The man that befriended a baby pygmy goat

The friendship bond between animals and humans can be very strong, though usually that bond involves cats or dogs. Tom Horsfield however got a different kind of animal friend: Benjamin the baby Pygmy goat. This little fellow was rejected by his mother and when Tom decided to take care of it the friendship was born. Now [...]

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Polish artist creates wonderful surreal worlds

Polish artist Michal Karcz has a wonderful talent to combine real photos and digital works to create incredible lifelike worlds that are either breathtakingly beautiful, if not a bit eerie, or very surreal. According to him it is music that inspires his art and helps him to put just the right edge on these amazing work [...]

Stunning Twig Sculptures That Resemble Bird Nests

Sculptor Patrick Dougherty combines his carpentry skills with his love for nature and it results in interesting sculptures. By wea [...]

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Stunning 3D Graffiti That Seems To Float In The Air

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Hikers Discover a Bizarre Crystal Clear Lake in Slovakia

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Awesome Wood Tables Embedded with Photoluminescent Resin

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