Geometric Abstract Art Shows How Truth Depends on Perspective

How does our perception and perspective influence our personal reality? The project name “Truth Depends on Where You See it From” relates to a geometrical abstraction wall art developed in the space of the MEF – Ettore Fico Museum in Turin, Italy. The artistic team “Truly Design Urban Artists [...]

Zero Gravity Power: Floral Beauty in Perfect Timing

Capturing earthly elements in a single moment of time when they exist in zero gravity is in the essence of the project by the Dutc [...]

Pro Rock Climber Becomes Spiderwoman to Test a Vacuum Cleaner

To prove that their LG Cord Zero vacuum cleaner is as strong as they claim it to be, LG collaborated with the professional rock c [...]

20 Fascinating Photos of the Breathtaking Canary Islands by Lukas Furlan

Here is a novel perspective of the archipelago famous for holidays and beach vacations. Lukas Furlan is a cool travel photographe [...]

The Art of Aqauscaping: Next-Level Japanese Aquariums

Yes, we may have called these water containers aquariums, and, undoubtedly, they are so. On another note, aquascapes can be so mu [...]

"The City" Miniworlds: Remnants of Imagined Natural Disasters

The project named simply and appropriately “The City” is a photography idea conceived, designed, built and photographe [...]

Faktum Hotels: World's Busiest and Most Sobering Booking

Have you seen anything like this? For 10 SEK or $15 a night you can book any of the 10 hotel rooms in the Faktum Hotel. The Faktum Hotel is in the heart of an awareness raising program in the city of Gothenburg. The project is intended to help homeless persons’ society integration. All profit goes to the local Fa [...]

Deceiving Digital Images Create Surreal Parallel Worlds

If you check the 500px gallery of this Paris-based photographer, you will find otherworldly photos of people and objects in playf [...]

Rob the Original: Incredible Salt Art by the Brilliant Barber Artist

Some artists can work with mixed media and they only use a few. But put any material you like into the hands of Rob the Original  [...]

Classical Church Turned Into a Massive Color-Reflection Edifice

This transformational project by the UK-based artist Liz West is created in the historical church of St. John in North Lincolnshi [...]

Priceless Photos of Pets in Their Original Personal Beds

Ever wondered what is the best bed for your pet? If your dog or cat is one of those house pets that do not bother too much of hav [...]

Sculpting Whiz Creates Fast Food Specials from Lego Blocks

Noby Tary is one of those lego masters who bring the art of lego to the next level. When Lego is not only a play tool for little [...]