Birdly Simulator lets you "fly" like a bird

If you ask any kid what kind of animal they want to be, most of them would say: ” I want to be a bird! “. Birdly is a full body flight simulator makes it possible to experience how it feels to fly like a bird. The project was developed at the Institute for Design Research at the Zurich University of the A [...]

Gigantic Art Installations by Do Ho Suh

Korean artist Do Ho Suh, has greated some massive art installations that show his interested in the malleability of space in both [...]

Massive line art animals murals by Dzia

Blank walls, abandoned buildings, forgotten concrete… this is the canvas of the Belgian Street Artist Dzia. Using geometric [...]

Extremely rare Magic Rabbit spotted for the first time in 20 years

This tiny Ili Pika, an eight-inch long rabbit-relative,  is one of the world’s most endangered animals with a population le [...]

French postman spends 33 years building impressive PALACE

You almost won’t believe it that a french postman build this impressive palace just from pebbles collected on his route. F [...]

Find your Inner Hippie at this Trippy AirBnB in the Hollywood Hills

This is your chance to time travel to the legendary Los Angeles back in the 1970s and find your inner Hippie at this trippy AirBnB [...]

Cool Biocultural stuff: Flowerpots that rain

Watering your plants is a fun and relaxing activity, but your plants would enjoy a fresh rain even more. However, rain is unpredictable and each plant needs it’s own amount of water. These cute and handy little flowerpots come with their own cloud that you fill. Your plants deserve this patch of heaven of their o [...]

Massive Lifelike Animals made of Galvanised Wire

Kendra Haste is a contemporary animal sculptor working with the medium of galvanised wire. Since graduating from the Royal College [...]

Amazing Captures of The choreography of the Sea

Australian photographer Ray Collins got passionated by waves ever since he got his first camera back in 2007 when he started takin [...]

The couple that got married around the world

The acrobat couple Cheetah Platt and Rhian Woodyard got married. And again. And again! And… got married 38 times in total, e [...]

Fascinating Photos of Reindeer People Living in Mongolia

In Northern Mongolia, there exists a strong alliance between people and reindeer and that’s why they are called the Reindeer [...]

13 Optical Illusions with everyday Objects

Tel Aviv based Creative Director Udi Ben Simon, diverts objects and elements of everyday to give them another use, playing on our [...]