Unbelievably Gorgeous Galaxy Confectionery will Transport you to a Far Universe

Wow, if you thought that there is a limit to making stellar sweets, we are here to break your imagination limits! Millions of stars, night skies, black nebulae and universes are put on soft birthday cakes, huge macaroons and pastries, cute creamy cupcakes and frosty ice-creams, and they are made so incredibly real tha [...]

Forgotten National Geographic Pictures Published for the First Time

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Kitsch Destruction of Canada Landscapes by a Nomad Photographer

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Don't Let These Medieval Looking Teapots Drop From Your Hands

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Turquoise Sea Glass Candies Look Just Like the Real Stones

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Cool Puma Shoes Replicate BMW GINA Light Visionary Concept Car

These futuristic looking Puma BMW X-Cat Disc sneakers follow the design of the 2008 BMW GINA Light visionary concept car incorpor [...]

Bright-Colored Scottish Landscapes by Scott Naismith Make Cool Prints

Now you can have Scotland painted on a pillow, a smartphone case, a mousepad or a pair of leggings, thanks to the lovely vibrant landscapes by Scottish artist Scott Naismith who works with thick brushes and rainbow colors creating dreamlike oil paintings of sunsets, lochs and islands travelling through his native coun [...]

Fender Mod Shop Lets You Build Your Own Custom Guitar

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Chilean Street Artist Paints the World With Mythical Inca Creatures

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Cool Generator Hostel Opens its Comfy Doors in Amsterdam

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Unbelievably Real Moss Embroidery by Emma Matson

You may have already seen moss art made from the real plant as the soft greenery provides an incredible surface to produce vari [...]