cent [...]

Awesome new 3D Anamorphic Drawings by Ramon Bruin

Ramon Bruin, the Dutch freelance artist, is back with some new and next-level 3D anamorphic drawings. This time he focused on mult [...]